High Styria Ski Museum

Hardly the first snow falls the fascination of winter sports on 1000 square meters and already thinking most in our latitudes of the winter sports. The love skiing, the others will feel safe on the slide or love Bob-sleighing, cross country skiing, speed skating, or, or… But who know know about the different types of winter sports, when they have arisen, what looks like the first equipment and looks actually like a snow Crystal from the pure winter sports or even devastating avalanche accidents can provide. Under the leadership of the Director of the winter sports Museum Mr Hannes Nothnagel we got an equally entertaining and thorough introduction into the beginnings of winter sports. We left him literally enchanted by us, in this almost interactive realm of winter sports. Murzzuschlag in Styria high is the cradle of ski sport inspired by Fridtjof Nansen Ski Expedition in 1890 determined the Grazer alpinist Max Kleinoscheg and the Murzzuschlager guest host Toni scraping the skiing in the Alpine countries to make known. You quickly realized the economic benefits as a sport can lead to, and therefore established the first ski resort in the Alps in Murzzuschlag. Already on February 2, 1893 she hosted the first international ski Championship and 1894 the first international winter sports exhibition. The forerunner of the winter Olympic Games was held in Murzzuschlag, 1904, it was the first race of its kind there. Carried out by the carved wooden board to the Carver a variety of factors in the over the years influencing the development of the skis. The material was getting stronger, lighter and more elastic. The real breakthrough for the modern skiing but brought the harmonious coordination of Board, binding, and shoes, which led to the now famous downhill styles. “In the winter sports Museum you can see skis from the early days of skiing, as well as the original race skis by Toni Sailer, Inge mark Stenmark from 1976, by Ulli Maier built in 1994 and still many other ski sizes”, which used the respective ski as they depart. See also the many are Layers of plastic, metal, and glued wood from which there is now a modern ski. The passion of the ice run was the person already always strive on the ice to move forward. The evidence of this are the winter sports Museum in the form of bones which old are estimated to be about 4,000 years. At the time used this cooking skates”not only to the slide, they also served as protection against the cold for the feet. In contrast to the other winter sports began skating as a recreational fun, already in the 15th century. At that time one has secured the iron skates on wooden boards and crossed to frozen waters. There are numerous exhibits in the winter sports Museum, a visit there it is really worth. The new Museum in the Hochsteirischen of Murzzuschlag presents the entire world of winter sports in a unique way to get an insight into the world of winter sports in all its diversity. A fantastic journey awaits the visitor of glaciers at icy heights – beautiful and dangerous at the same time-, a quaint original ski lodge, an original 6 Bob dating back to 1905, a fast paced ride in the Bob through the Eiskanal.

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