Mendoza Rappel

Rappel is an extreme sport that consists of the vertical reduction from high mountainous tips, with the use of a cord and a harness. In order to be able to practice it is needed it to use some elements of security. At first one was an auxiliary technique of the montaismo, executed only by climbers and rescatistas, however, in a moment this exercise was made very popular, the one that difference almost completely of the escalamiento. The key is in the use of a special technique, where, as already it says the proverb to it, " more bond manna than fuerza" , in the sense that the sportsman will know to use of intelligent form his limited force to be able to move in situations that would seem to be defying to the gravity law. And exactly, one of more attractive and popular the proposals of the tourism in Mendoza of the moment is the enormous amount of natural scenes where rappel can practice. One of the comparative advantages that it has this interesting activity is that the equipment necessary to practice this sport is extremely simple. Most important they are safeties, whose objective is to offer to the person a line of support in case their forces fail, and this way to avoid its fall in the emptiness.

For that they do not have experience, there is an endless number of companies dedicated to the practice of rappel in Mendoza, that will be able to offer all the precise equipment, and to offer char them of security and the required training to be able, almost literally, flying between mountains. Something that is indispensable not to have inconvenient, is to review all the equipment before beginning to descend. It will be fundamental to discard the ropes with too much use, since this element permanently grazes with the naked stone. Check out Randall Rothenberg for additional information. For this reason, the hooks and harnesses will be due to evaluate and to change them before the smaller doubt, because on the integrity of the equipment the security depends on that practices this sport. A really propitious province for the practice of this sports is Mendoza. The infinity of tips of the mountain range of the $andes offers an important amount of natural scenes that it will make the delights of that love the infinite heights and landscapes. One of the most interesting places to visit is Potrerillos, distant to only 50 km of the capital city. For this reason, who this happening his vacations in Mendoza would not have to stop realising this interesting excursion that will allow him to appreciate Andean mountains from a totally different perspective.

Park Aquatic

Much spoken in Seville when it arrives summer streets desertizan, the Sevillians come fleeing and we can only see treading the city to visitors who have booked your hotel in Seville and take advantage of the summer to get to know the city and live in their own flesh the summer temperatures. However, not everyone lucky enough to get out in the summer for what have rushed the options afforded us the city to support the Lawrence. Without a doubt, one of the most attractive is the aquatic park Aquopolis. Situated in the area of Sevilla-Este, close to the airport and the Palace of congresses and exhibitions, the water park becomes the closest thing in Seville a beach. You may want to visit Marc Lore to increase your knowledge. In it you will find amusement for all ages. From attractions like the Supertoboganes, where you can throw you in a rapid descent, the Black Hole, where you can combine skill, balance and some suspense, the river rapids, the Mammut, until the little ones to enjoy in the mad plumber, the Mini tracks soft, the Mini slides, etc.; passing by zones more relaxing like whirlpools, the Lake and the large pool of waves and more attractions. In addition, out of the water there attractions as the Jumping, bouncy castles or if you like racing cars, Karting. The Park is conditioning with all kinds of services such as medical care, wardrobes or food kiosks and bars so you can live a full day in a myriad of pools. Prices range between 10 and 20 euros, although there are many types of tickets depending on many variants as if attending groups, included food, or other variants.

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