Brazil Olympics

It competed in the three modalities in the first Olimpada of that Brazil participated, in 1920. To the 49 years, it disputed the olmpicos games of 1932. For the CR They are Cristvo, Abraho Saliture won 3 (1923) and 4 (1924) Passages of the Guanabara. The competition of swimming inaugurated in 1921 had one passage of 4.100 meters that went of the island of the Good Trip, in Niteri, to the beach of Luzia Saint, that existed in Rio De Janeiro, before being filled with earth. In 05.07.1909, in the house of Joo Rollo Baptist, in the Beautiful Street (then Beautiful Street of Is Joo, old Street of the Quartis), nineteen other esportistas had established Are Cristvo Athletic Club, the great champion of 1926 (minutely described conquest in book of Gustavo Crtes and Raymundo Pictures), dedicated one to the soccer and other terrestrial sports. Its first departure was goleada of 5×1 on Mercy FC, in 01.08.1909.

According to Adolpho Schermann, the first field of Is Cristvo was installed in the land of the residence where it was established. Later, it was changed for ' ' Quente&#039 hole; ' , next to a quarry of the Slope of the Red Adobe (today Street Fonseca Teles). Of there, the teams passed to one of the fields of the Field of Is Cristvo (then Square Deodoro Marshal), where he trained and he played until, in the management of president Guillermo de Almeida Brito, he acquired a land in n 200 of the Street Figueira de Mello, next to the river Joana. It was in this address where it inaugurated its field, with the launching of the basic rock of the arquibancadas ones, in 07.09.1915, with a victory of 1×0 on America. But still it was only one field. Stadium exactly alone was inaugurated in 23.04.1916, with race, brandishhes, fight Roman and two departures of soccer: in the preliminary, They are Cristvo (second pictures) 2×1 Palms AC (first pictures; a club of the quarter); in the main departure, Saints FC Are Cristvo 1×1 (yes, the proper one, in its first interstate game; the first one of Is Cristvo was in 15.11.1915, victory of 5×3 against HERE the Ypiranga, So Paulo).

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