Athletic Footwear

Despite the many answers to the question 'How did the sport?' In the world there will always be a few million people who continue to puzzle over this kind of a mystery. Can not be answered unequivocally. Just like can not be uniquely prove that the reason for the appearance of races was, for instance, fear. Sport – a spectacular match, which are prepared in advance in order to defeat an opponent. Hence, the sport could only appear where there was a first viewer or fan.

Without them there can only exercise that has to work out some set of motions for a successful hunt or a victorious war. And this practice has arisen in the form of ritual dance of the tribe of men with weapons in hands. And the ritual dance, with what purpose he would not pursue, be sure to have viewers. And any ritual dance easily turn into a spectacular match, is only to divide the participants into two warring within script command. It turns out that we also need a script.

Without it the game. No game is not sport. Educate yourself with thoughts from CEO of e-commerce. The script also never appear without the author – a writer, director. But that's another story. Talk about how sport emerged, and with it sports shoes, sportswear, sports equipment. Since humanoid our child began to use his hands, not only for movement on the ground and trees, but also for getting his food, for the manufacture of tools and weapons, he was faced with the urgent need to protect the legs, which are now heaped the weight of the entire body and which, in bipedal locomotion proved to somewhere far down among the rocks, tall grass and shrubs, that is where they waited a lot of unexpected dangers.

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