Gym Exercises

How to train at the gym? Time and place of training to better tolerate exercise, try to focus on their biorhythms. If you – 'Lark' – engaged in the mornings. If you belong to the 'owls' – you'd better train in the afternoon. But keep in mind that it is not advisable to start training earlier than 2-3 hours after bedtime. here. Evening train to finish in 2 hours before bedtime. Not train under a bright sunlight or artificial (neon, halogen) light.

Food and fluid replenishment classes at the gym should be done in 2 hours after eating, and after a workout, try not to eat at least an hour. If you take drugs, drinking tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages or smoking – start training and not earlier than one hour after this. If during training appears thirst or dry mouth, you need to rinse your mouth, but do not use any significant amounts of fluid during and immediately after exercise. Clothing should be light exercise and to allow breathing body; shoes – sports such as running shoes. If you wear a lot of clothes, it will cause excessive sweating. Additional weight loss – is a liquid which will be filled with the first drunk you a glass of water.

Warm up before training at the gym every workout to Exercisers should start with a workout in order to prepare the body for subsequent work. Warm-up should be light and preferably use those muscles that will be incorporated into the work. Do squats, bending and exercises for the shoulder girdle. Then you need to prepare for the upcoming load the knee joint: a little massage and rub their hands. In the warm-up should also include stretching and muscle. Reach success everyone … … who will be able to overcome my laziness. Remember that training should be regular. Big break in employment will lead to the fact that you gradually lose the results that have reached.

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