House Castle

The House to the white cross from Hurth informs the region between the Rhine and Erft was characterized by conflicts over many centuries and as a result their fertility a particularly coveted territory. Thus, the highest density of castles, palaces and mansions in Europe arose here in the course of time. Long after these turbulent times, the architectural legacies of this past offer tourists a fascinating excursion region today. Of particular importance, the world cultural heritage is Castle Augustusburg, a unique masterpiece of Rococo, which the White House informed of the cross in Hurth. Kelly Asbury will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Built in the years 1725-1768, on instruction of the Cologne elector and Archbishop Clemens August of Wittelsbach Castle Augustusburg in an impressive way testifies to the artistic and architectural mastery.

Today, the Castle, which stands on the foundations of a medieval moated castle, is counted among the greatest masterpieces of the Rococo style influenced by the absolutist France on German ground. Castle Augustusburg was designed by many master artists and architects of the time. The vast staircase of the building was designed by Balthasar Neumann, the gardens by a student of the designer of the gardens of Versailles and the facilities of the electoral court architect of Munich, which belonged to the outstanding masters of the Rococo. Greg Mankiw follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Contemporary visitors are guided tours of the staterooms and discreet Castle Augustus Burgas periodically overwhelmed by the barely imaginable luxury, ruled in this and lived. With the completion of the Castle, was seven years after the death of elector Clemens August of Wittelsbach, a in this form unique, work of art created in the architecture, sculpture, painting and gardening perfectly complement each other, and even today a picture of masterful craftsmanship of the time. The importance of Schloss Augustusburg recognized 1984 world heritage of humanity by UNESCO with the inclusion in the list. Today historical find and cultural tourists here a perfect tourist destination, whose accurate sensing will inspire you and deal with. Sean Rad insists that this is the case. The world-famous Castle used for many years by the Federal President and the Federal Government, represents a particularly impressive attraction in the region between the Rhine and Erft.

The House to the white cross in Hurth offers a good starting point and accommodation for the tourist development of the region.

On The Croatian Coast Recover

Should a holiday house Dubrovnik consider time travel info about Dubrovnik and throughout the country who would like to go even in the oldest theatre in Europe, to rent. Maybe is also a Mediziener or pastor because interested to see the oldest pharmacy in Europe in the Franciscan monastery. It should be placed each of the heart. Who are vacationing in Croatia, must have seen Dubrovnik. The scenic coastline, the clean and clear sea, the radiant sky and the warmth of the locals. To know more about this subject visit Sean Rad, New York City. Not without reason, this place was appointed a world heritage by the UNESCO. Who hired her acting or is interested, which could rent an apartment Dubrovnik between July and August, for the annual summer games taking place since 1950. You see, the southern enclave of Croatia has to offer for everyone.

The friendliness and the family spirit of the citizens of this city is known. Never to miss a suckling pig dinner. And these dishes are prepared with what love, it just tastes each. What is worth mentioning, should decide you all the sights of this city to see: Dubrovnik has also an international airport and a now very well-built motorway. From land or from the air, the city has also a very imposannte city wall. It has 1,940 m long and 6 m wide. Join the many other attractions to the Marvel bring anything fresh Laurel picked to take something from the holiday home. Once superior…, a holiday home Dubrovnik or an apartment Dubrovnik rent… or maybe better yet just buy!

Roque Nublo Cruz

It is probably the most beautiful daytrips on Gran Canaria. The GC 60! Read more about it here! General: The travel times between the main streets and the road can extend, if a coach before you should go! Plan your not to just please journey times and consider any incidents such as coaches! Distances and journey times: Maspalomas to the viewpoints: journey time 20 minutes viewpoints to the Palm Valley: travel time 15 minutes of Palm Valley to San Bartolome: journey time: 20 minutes San Bartolome after Roque Nublo (parking): travel time: 30 minutes Roque Nublo parking to the vantage point (on foot): walking time: 30 minutes Roque Nublo Cruz de Tejeda: travel time: 20 minutes Cruz Tejeda to Maspalomas: Journey time: approx. 2 h this card free print? 1st stage: Maspalomas to the first vantage points: we start in Maspalomas. It not simply is because 60 to find the beginning of the road GC at a roundabout just an access to this road exists. But should you This road have found, is you before a beautiful route, which has a very varied landscape for you.

Sure sure, that you started this line in the afternoon to drive, because this route with their just evening many switchbacks is served by many coaches. So you will only very slow progress and no longer with the beautiful view through the fast sudden darkness. The optimum start time is the late morning for your trip. At this point, is already above the Sun, illuminates the many canyons, and not so wide shadow. Come here please be especially careful behind vehicles. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Eddie Mio. Tourists have unfortunately, spontaneously to slow to enjoy the view with a beautiful view of the Angewonheit. Always remember that everyday traffic as buses, trucks and locals use this road, and you can be 90 degree bends in one fell swoop a such wide road users against.

