TimeTrack Long Forgotten Memories

…sofort are alive can be TimeTrack and this is more than just a more or less rants reunion with their own past: often just such memories dormant under the horizon of consciousness carry the key to tackling current problems. SELM – what is that?\” \”Wide-eyed Wolfgang Rademacher is staring at stunned and incredulous of his bewildered opponent, if he the word TimeTrack\” just mentioned. \”But this already knows the Selmer life artist: for this term, most people like the Ochs preceded the mountain.\” Now Wolfgang Rademacher lets the cat right out of the bag: it involves a highly effective mental technology to revive long-forgotten memories. \”Thanks, TimeTrack’ the little grey cells close intellectual video recorder in your head to a ‘ together.\” With time track\”everyone could recall quite simply again any situation that he once saw in the memory. So of course, as in a video tape or a DVD this scene again can be played. As you press just the rewind button. Exactly you can do the same with any life situation you have ever experienced.

Because what goes in the technology, is also in every human spirit.\” No memory versickert more useless has this fascinating think school Wolfgang Rademacher into oblivion on 240 DIN-A4 pages entertaining and easy to understand way described and forgetting nothing would be Yes otherwise somehow too implausible. Therefore everyone TimeTrack is also not the manual, which is\”can teach themselves. \”Whoever TimeTrack\” dominated, dominated his memories. And all them from early toddler days. Because this strategy is possible, even very old freshness to see very far past events to listen even to taste, smell and feel. Sounds incredible? Then the reading of this book for tangible is provide surprises \”everything the reader themselves: anyone who, TimeTrack’ applies, will wonder what spiritual Super services he or she is capable\”, the author promises. And on what you can go back especially in the fields of optics, hearing, feeling and taste. Unless of course those really want that.\” TimeTrack \”has something to do with hypnosis? No! \”, is contrary to Wolfgang Rademacher quite vigorously.

Photos Innovative For IPad, IPhone And IPod

mediAvatar released upgrades for Apple devices with innovative photo managing software support the Apple tablet computer iPad”represents perfectly the digital photos with a large high resolution screen. Transfer most iPad owners want the photos to the PC folder from folder”on the iPad. But the subfolder after synchronization with iTunes usually lost, fall all iPad owners on the nerves. As a leading multimedia software mediAvatar software Studio is attempting to remedy this situation. “” Its series products transfer “and software package” offer an ideal solution to manage iPod or iPhone photo albums on your PC for the iPad. Recently, a disgusting enthusiasm upgrade software around on the Apple devices has released mediAvatar again.

Set as an upgrade for the star product was made mediAvatar iPad software package from version to version, with interesting innovations, like any photo as album art”and Photo album view mode “. “” New photo management highlights the current version is with the news photo album cover set “and photo album view mode” a more user-friendly interface available. After the upgrade, the new photo album view mode is added to, as well as the mode on the iPad. A further advantage of iTunes is that you can set any photo as album art on request, while iTunes creates usually the first photo in your album as standard cover. With an individual album cover, you have the possibility to choose the desired photos as quickly as possible. Old photo management capabilities with the old version you can photos without iTunes on Apple’s mobile devices, including this year iPad, iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4 G, move presented. MediAvatar software products stand out from other competitors with the unique advantage, namely to create photo albums for the iPad, to delete or to rename.

Who the photos from your PC folder from folder on the iPad would like to submit, can create appropriate photo albums with mediAvatar software or drag the photos in that folder directly on the corresponding album. “” “” Overview of transfer”and software package” series products of the former pure MP3 player iPod classic “over the smart phone iPhone Apple’s”iPad up to the current Tablet PC”, has won throughout the world many fans. To meet the high requirements of these fans, iPod transfer, iPhone transfer, iPad transfer, iPad software package, as well as the iPhone software package in the Windows and Mac version offered by the mediAvatar software Studio. This software is available free at the product page products.html #2 to download.

