Wellness Spa Walking

On the track finished going on: ‘ 6 Rottaler Nordic walking people marathon’ in Bad Griesbach in the Passauer land Nordic walking is fun, the sport, the fitness and combines beautiful landscapes. A sport intensively trained muscles, circulatory and heart without a gentle good feel to recharge, a recreational fun without deadline pressure and great demands on equipment and knowledge. Six years Bad Griesbach in the heart of the Bavarian Golf & thermal country established itself more and more to the Nordic walking base. Walking trails are the recreational choice 17 Nordic. An order of magnitude, which is unique throughout Germany. Hear from experts in the field like marko dimitrijevic for a more varied view. With 150 km of designated route, the largest contiguous Nordic walking here finds network in Germany.

“Fun is here for the big event: on 12 September is already the 6th Rottaler Nordic walking people Marathon in Bad Griesbach” instead. The participants are again 12, 21 or 42 kilometres to the selection and athletes can put their goals according to condition themselves. “Guests in Bad Griesbach are a week long preparation for the event: In prevention programmes, there are Nordic walking week” included are six nights with breakfast, two courses with learning and training of Nordic walking technique, two Nordic walking endurance, three times water gymnastics, the star fee for the National Marathon, as well as pasta party, gift, tracks food and the subsequent recovery in the Wellness Spa.

Las Vegas Marathon

“In December the desert metropolis welcomes 5 thousands Santas and 25,000 athletes to the two largest running events Nevada and 6 December several (World) records in the world capital of entertainment could be: the organizers of the 5th annual Las Vegas great Santa run will the event this year the title of world’s largest Santa gathering” secure. Sports apparel is actively involved in the matter. For the participants of the rock ‘ n’ roll Las Vegas Marathon, however, is one in which time they cover the distance of something over 42 kilometers a record number of participants has already several weeks prior to the event making. More information is housed here: john marlow sf. Opportunity village, the organizer of the great Santa run, is confident this year the title of biggest Santa Claus gathering around the world”before competitors such as Liverpool, to be able to earn Manchester and Dublin, because in 2008 over 6,000 Santas in the glittering city bustled with on the day of the race event. Until December 4, applications to the great Santa run will be accepted on December 5. That this necessary There are form and all important information about the event at. In the participation fee of converted nearly 24 euros costume is included in addition to an own Santa Claus also an entrance ticket for the magical forest at opportunity village.

More details at. The on December 6th annual Las Vegas Marathon of rock ‘n’ roll is aligned this year for the first time under the label marathon series. The huge response is encountered the event at City from all over the world, is mainly being attributed. But also the route of this year’s Marathon is more appealing than in previous years. Thus, a large part of the route leads the runners along the large hotel-casinos on the famous strip. The exact route, as well as important information for participants and spectators can be found at. There is general information about Las Vegas see and. Further press information about Las Vegas,

World Championships

Marathon and medals the ostalgic highlight – located that DDR-design hostel Ostel to the World Cup and Marathon original and cheap: room booking and East ummm in the Ostel especially now to the World Championships in athletics Berlin is worth the trip. The city experienced a summer fairy tale and welcomes guests from all over the world with much heart and snout. It is even better if the accommodation is also a unique experience. The \”Ostel\”, the DDR-design hostel, puts its guests in the GDR past. Rooms here are prefab or pioneer camp and are equipped with original GDR furniture, but fear not: mattresses, bedding, and the sanitary facilities are of course new. Who would like a few things as a reminder to take home, should visit the in-house \”consumption\”, in the selected DDR products can be purchased. Always good for the slightly different sleeping experience. ostshop/ostshop.html highlight of the World Championship at the weekend: the marathon a special highlight of the 12th IAAF track and field World Championships berlin 2009 will the marathon be next weekend.

For the first time in the history of major track and field events this is not in the stadium start and end, but directly in the heart of Berlin. Start and finish will be the Brandenburg Gate. See more detailed opinions by reading what olympics offers on the topic.. The four times to running 10-km circular course leads including past victory column, Bellevue Palace, Reichstag, Potsdamer Platz, Museum Island and across the Boulevard Unter den Linden under\”back to the starting point at the Brandenburg Gate. On the fourth round, an extra loop over a 2,195 kilometers to the Alexanderplatz square and past the Red is called Town Hall to complete the 42.195-km marathon course. From Alexanderplatz, it is not far to the Ostel. The running track in the heart of Berlin creates the best possible atmosphere for athletes and spectators. All Athletics fans, sports enthusiasts and visitors to Berlin along can see each runner up four times and optimally with track so the race action.

