Italian Designers

Frankie Morello is one of the more important article designers of all Italy. The articles are well-known vanguardistas, as much that at many, mainly at most preservative, they could get to hit to them. Nevertheless, those that enjoy the innovator will find true jewels between the so diverse models of all the collections. It is possible to see the collections of Frankie Morello for spring-summer 2011 and, most recent autumn-winter 2011/2012. Personally, and perhaps it likes because me plus the heat that the cold, I found to the collection much more attractive spring-summer. In this one, and the feminine section, the celestial one predominated much and the smooth fabric combination, as the flat one or soothes, with the rough touch of jean. The designs also restricted became presents as well as the orange tones, champagnes and the transparencies. As far as the masculine section, Frankie Morello prepared a diverse article range, some of them clearly based on the suits sexys of surfers. While some they based on red and the black with details in yellow, some were a true explosion of colors, intense violets, yellow forts, green water, celestial. We hope that the men get used to using as much color in the mark clothes.

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