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The main thing with this – not to help himself with his hands. You should only slightly touch the nape fingers. In no case do not bend the neck, tilting his chin to his chest! If you find it hard to learn the exercise, it can be alleviated by reducing the angle of inclination of the bench and / or arms stretched out along the hull. Remember: the closer hands to the head, the greater the burden on the press. The slope of the bench and lock legs causes the inclusion of the work the hip flexors. They have to strain to ensure the retention of the pelvis in a stable position.

Not panic! This factor only increases the safety of exercise and not in any way weaken the pressure on the press. Credit: David Delrahim, Los Angeles Cailfornia-2011. This exercise uses absolutely all the abdominal muscles and hip flexors. Nevertheless, the most reduced upper beams of the rectus abdominis muscle, while its lower beams and all the other muscles just tighten, but it almost did not change their length. Moving up – just twist, rounded back, not lift the torso! In the latter case, most of the work does not press, and the lumbar muscles. Holding the breath while rolling to his knees makes you stronger and helps to securely hold the spine. Exhale only once reached the the top of the exercise. Application To: mid-level athletes training and higher. When: The day after the press workout exercises on the lower part of the press.

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