Concept Plants

The harmful plants do not have to be seen as enemy or always undesirable (Genet, 2010). Many times, must be faced as allied (Genet, 2010). The found beneficial characteristics in the species can be many (Genet, 2010). The proteco of the ground against erosion is one of the aspects most significant of the harmful plants (Genet, 2010). Learn more about this with Frank Ntilikina. Also, the covering of the ground is important in the catch-crop system directa (Genet, 2010). 2.3 – BIOLOGY AND ECOLOGY OF HARMFUL PLANTS Concept of harmful plant ecological Concept? plant that colonizes and dominates the initial period of training of a vegetal succession in a land disturbed for the man (Baioa, 1997).

Plant that if adapta with bigger easiness the edafoclimaticas conditions created by the man (Baioa, 1997). Biological concept – plant with characteristics you specify that it facilitates to its survival and dispersion (Baioa, 1997). Definition of harmful plant? one plant that if develops where is desired? one plant that cause more damages that benefits? one plant that cause damages to other plants of interest? one plants outside of place? one plants undesirable? one plant that occupies space destined to other activities? one plant that dominates all the survival arts excepto to grow in rows These can inside be seen of ampler context, what it helps to understand that they are not always undesirable therefore, they can: to favor a microclimate, to control erosion, to increase text of organic substance, to create favorable environment for microflora and microfauna (Baioa, 1997). Or they can inside be seen of a particular context what in the aid to dimensionar the problem more I specify in function of: of the species, the frequency, the time of emergency, the cycle of life, the competitiveness (Baioa, 1997). The infestantes compete with the cultures in space, light, water and nutrients. They can shelter flyers, mites and patognicos agents of the cultures.

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