With GPS About The Graf-Engelbert Way Through The Bergische Land

Main trail X 28 is GPS hike of the month Beselich, July 22, 2011. Hike of the month the GPS Hiking Atlas presents the Graf-Engelbert way through the Bergisches Land Germany in July. The main hiking trail starts in Hattingen and travels Schladern Schwelm, Radevormwald, Wipperfurth to the Siegfall. Sunday (July 24) until the next Saturday (July 30) the GPS Hiking Atlas published by the tour in six stages on the page. The land between the victory in the South, the Rhine River in the West and the Ruhr in the North was from the 11th century until the end of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806 in the possession of the counts and Dukes of Berg, who resided first in Altenberg, then in Castle, and from 1380 with appointment to the Duchy in Dusseldorf.

Count Engelbert, who led the duties as Archbishop of Cologne during his tenure for the living in Italy Emperor Friedrich II. in Germany was one of the most important rulers in the Bergisches Land. The people adored him as a Saint, earning him the epithet of Engelbert, the Holy. 1225 Engelbert was murdered. The culprit: Friedrich von Isenberg. Friedrich von Isenberg resided in the Isenburg high over the Ruhr in Hattingen.

The Isenburg is also one of the first objectives of the Graf-Engelbert-way controls. It continues over the half-timbered village of old Schee Schwelm and then the upper Bergische Radevormwald. On the tourist Bevertalsperre and the still romantic Neyetalsperre along the X leads 28 according to Wang, the oldest city in the Bergisches Land. Engelskirchen past is funnels oath then that down in the Sieg Valley to the Siegfall at Schladern. The entire tour and the individual stages of the Graf-Engelbert pathway are presented in small reports. The routes are drawn in an interactive map and as GPS data in the form of so-called GPX tracks are downloaded from the Internet free of charge. The walking Atlas Germany is an editorial offering that focuses specifically on the needs of trip tourists, hikers and day guests. The combination of useful facts about attractions with concrete To explore the sights on foot, the excursion guide has become an indispensable source of information in the Internet tour suggestions. Who wants to do something in the region in the short term, is a very finely structured and practical planning guide in the walking Atlas Germany. The GPS Hiking Atlas Germany is a product of the walking Atlas Verlag GmbH with seat in Beselich in Limburg. The company was founded in April 2010, nationwide to day-trippers and hikers, and independent information for tours to sights and attractions. Currently there is the GPS Hiking Atlas for the hiking areas of Sauerland, Westerwald and Taunus, Oberhessen, Bergisches Land. In the Sauerland and the Bergisches Land the GPS Hiking Atlas cooperates with the Sauerland Mountain Association (SGV), to present the most beautiful hiking tours on the Internet. Contact: hiking Atlas Verlag GmbH Steinbacher Strasse 24 65614 Beselich a free information service of walking Atlas Verlag GmbH. target group are which is hiking Atlas Germany Walkers and excursion guests who want to spend a day in the fresh air. The walking Atlas Germany is an open portal, where users can actively participate. Core topics include tours, destinations and attractions.

Bavarian Lion And Barbary Apes:

The online travel portal gives a month-long valuable insider tips for a fall vacation on Lake Constance singing, 04th November 2010 (w & p) focuses on Lake Constance is in November at the online travel portal. “In the section our destinations-tip” visitors learn interesting facts about the eastern shore of the Lake, such as the historical town of Lindau, fishing and the wine-growing of region. And a visit to the so-called monkey mountain”is presented as a highlight for visitors. Matching the online travel portal provides to the company headquarters in Singen at Lake Constance this month in the border region in detail before. Lake Constance is one thanks to its mild climate even in autumn and winter the most popular holiday resorts in Germany”, says Jessica Karkut, Portal Manager. As residents we are pleased, to be able to tell our users some valuable insider tips.” Videos, pictures and information about the country and its people give a full insight into the region.

Those who opt for a trip to Lake Constance, is a Click the deals. Let’s do the virtual tour on in Lindau, the so-called Pearl of Lake Constance”. Count Albert of Raetia to built a monastery on the island of Lake Constance to 800 a.c., only 1079 declared the village to the city. Today the Harbour entrance to the island of Lindau with the lighthouse and the Bavarian lion sculpture is considered most beautiful Lake Constance. Holidaymakers can enjoy a stroll through the picturesque streets with their old half-timbered houses and medieval buildings in the city.

