How to create a microclimate in the house: quartz lamps, darsonvali, air cleaners. In today's urban atmosphere is very polluted and environmentally unsafe. Dangerous condition of the surrounding air core cause of the increasing number of diseases. Researchers found that most modern diseases are due to contamination of the environment, and Airborne pathogens. Remember that under the conditions modern house air can harm the body.

To this air was beneficial to the human body, it must be handled separately. With these objectives are used quartz lamps and air cleaners. Quartz lamps help destroy disease-causing microbes and bacteria, which are contained in the ambient air and surface facilities, and prevent diseases that are transmitted by airborne droplets. Also quartz lamps used for irradiation with ultraviolet rays of patients. Quartz lamp is simply indispensable for the treatment of inflammation such bodies as the ear, nose, throat, and a number of skin diseases. Processing facilities quartz lamp is effective if the room is always a lot of people live or the people who are often cold. To clean the premises should ensure that the room was not people, flowers or home animals, and turn on the lamp for 30 minutes. Look at the working quartz lamp is best, wearing safety goggles.

Quartz lamps are also used to treat joint disease, bronchitis, adenoids, rhinitis, asthma, disease respiratory, female genital organs, skin, wounds, ulcers and many other diseases. Dosing quartz lamp will depend on the nature of the disease, as well as doctor's recommendations. Air used for locations where work or live people who suffer various forms of allergy, This device removes dust contained in air, because it is carrier of allergies. Air separated according to technical parameters, and depending on the filters that purify the air during its circulation in the room. Currently, using filters and fine pre- air and water, carbon, photocatalytic, and electrostatic filters. Hoods, combined with air ionizer not only purify the atmosphere in the room, but also to saturate its number of ions, necessary for the human body. Such devices can destroy up to 96% of bacteria known to man. Darsonvali – devices that affect the human body to high voltages through a glass electrode, filled with gas. These devices help to improve circulation, increase metabolism of the body, increase supply tissues with oxygen. By using such a device threshold of sensitivity and human increases, which means that the device acts as a pain reliever. Created currently darsonvali compact and can be comfortably accommodated in their hands. Despite the fact that basically meant darsonval for home use, it is also used in medical and cosmetic establishments, as well as in sports medicine. Darsonvali also can cure some diseases, and applied in the fields of dermatology, physiotherapy, dentistry, cosmetic, surgery and neurology. Total darsonvalization helps reduce the ability of blood clotting, reduce pressure, eliminate headaches, improve sleep and increase performance and immunity. In conjunction with kvartsevaniem and purification of air, it will help create a safe home and a pleasant climate.

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