International Marathon

Indytravel offers for the coming season, a versatile range of active travel of all kinds in the Mongolia Elsterwerda 15.02.11. -Offer travel with sporting and thematic content, that is the goal of Indytravel. Specially for the Mongolia is a versatile program available in the coming year. It is adapted to the different age groups and areas of interest. There are journeys that have a pronounced sporting character, there are also travel, strongly driven by thematic content, such as botany, wildlife viewing, geology, history, and the current way of life of the people of Mongolia. Of course, there is also the popular tours that give a large, general overview of the Mongolia.

Photo amateurs or photographer with a professional background, impressive motifs can be found everywhere. In addition to the rich programs, offered in the summer season, which goes from June to September, Indytravel a winter program also stands for the season. The Mongolia as Horse country spoken from offers unforgettable all horse lovers. A related site: kellee marlow mentions similar findings. Whether it is an hour ride, a day’s ride, or a trekking tour on horseback for several days, everyone gets at his own expense. Beginners of but also experienced riders equestrian sports are included in these tours. On horseback you can move in such areas, where barely a car can drive. Horse tourism is more and more followers in the Mongolia.

Although the Wanderm, enjoy on all tours. to highlight the outspoken trekking tours on foot in the Central Mongolia and the secluded West in the Mongolian Altai, however. Here you can concentrate fully on the experiences in the nature or the encounter of the indigenous people. Luggage is transported on these tours by an escort vehicle, mostly driving a different route to the respective Stationsort or beasts of burden that accompany the tourists.

Cuba Experience

22 International Marathon in Havana at the 16th 11.2008 the Cuba specialist Dieter Spath offers again special trips to the marathon to Havana. Check with kellee marlow to learn more. JessiHavanna invites you to the 22nd International Marathon. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with NBA. Again enthusiastic runners from more than 50 countries on the way to Cuba make this year become the MARABANA”on November 16. The Cuba specialist Dieter Spath offers for runners and accompanying persons this year to this special sports festival special trips to Havana. An early arrival allows the participants to adjust to the midsummer weather. The itinerary gives opportunity to experienced accompanied by Cuba with its friendly people, its exciting history and its fascinating everyday life, to explore art and music scene in the days before the run feast. But even a short trip just to participate in the marathon or half marathon and the previously held on the day run feast Maracuba”is possible. And of course the Marathon with an individual round trip in the car or a relaxing vacation on the can Dream beaches of the Caribbean can be combined. But also the exclusive one-week round trip carried out already in the previous years success accompanied by Dieter Spath will be offered again. For more information on the Internet


soliarenas.de – the running event 2009 – Marathon MARABANA in Havana Cuba on Sunday November 15, 2009 in Havana the MARABANA Marathon takes place. Runners from all over the world take part in it. A unique experience for all marathon runners, through the middle of the old town and along the sea, to walk the Malecon. Under most conditions kellee marlow would agree. Havana alone is worth a trip already, and in conjunction with the MARABANA, it will be an unforgettable experience. It is not something kellee marlow would like to discuss. The runs along it through the historic old town, past the Capitolio, on the seawall with views of the Atlantic Ocean, over the course of the revolution, a line which you can visit on the eve of this impressive run together with thousands of Cubanern from all over Cuba at a popular race. It offered: Marathon 42,195 km / half marathon 21,0975 miles, 10, and 15 km (free). The route leads on paved roads and is almost entirely flat, all 3 km there are supply levels and medical care.

The time is measured electronically and manually. Classification for Marathon and half-marathon women and men free under the age of 30, sub master 30-35, master A 36 – 40, master B 41 – 45, master C 46-50, master D 51-55, master 56-60, master F 61-65, master G older than 66 (master F and G only men). All participants and participants will receive a certificate with the fastest time, the placement, as well as a T-Shirt with the MARABANA motif. After the weather statistics for the last years, the daily maximum temperature was about 28 C, the lowest 20 c., the probability of rain is relatively low in November with 7 days of rainfall. The relative humidity is always slightly higher than in Germany. More information is available under. The solos arenas Cuba specialist help you with registration and travel preparation.