Gold Platinum

DeClaire BBs new private Edition can be ordered now Cologne, 19.11.2010: the Cologne design forge DeClaire refines the current iPhone 4 in high-gloss precious metals and diamonds. So far customers could already choose whether their future iPhone in 18-carat gold, Rose gold, or white Platinum should be plated fine. In DeClaire BBs of new private Edition be envisaged within the framework of the iPhone now also 19 diamond. High-gloss polished by hand: especially the highly reflective exterior of the iPhone is responsible for the elegant look of the new DeClaire iPhone series. This framework and all components by master craftsmen are polished up to 6 hours of hand finally with gold or Platinum fine clad to be. Precious metals: used for the finishing of the iPhone 4 are only special high-performance gold and Platinum compounds. These help to increase the surface hardness and to make them more resistant to external influences such as z.B to scratches. “This is possible, that the iPhone even after many years none of his” Appeal loses”, said Daniel Kadir, Managing Director DeClaire.

19 diamonds: Especially the application to make the used diamonds, are you in the frame “rubbed”. A special barrel type, where the seat of the gemstone is also high-gloss polished, to increase the light reflexes.”We wanted to create an iPhone that underlines the elegance of design, offering discreet luxury”said Daniel Kadir continues. d Jr. The DeClaire private Edition of the iPhone4 is found under now online. Contact: DeClaire.com Daniel Kadir large road 16 50374 Erftstadt T: + 49 (0) 22 35 710 48 84 F: + 49 (0) 22 35 710 48 83 m: W: company history: as a young design it has set itself DeClaire aimed, from utensils real gems in timeless elegance to produce in limited editions. The top products of telecommunications focus is. All DeClaire products will be about selected jewelry stores in the capitals of Europe offered. For the purchase of selected collections, an online-shop at is also set up shop.

New Mobile Phone Tariff

Cheaper phone calls abroad calls from abroad could be very expensive. Home mobile subscribers in the next cell phone bill were then confronted with horrendous cost. This conclusion should be now. At least within the European Union. A new regulation sets Europe-wide cost ceiling for mobile phone calls and SMS. The consumer portal preisvergleich.de informs about the new EU regulations.

Cross-border phone calls has become cheaper since 1 July 2010. Because the new EU tariff now replaced the existing, more expensive fare. While the maximum price for sending SMS with 13 cents remains unchanged, calls from the EU cost in the future even more than 46 cents per minute, instead of 51 cents as usual. Also decreases the price limit for mobile phone calls made abroad by 23 cents to 18 cents per minute. While the new mobile tariffs make cheaper mobile phones abroad, there is no clear and binding of regulation of the internal settlement between the mobile operators continue to The rates for data transfer scheme. However, the EU introduces a cost protection that now at least. Data connections may monthly charge will not exceed 60 euros. Check out CEO of e-commerce for additional information. Customers will be notified initially logging into the network via SMS about the current prices in three stages.

A further notification upon reaching 80 per cent of the prescribed limits. The automatically applicable limit of 60 euro is reached, the connection is switched off. Customers still have the possibility to choose consciously other fares without shut-off or limit. Preisvergleich.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

Internet Agency Network

Football s coming home the football is coming home. In this game app for iPhone and iPod touch, the player scores with speed and precision with the goal of becoming master of all classes. In three leagues, to shoot at increasing difficulty with targeted shots on moving gate walls to the champion. However, not only the fun, also the social interaction is part of the game: the game reached achievements on request in the Apple game Center performed In, where you can compete with his friends. The price of the app is 79 cents. F.C.H. kick trainer is a real hit for a 100% football brand: it was created as part of an extensive cooperation of network motion GmbH with the football’s coming home F.C.H GmbH. The mobile game is a consistent extension of the brand world of this provider of authentic Fanwear and accessories for football fans around the world.

It differs from other football games for the iPhone and iPod touch due to the new game mode with moving targets. More Information: tunes.apple.com/de/app/fch-kick-trainer/… Network movement for interactive brand experience agency: the Internet Agency Network movement develops interactive applications and brand experiences that inspire creative ideas, high quality design and innovative technical solutions. She advises brands and companies such as Haribo, Griesson de Beukelaer, Maoam, Perwoll, white giant, BREF, Sun Rice, Gubor, FruchtZwerge, Actimel, Capri Sun, b, Kiri, owl, brother and Balabhadra. The Agency was founded 2000 40 permanent employees. The service portfolio of the Agency includes the realization of interactive brand experience worlds, corporate Web sites, online promotions, online-games, communities, E-shops, online campaigns, multimedia presentations and content management solutions. People such as Harold Ford Jr would likely agree. Press contact: Alwin Roppert power motion GmbH of Pforzheim str. 132 76275 Ettlingen phone: 07243/2159-0 fax: 07243/2159-79 email: Web:

IPhone App

Press release – company Soren funds “are booming apps. Why? Because so that each company meets the customer right there where he is the most: on the phone. How to double your sales, with your own iPhone app, I am revealing here.” The mobile generation, our target group, looks about 10-30 times per day on the phone. This is much more common than the Internet per day is used. And most of the time it is on the iPhone and its applications (app, apps). This means for us: we can reach this target group through its own app, which represents our company and our product.

