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It was not in the spectrum of the components of our soccer skills of some components that have become a fixture of sports success abroad. In the context of this article, all this is true exclusively to football, despite the fact that in many other sports, Russian athletes have already organically and deservedly enter the vanguard of world sports, preserve and enhance Soviet traditions and forming new ones. The paradox is that despite the absence of forward movement in the development of Russian football fans never stopped believing in the Russian football miracle. Changed football officials, left and came to coach, to do mess with the composition of players to bet on foreign players, then these rates were canceled, made strong statements next, followed by loud lesions flared bright rare victory, and fans do not stop believing. This suggests that football really is a national sport in Russia, but Russian fans – a manifestation of the great and mighty stronghold of the collective. This state of affairs and resulted in strong support of the Russian team at Euro 2008 and a significant resonance in the entire Russian society after the great victories that have become a matter of national pride. In fact, support for the Russian fans comparable to childhood love, naive, pure and disinterested. Once the object of that love – the adult parent – was not ready to accept it fully and to answer only been able to give your child a forgotten uniform dried candy Weighing the last century in the form of their participation in the form of the Russian team in sports show without a happy ending.

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