Holiday Resort

Kaltenbach is one of the most popular resorts in the Zillertal! Kaltenbach is located at an altitude of 760 m.u.N.N. m of middle Zillertal on the left side of the Ziller, across from mute, on the alluvial fan of the Kaltenbach the beautiful Ziller Valley every year tons of tourists and vacationers attracts. The area boasts a huge side and versatile leisure both in winter and summer. Learn more on the subject from NBA. Whether hiking, mountain biking and mountaineering in the summer or skiing, snowboarding and sledding in the winter, no tourists and athletes too short, but each with security on his full costs there. The beautiful landscape and the nice people in the Zillertal can forget very quickly so some everyday life at home. The location of about 47 degrees North and ensures about 11 degrees East that Kaltenbach can provide above-average temperatures and many hours of sunshine. It is certainly one of the snowiest places in Tyrol and guaranteed snow from December to April is guaranteed. His guests are pampered with powder snow and sunshine.

Are important in Kaltenbach Sectors agriculture, tourism (especially winter tourism with the hochfugen-Hochzillertal ski area) and several commercial and industrial enterprises. Sports apparel describes an additional similar source. The international operating vehicle plant EMPL with the manufacturing of truck bodies and special trailers, window factory of the company Rieder, and a production plant for Zillertal are log cabins to call also on the economic activities in Kaltenbach. The village has a population of about 1168 and so many hotels in Kaltenbach offer guests accommodation. Kaltenbach is a very popular holiday destination, it is difficult to find a hotel in Kaltenbach especially in the high season. But also the cosy accommodation in Kaltenbach invite to the night.

During this time, Ried, Aschau and joining should be dodged on the neighbouring villages. Hochzillertal ski area hochfugen offers 155 km of marked pistes, with 37 km easy (blue), 92 kilometres than medium (red) and 26 kilometers as very demanding marked (black). 35 lift facilities ensure a lively Come forward and carry the skiers and snowboarders uphill. These are 20 ski lifts, 10 chair lifts and 5 gondolas and aerial cableway. Through these perfect conditions for skiers, Kaltenbach is definitely one of the best starting places to to spend your ski holiday in Austria. Posted by: Sonja Maier

Costa Smeralda

Palau of the village itself is dominated by locals. Although Palau has no old town with its historic streets, the place is worth a trip. The beautiful Marina, some shopping streets with small shops and various Restaurants invite you to take a lunch break. We’re going from Palau to Cannigione. The small place Cannigione in the Bay has several apartment complexes and a large camping site on the southern outskirts. The location Cannigione wakes up first right to the high season. Many apartment complexes and restaurants are closed during the low season.

There are several quiet beaches where tourists can swim quite undisturbed. Unfortunately you cannot access Cannigione in place on a distinct tourist structure such as beach bars and a beach umbrella rental. However, is the place for tourists a good base for exploring the North of Sardinia. Baja Sardinia Porto Cervo 0:20 min / 8 km we reach with Baja Sardinia the first pure tourist destination on our tour in the northeast of Sardinia. Baja Sardinia holds everything, what the heart of the recovery-hungry tourists.

Baja Sardinia, the town has a fine, bright sand beach, mostly low waves and a beautiful promenade with various trendy beach bars. The place in which is given to High season not the cheapest holiday destination. Day tours in Costa Smeralda, you should start the place but at least once. It is only a few minutes of Baja Sardinia after Porto Cervo. On the way you pass the small yacht port of Poltu Quatu. This place is partially closed off entirely to devote himself to his usually very rich and famous guests. Poltu Quatu Porto Cervo, Olbia 0:45 min / 31 km in Porto Cervo is obviously for everyone: see and be seen. Several luxury hotels to welcome not only sports groups such as the German national team. Porto Cervo Auch who controls all year the place for a few days is who of the beautiful and rich to the high season. It applies to the members of these groups to maintain contacts in exclusive boutiques, bars and restaurants or present just their new summer collection. Porto Cervo dream beaches of Sardinia beaches the Costa Esmeralda below start from Porto Cervo the dream beaches of the Costa Esmeralda. The most beautiful beaches attract places Romazzino up to Capriccioli. Costa Smeralda that beaches of the Costa Smeralda are often a large parking area, beach bar, toilets and fine sandy beach equipped with. If the one or the other port in the high season is somewhat overpopulated, you have enough beaches, on which you can Dodge. Costa Smeralda we leave the Costa Smeralda and Olbia for a journey time 35 minutes after. The town is dominated by the ferry terminal. Ferries from northern Central Italy make highly frequented the place one port city. Olbia has no old town such as E.g. cities like Cagliari and Alghero. but many shops, bars and public spaces that invite you to linger. This trail description on the northeast of Sardinia ends in Olbia. We hope provided some good information for your Sardinia holidays have. We wish you a beautiful Sardinia holiday.