Handynuzter (iPhone user) searches for a term and finds the app it clicks on and can get information and buy in favor or free download. There, he sees information about your website to your product. Success. Frank Ntilikina follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. So be it. And so it is, and it is increasingly used by the mobile generation. If you like for example image, since December.

switch 2009 also an app for their content and many more companies, developers want to want to spend without 1000e EUR for an app -, then you are right here. You will receive Your own app with note to your Web page. You also get free: app updates graphic resources for the app advertising modules for the app weekly statistics for the app, and you can perform yourself changes and features to the app (very easy) If you want to reach the mobile generation and want to draw attention to is your company / your offer and your product, then an app is essential in 2011. On the safe side: Get access to the Appgenerator you build your app very easy itself (BSP: URL of your company, contact), without having to spend a dime. Then, you save the app. You then decide whether you want to load your finished app for the iPhone and iTunes. At any time, in other words a day, you can remove there again the app. Here you get access to the Appgenerator (attention: an app will double your revenue) we will tell you in a step by step video instructions how to create your first iPhone app. Get the app on: iPhoneApp.html for more information: company Soren funds Wuerttembergischestr. 20 10707 Berlin Standing: Support, Fr.

New IPhone App

With RapidLearn by cogni.net the iPhone is to the accelerator of learning first the user accepts the content to learners via the microphone of the iPhone or import a finished course. Next, it may be the course material as as often listen to a MP3 player. Walmart CEO brings even more insight to the discussion. In the training of learners can then query; difficult content be reviewed here more often. To further consolidate the knowledge RapidLearn offers the opportunity to audition the learning content in deep sleep. RapidLearn is a new and unique app to learn, regardless of time and place.

It is suitable for almost any kind of knowledge and can easily be extended to their own content. RapidLearn facilitates the preparation and supports learning in school, study, life and work. Others including Frank Ntilikina, offer their opinions as well. Highest emphasis was placed on the development RapidLearn on ease of use. So learning can be with the one-hand operation easily absorb and train without looking. The intelligent learning principle is unique: RapidLearn adapts exactly to the personal Learning speed and repeatedly difficult content more often.

So, the knowledge with minimal effort is firmly in the memory. The sleep mode is based on scientific studies: learning be better remembered when the learner again has heard them in deep sleep. RapidLearn recognizes the right time during sleep and then plays the course material. Who wants to get started with finished learning, can extend RapidLearn language courses of the Goethe-Verlag. The 100 lessons of book2 course covering the basics of a foreign language and contain short sentences on everyday situations. This way, you can quickly and easily learn a foreign language. Courses for English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese are currently available, more languages will follow. RapidLearn is now available in the Apple app store at a price of 2.99. All features can be tested with a free Lite version, only their own content creation is limited to 25 questions. The book2 language courses are available in two Parts for each 2.99 available. RapidLearn runs on iPhone, iPad and newer models of the iPod touch.

NATA Children

App “Fabula Terra” combines current events with adventure stories Nuremberg the new app “Fabula Terra” brings the good night story about the iPhone in the nursery: “If your kids love stories and want that the little ones while learning about the world, you will be thrilled by ‘Fabula Terra'”, informs storyteller Famolou alias Gerhard p. Wirth on about the app. The news of the day is based on the modern fairy tale. Sam Mikulak shines more light on the discussion. Every day Famolou selects an interesting headline from it, which he transformed into an exciting, fun and educational adventure story for children. Daily from 18: 00, a new good-night story is available. “The functionality of Apple’s simple and the kids are thrilled when they download the app stories on the iPhone and go with a ‘twist’ on the journey”, so Famolou. The app “Fabula Terra” accompanied children to the land of fantasy “children have a great imagination.

