Education Rights

Of course there is a need not to forget about education rights, as the management of the wheel car trucker spends week and months, in general, live permanently. In a conspicuous place is a good faith respects you as a manager and your employee drivers. May arise during transport and in general any abnormality. In any case of them not just the driver must, and must notify. It may be in the set options for the driver in a position to intentionally make mountains out of molehills, and from so-so not a big mistake, huge problemu.Poetomu great role must be given driver training. Ecommerce wanted to know more. Finally, it is not only required good faith know the laws and rules of the road is generally not debated, it must both know the Lord's Prayer in good faith international caw convention, all the features and the allowable weight load on the axis, and in each separately one country and simply different traffic laws and acts in each country where it shines with a high or low speed drive.

Yes, plus everything from the driver should work deep head, because seriously taking the goods for transportation, he takes responsibility for the delivery of its final consumer. However, welcome to adopt and properly put luggage in the baggage compartment is not all that is required to monitor the availability of documents for the cargo – the presence of all the important accompanying documents for the whole of the free baggage delivery to the endpoint, you should check the consignment documents. Otherwise, a very unpleasant experience for you is to kindly make the border customs and other inspection services, well for the trucking company could this result in big trouble. So, before leaving the driver must be true of the baggage, he is obliged to respond designated in the documents. For the relationship to the driver, carrying cargo, very appropriate sms correspondence. And telephone calls only in an emergency options.

And of course the only recognized state-owned communication, personal life should be separated from work. Perhaps this situation should be monitored daily and, if not with the driver should be deducted for personal interviews by telephone number. As this practice clearly indicates work. They say, moreover, a working phone number the driver is constantly integrated and free. The driver must closely monitor the technical condition of the vehicle, in particular, and when the car is on warranty. Eventually, the pressure in the wheels, check the status of the cargo vehicle before and after and during the flight, is a direct duties of the driver. Of Practice 70-80 percent shooting trucks in flight is the absolute fault of the driver. Likely, the driver's fault, and once fully established, and he quietly accepted this, then partially or completely covered the cost of repairs to pay the driver. But if the pressure conclusive event the driver does not see the fault in fault, and almost no very-very valuable arguments lead can not, then you need to think about in general professional competence of the driver.

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