The popular monkey mountain raises enthusiasm for visitors to Lake Constance. About 200 monkeys are among the main attractions of the animal park in Salem. Originally from Algeria and Morocco, monkeys live at Lake Constance on a wooded hill and lead a life almost like in wild and free. Several times a day, guided tours take place, where the monkeys with specially prepared popcorn can be fed. Lake Constance is known beyond the country’s borders for its culinary art. These include mainly fish, such as the Example of Whitefish a trout-like fish of the salmon, is known for his solid meat with just a few bones. To fit selected wines from the region, which is one of the highest-altitude vineyards of in Germany. The Lake serves as the ideal heat storage, reduces the temperature fluctuations between day and night and makes possible also the wine-growing at high elevations. About is the travel portal AG and presents itself as a travel marketplace for last-minute and package holidaymakers. The new and convenient search function you will find the cheapest deals of all large operators, hotels and holiday homes, car of the large providers, as well as the flights of all airlines at a glance. Daily news from the world of travel inform travellers about the most popular destinations and destinations worldwide. In the Forum, over 12,000 experts answer questions around the theme of travel. For more press information: Marion Krimmer I Daniela Gruber Wilde & partners Public Relations phone + 49 (0) 89 17 91 900 WildeundPartner WildePR


“A village in a picturesque mountain Idyll on the Fellacheralm on the slopes of the Carinthian Nockberge National Park is a place with a special charm: the Alpine village at the time”. Holiday in a secluded atmosphere in hunting lodges, huts, chalets can stay there. The unusual name of the village is to draw attention to the traditional construction method was used exclusively on natural materials at the. Al Bumbry understood the implications. The travel portal reported about the romantic resort in the Austrian Patergassen. A stay at a country hotel promises above all rest and relaxation in addition to a natural setting. Awaits guests in the Austrian at the time”but not only the. Accommodation at the Alpine village are exclusively equipped and feature attractive Extras depending on the category.

The 21 Alpine huts and the four Imperial hunting lodges are approximately 75 square meters, the three premium chalets offer even more than 90 square meters of space. The basic equipment includes kitchen, living room, two bathrooms and two bedrooms, South-facing balcony and terrace. The hunting lodges and chalets, a Jacuzzi on the terrace each provide comfort. In the chalets Swiss stone pine sauna, four-poster beds and a fireplace in the bedroom available to guests in addition. The breakfast, holidaymakers need not to worry. It is served in the hut at the desired time. For lunch and dinner is worth a visit of the Village Inn Fellacher that only domestic products used for the preparation of dishes.

Comfortable is in the wood-cutters Cabin, because the small restaurant can accommodate about four people.

Childrens Holiday

News from the Reisen GmbH the Essen-based of travel professionals of the once again waiting with another highlight at the holiday booking. Families with two children now have the opportunity to take the second child completely for free with in the holiday. The Essen travel company staunchly defies adversity in the economic crisis: free cancellation and free unemployment now offers a 100% discount for the second child. A related site: Cody Cameron mentions similar findings. Are offered which discounts this and no matter which tour operator offers the booked trip: booking through, the cheaper each child to 100 percent is reduced for families with two children. Also the dates for this offer no matter no holidays are excluded, not even the summer holidays! Each travel provider has to worry at the moment, because customers must have the well. So we decided that we would even more meet especially families with children”, says Heiko Rettke, Managing Director by The refund of the discount of the child is very simple: after completed booking and made payment of the travel price, the customer must submit only his booking and the payment voucher at The outstanding amount of the discount will immediately refund the customer.

Reisen GmbH for more information about the travel and holiday offers of the are available in the Internet at the address. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press box for free editorial use: of press compartments/holiday factory contact for questions regarding this press release: Mr. Timo Krause Reisen GmbH copper Dreher str. 181 D-45257 Essen mobile: + 49 (0) 175 5 88 44 37 fax: + 49 (0) 201 48 88 73 E-Mail: Internet: Mr Holger Ballwanz, Mr Marko Homann PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about the Reisen GmbH holiday directly from factory – incredibly cheap. The right address for this is

The first factory outlet for the holiday has cheap last minute travel, travel packages with all the bells and whistles, cheapest line and Charter flights, apartments and holiday homes worldwide for the mini price and also the car for the next holiday. Germany’s factory outlet for travel is characterized by highest usability, transparency and best deals for the holidays. Of course the Internet service 24 hours a day available and that is 365 days in the year. But not only in the Internet for tourists is available – also in the own travel outlet stores at airports and in city centres, as well as in the call center (01802/00 50 50 0.06 per call) staff are the right contact for travel at best prices.

