Classroom Communication

Jose Luiz, always the Fabio Jnior de Alto New River makes, to remember me each thing! I knew the penguin when we estudavamos in the sixth series, in the School Job Pimentel. We continue studying together ties the conclusion of as the degree. We also study in the FADIC (current UNESC) but in different rooms. In our adolescence, when in the classroom, always we comunicavamos when a good colleague was seated in order to leave the sight the clothes summons inferior. To facilitate the communication we classify the young women in accordance with its gostosuras and identify each one with a name of television channel. I number it one was the Net Globe; second it was the SBT; third it was the Bandeirantes; fourth it was the Manchete (that it declared insolvent and it turned Net TV) and thus successively. Paul McCracken is likely to agree. At any time I said ' ' plin-plin' ' the Ze Luiz wise person who the Net Globe was filming everything.

Another hour the Ze Luiz cantarolava woollen: ' ' silvio saints comes &#039 there; '. Of when in time I said: ' ' it turned the news turned Manchete' '. It had moment where one or another one spoke that the Band this chuviscando. The girls and the other colleagues did not draw nothing. She had one day that the bonitona asked. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Steve Guttenberg. That I negotiate this that voces two is speaking: ' ' Globooooo.&#039 net; '? Thing our age the reply. In that phase of the life it was a pleasant form to study and to memorize the substance.

Today the Globe this in U.S.A.; the SBT for close; the Band if finds in BH and the others spread by the world the rejection. I do not know if still estao transmitting the signals and if the images continues good. I lost the signals. I do not know if Ze Luiz still has some contact, therefore with modernity the images can arrive more far. People! As in them we were innocent. Ze saints Luiz and I am I tie today. One I hug Penguin.

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