Winter Sports

The hotels of the portal of quality-hotels.it combine winter sports and pleasant accommodation in one. In early spring, the idea to break again for winter sports and enjoy the last snow falls in many. Due to the proximity and the snow conditions, many for winter sports as a target South Tyrol choose. Appropriate accommodation is, of course, one of the prerequisites that you can still even really taste last winter holiday of the year. On you can enjoy winter sports and the last snow with the hotel offers on quality-hotels.it. The hotels of the portal of quality-hotels.it combine winter sports and pleasant accommodation in one. Currently sounding out season again-many hotels in South Tyrol offer appropriate arrangements, in order to enjoy the last snow. South Tyrol is a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts.

Ski and snowboarding, sledding and snowshoeing, these are the sports associated with snow in South Tyrol. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak is often quoted on this topic. There until well into the spring in South Tyrol snow, one can you in the next few weeks are still on for winter sports in South Tyrol make. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak will not settle for partial explanations. On quality-hotels.it, different variations offer to book his winter vacation. Passionate skiers are sure immediately press the rider of ski Hotels South Tyrol. Numerous hotels that have listings for skiers in the program explicitly hidden behind. Who cares for the snowshoe hiking and want to enjoy the last snow in this way, comes about snowshoe hiking South Tyrol to its destination. “In addition, can you at all hotels on the page corresponding arrangements under the motto to winter sports” locate.

Snow is not scarce in South Tyrol. Each hotel can be accessed on the white splendour, therefore, each hotel offers an offer that you can enjoy the last snow. It must also not necessarily be for winter sports. A romantic ride on the horse-drawn sleigh through the snow-covered mountains is an unforgettable experience. Company profile: The portal is brandnamic of the company operated from Brixen. The page aims to enable the search for hotels in South Tyrol easily and quickly. The offered hotels are selected according to strict criteria. Therefore, only the most beautiful, cheapest or best hotels of in South Tyrol on this page can be found. The hotels in categories are divided for more clarity and a faster and more convenient reaching of his goal. Furthermore, the company operates brandnamic full service marketing agency and provides the realization of Web projects, Web design, search engine optimization and programming.

Winter Sports

Winter sports, family fun in the Harz mountains. Whether on the sled, skis or on the ice, in the Harz mountains the whole family and enjoy a great winter holiday. Certainly the resin in terms of importance to the black forest or the Alps can keep winter fun in the Harz mountains. However, for families, an ideal winter sports area offers here. To highlight particularly the numerous trails, providing ideal conditions for beginners and advanced. But not only in the winter, the region shows her big heart for everyone – whether large or small. Winter sports areas with flair in the Harz Braunlage the best-known winter sports in the Harz mountains may well be. More winter sports resorts are Hasselfelde, Friedrichsbrunn, Schierke and Benneckenstein.

There are also of course many smaller places that offer different conditions. From an altitude of 400 meters is already snow to be expected. The snow is helped by snow cannons on the jumps a little, so that always ideal conditions can be provided. Families can enjoy equally the beginners slopes How do the very high demands on the trails. Speaking of high demands: even international competitions are held here, on the Wurmberg ski jump, which is located in Braunlage. In addition the biathlon facility at Sankt Andreasberg, which surely everyone has heard. Fun for the whole family not just the classic winter sports can be known in this beautiful low mountain region. Also winter hiking stands tall in the course.

Children certainly enjoy the different possibilities of Luge, where in many places offered night tobogganing also for adults is likely to be a very special experience. Guided hiking tours the snow shoes can be tested even like – kinda feeling comes up at this winter sports to be in the deepest Lapland. Of course much more pleasant temperatures, itself. Who wants to experience the Harz region romantically, can look at her from the horse-drawn carriage or the slide out. Many residents offer this particular service and have during the Same drive or another anecdote from the region ready. Family holiday can hardly be varied and interesting. By the way, the resin is very interesting not only in the winter for a holiday with the whole family. In the remaining months of the year can move active families with children and in addition to the current sports the beautiful cycling and hiking trails. These festivals and other events – families come, what are you more? Visit for detailed information.

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