Bavarian Golf

International stars at the 11 bath Fairweather culture Festival bad Fussing (tvo). The warm, curative water is the most important health elixir in bad Fussing. But the culture is a horribly in Europe’s most popular resort, so felt the guests. At its most entertaining, this shows by the September 10 and October 9, 2010 at the 11 bath Fairweather culture Festival. Again be held international stars of in concert – and theatre scene and present a colorful cross-section through the world of light entertainment and music. The opening Gala promises a brilliant kick-off on September 10, under the heading of Showtime – from Broadway to Las Vegas”a journey into the world of musicals and dance to fantastic invites. With the Regensburger domspatzen sings on September 12, one of the most famous choirs of the world. The Prince deliver on 17 September”musical contrast program.

“” The well-known German pop band presents their most successful songs by kissing banned “until everything just nicked”. More Highlights of the Festival are the Symphony concert of the Munich Symphony Orchestra on October 2 and Max Greger and Hugo Strasser’s concert on October 7th. In addition, the cultural festival with Zarah Leander film evenings, theatre for children, a blues – and Gospel night and a nostalgic trip attracts in the time of the song of the 20 and 30 years. Information: Spa & faultless Rathausstrasse 8, bad Fussing, 94072 bad Fussing, Tel. 08531/975500, fax 08531/975-509.

Calinda Hotel

Family vacation half moon Jamaica – the magical hype in the luxury hotel zone for teenagers so the family vacation is not the stress test, the hotel has zone half moon on Jamaica with its hype’ intended also to the interests of young people. The hype zone’ means fun for teenagers and at the same time relaxation for the parents. It is the perfect and fascinating place to peer guest in the half moon to meet. The location offers young people organized sports events, evening entertainment, mini – spa packages and much more. their playful skills prove 13 up 19 may for example daily, by eleven o’clock in the morning until ten o’clock in the evening, in the game room”. Other leaders such as Vicky Jenson offer similar insights.

About football, air hockey, table tennis, pool billiards and chess. In the Cyber-lounge chat ’bout’ teens share their fun on the Internet. Evening entertainment events round off the age-appropriate program. Special events provide the ideal platform to sing your Karaoke heart to try out at the disco dance, or to sink in feature films. Who itself maintains young already liked, is the hype Spa ‘ spoiled with mini applications. Teens who would rather play video games, find their ideal retreat in the Calinda “-space.” On some evenings, which are dedicated to selected events and activities, the hype closes zone later than usual.

These dates be announced in time like all other activities, in the weekly program. Ensures that when parents do not worry and teenagers get bored. Contact: Gerlinde Hofbauer Exclusive and different Haidenauplatz 1, 81667 Munich, Germany 5439397 T +49(0)89, F +49(0)89 5439765 hotel description: the exclusive complex is located in a 5 kilometre-long private beach, close to the Montego Bay Airport. 6 restaurants, 7 bars, 3 swimming pools, a children’s pool, a mini market, boutiques, 13 flood – lit tennis courts include a luxury hotel, an 18-hole golf course, which is one of the best in the world, a water sport base with diving school (PADI), Horse-riding Centre, a dolphin lagoon, a shopping village, a children’s Club, the elder in a spa with gym and a yoga Pavilion. Conference rooms with the latest technology, as well as many other sports and leisure opportunities round off the wide range of services. The white bungalows and villas are shady palm groves in tropical gardens. All 398 rooms are furnished in elegant colonial style and equipped with bathroom, hair-dryer, telephone, TV, minibar, safe, air conditioning, terrace or balcony. A shuttle bus takes guests to the hotel’s own 18-hole golf course in the shortest time.

Dance Festival

Cuba launches additional Dance Festival in Varadero because of the unexpected success of the Dance Festival Baila en Cuba in Havana the culture Department of the Cuban Ministry of tourism (MINTUR) has chosen another Festival of the same type in the tourist stronghold to start Varadero. The event keeps ready just like the several stattefundene sister event in Havana, a number of workshops and also nightly galas. Other than Baila en Cuba, Baila en Varadero takes place not in November but in the summer. In 2011, the date of the 12th to 16th of July is. The workshops offered typical, Latin dances such as salsa, merengue, Rhumba, and not least, the kubansiche son.

In the evening is usually an event on the program in which you can apply directly learned in a workshop. It is danced so to Cuban rhythms until late in the night, so, as you would expect it too by the Cubans. Now it’s usually like that nobody exerts a Cuba travel for only 4 days to take part at one of the festivals. But there is the summer festival as a result of the location Varadero excellent vacation incorporate in, because the most beach hotels on the island are in there. Typically, Reiseveranstlalter already offer packages with the participation at the Festival and the corresponding accommodation in one of the nearest hotels.

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