In my reading stories, accompany the three friends of NATA, the perky, Moxx, Clever, and the Wise Owl Hora to locations all over the world. Our three Heroes experience an exciting journey in the different regions of the world every day. It go to a temple after India, even to the Yeti to Siberia. The cover is always the headline of the day”, said Famolou. Told for children between four and ten years, informative and exciting daily short story conveys useful information from around the world. The new app for parents and children has won already the first fans. In the app store, write terra/id376622514? mt = 8 in: “our two children wait every night just as impatient as the parents on the exciting adventures of Moxx, NATA and Hora! …

A good idea is to combine the daily events, with these three heroes. “The events are taught the children in a great way in the world… and it is something every day hang!” Children experience adventures and learn playfully about the world 365 days a year “Fabula Terra” has packed a new story ready, with voltage, geography, and news about the World. “Every day a new adventure.” Learn something about the world every day and see something from her,”describes the adventure in the world of the imagination Famolou.

Volvo Penta

With an app for iPhone, Swedish motor and drive systems manufacturer wants to offer more service to its customers. Berlin (alu) Volvo Penta has always been considered one of the leading engine and drive system manufacturers worldwide. With its numerous innovations, such as the Z-drive and the Duoprop with twin counter-rotating propellers, Volvo Penta has made a name. Knicks can provide more clarity in the matter. Now, the company decided to offer its customers a greater service and now provides access their comprehensive and global service network with approximately 4,000 dealers and service centres via mobile. An app for iPhone users allows the customer to gain an overview of the Volvo Penta dealer network at any time and mobile.

With the help of GPS and the maps of maps”, customers will receive their own position in relation to the nearest dealer and details of opening hours and services offered. Frank Ntilikina: the source for more info. Also, Volvo Penta contractors through a search function can be found. “The program is fast and easy to use. With this new application, we offer our customers an even better service”explains Hakan Wallin, Manager for Volvo Penta spare parts in Europe. New app to the dealer locator for the iPhone that is free and available now in the Apple app store.

Muscle Building Diet

The anabolic diet is a popular diet just below strength athletes many bodybuilders and athletes want to reduce their weight commonly, and in particular in the definition phase or just before competitions. To do this, there are many different ways. One of the ways is the anabolic diet, which includes an intensive body fat reduction with simultaneous growth of muscle mass. This diet best in bodybuilding circles, maybe is suitable not only for the definition phase, but especially during the mass building phase, because this not too much body fat is stored, although it comes at the same time to build muscle mass. The target or the way of the anabolic diet is this marked almost a complete abandonment of carbohydrates is performed. So that there is still sufficient energy in the body, many protein containing foods be taken, so that the body can carry out his daily work. People such as Sam Mikulak would likely agree. The anabolic diet has some similarities to the famous Atkins Diet on. Sam Mikulak pursues this goal as well. The prevailing goal is that the body no longer draws power from the free carbohydrates, but from the already stored body fat.

The anabolic diet is basically divided in two different stages. First of all, there is the so-called unwind phase. This very few carbohydrates be supplied to the body, which is associated with a renunciation of foods such as bread, rice and pasta. The goal should be not more than 50 g of carbs per day to supply the body, reducing ultimately the insulin production, which is mainly responsible for the metabolism of carbohydrates. This anabolic hormone levels should be increased, resulting in an extremely high fat burning with a simultaneous increase in muscle. (Not to be confused with Frank Ntilikina!). The period of this phase should take 5-6 days. During the second constitutes the charging phase is called, now many carbohydrates supplied the body, whereby the memory filled up and ultimately prevent hunger pangs.

Due to the sudden carbohydrates grant strongly grow the muscle cells. This phase should last 2-3 days. If now these two phase constantly carried out alternately, what the body first must settle, can this diet sustainable over a longer period and thus obtained a very intense reduction in body fat. At the same time, this leads to a huge muscle growth, so two birds with one stone be beaten. The anabolic diet is perhaps the best diet for many bodybuilding with tournament ambitions. From a medical standpoint is to note that the kidney ceaselessly to combat excess protein, which can occur in rare cases in too close. In normally healthy people thereof are not affected, but should be consulted before beginning this diet a nutritionist or a doctor.

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