Improve Mental Performance

CONSUMER collective sports are best suited to increase the cognitive performance of children. Those who practice sports collectives are 25% higher in the task of differentiating stimuli compared. Sport leads to overcome individualism and helps more shy children to be open to others. Do sports not only benefits the children, also to your mind body. The continuous and systematic practice of physical sports activities helps children to have better care: increases your cognitive performance between 15% and 25%. Ensures it an investigation of the University Institute of science of physical activity and the sport of the University Catholic of Valencia San Vicente Martir, which echoes Consumer. Experts analyzed the practice of sports and attentional performance of children (between 10 and 12 years) of a Valencian public school and of the school football of the Valencia Club de football (CF).

The children of the Valencia CF were three trainings planned 90 minutes three days a week and played a weekly party. On the other hand, the Valencian public school group performed physical sports or physical education classes for less than 5 hours a week. All were different experimental tasks (with a series of Visual stimuli) that attempted to measure the level of alert (related to the ability to be stimulated with innovative sound stimuli), attentional orientation (related to the capacity of distraction of children with irrelevant to the main task stimuli) and conflict resolution (relating to strategic thinking and selection of response). Best sport team results showed that the capacity of attention increases between 15% and 25%. Similarly, children who were less exercise committed 7% more errors. And those who practiced sport in equipment (such as basketball, football or handball) were 25% better on the task of differentiating relevant stimuli rather relevant compared with those who did so individually (like swimming or athletics). The sport also promotes the learning of social rules, to that individualism is exceeded and helps those who are more timid to be opened to others.

It allows channeling impulsivity and aggression, and promotes the improvement of the coordination, motor possibilities and the healthy growth of bones and muscles. Recommendations, according to old sport, in addition to preventing hypertension, diabetes mellitus 2 or cholesterol, helps their development. But every age has its level: up to 8 years. Games, psychomotor skills, coordination and balance exercises, exercises in sense of rhythm and space. Run, jump, climb and dance. From 8 to 12 years. That contribute to the growth and overall development, with increase in daily activities, and exercises that stimulate the development of the physical qualities (resistance, strength and flexibility). This period is very good to learn the technique of different sports. From 12 to 14 years. Increase the training of every sports movement technique and start some kind of competition that maintain motivation throughout the game. From the age of 14. This is a good time to start a more specialized training, with increase in the volume of cargo and training in general.

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