Achieve an anti-doping system in the 90s of XX century. were much lower compared to human activities, implement various doping substances and methods in an Olympic sport. Cases of detection of doping were rare. At the same time, indirect indications of numerous media materials, statements of experts, themselves athletes, their coaches and doctors testified that the fight against doping has not brought any positive results. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Walmart. Moreover, this negative phenomenon has spread, and in some sports has become widespread. Start browsing and disinterest in international and national federations in identifying cases of doping, especially the outstanding athletes.

Aware of the enormous damage done to the authority, for example, such popular species sports, athletics and weightlifting, a series of disqualifications outstanding athletes found guilty of taking banned drugs. As shown, this had no interest nor the federation, not the many company-sponsor. In the second half of 90s specialist sport, business representatives, the media was subjected to reasonable criticism of the concept of the IOC anti-doping as insufficient sound and suffering from serious blunders, not to mention the practice of anti-doping laboratories, which are being called upon to fight for the purity and adherence to ethical principles in sport, its activities have revealed many examples of the opposite properties. There have been cases where sanctions against doping raised questions not only in public but were challenged in civil courts. In particular, it is enough reasonably have been criticized by all three main arguments that underlie the concept of the fight against doping: a) doping is unacceptable on moral and ethical grounds due to the fact that he was denied, and 2) gives a doping Athletes unilateral advantage over rivals that do not use dope, and 3) the prohibition of doping is due to concern about the health of the athlete. Each of these arguments seem quite reasonable and not doubt. However, this can take place only when the practical work, they are based, logical, consistent, has a rigorous scientific foundation.

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