FOR those who are street-DWELLERS Hello: maybe you may be wondering because you should read this, I also wonder because I write you. Neither you nor I have any obligation to treat us. Only if you want to think for a few seconds, how you feel at this moment. Since recently you left of inhabiting the streets. Your that better that anyone can answer me I would do that please? If answer, if. (Not to be confused with Sam Mikulak!).

Let’s start. Do you feel now that you wanted to enter a House to spend a few days comfortable well? Seems or better to enter a House to steal it to you? Therefore in this House or any another, if you want you can pass it very comfortable, unlike if you enter to steal a house you earn many enemies. And you more than anyone else you know that life in the street enabled you learn and practice many Manas. This makes you more astute and perhaps more manipulative. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as ian cole by clicking through. But tell me do you prefer to walk the streets aimlessly? Or prefer to take an aromatic well hot and after that go and lie down in a bed well sheltered without fear to that kill you? That I can answer that. Waking up how you want to do it, are on the side of trash, Vice and about how many police giving you kicks? Or you prefer to wake up in that House and warm up your body with the Sun’s rays that pass through the window, and after that sit at the table to eat a good breakfast? Tell me that you prefer? Just ask for me to have patience, because I have the mana to ask. Tell me do you love some known person? You fight because that person to leave the streets? Have you ever loved yourself? And if you think that you love because you are still consuming you? Now after a time in that House of rehabilitation can you exit to the street without returning to it? You feel the cold gaze of those who consume Vice beside you? Or want to die you to deny that you’re a coward? Or you gonna deny that many times when you’ve rehabilitated you during a time you’ve preferred return to the street and eat you in it and everything because it touches your answer for your family, because you get work.

John Alexander

Many guys have asked me about the best material to conquer a woman. The system of the alpha male is the definitive guide to every man should have both as a quick reference manual to study deeply if he really wants to become a man who conquest to any woman. Today I’m going to talk a little bit about the alpha male system. What is the system of the alpha male? It is an eBook written by John Alexander, who teaches you how you can conquer women no matter how you look or how much money you have, this guide shows you the true form of conquering women is in your attitude, your personality, and your way of being. Speaking of the most common mistakes men do as for example, when a woman like a man, he tries desperately to draw his attention, buying gifts, being his slave, calling followed or telling him which is very beautiful and that is lost. Men expect a woman to return them the love, but the reality is that this kind of attitude is that the women you perceive as a weak man, and ultimately you’re going to reject and will go with a man of strong personality, the alpha male. How to be an alpha male? The book teaches you how you should conduct yourself to be an alpha male of the Group: having dreams, being the leader, have fun with women and making jokes with her, have a trusted and high self-esteem, between some characteristics, are going to do that you call much attention and actives that women cannot control and mechanisms which make you to pursueall want to be with you. Official site: ian cole.

And that is why it also very important that you prove that you are the prize and not them, with a lighter and bearable, personality with the mentality that you don’t need it and have many more opportunities, she rather waste the opportunity if he lets you go. And the more you are a challenge for women, they’re going to pursue… try it and you’ll see that it works! Personal opinion personally, the book helped me to greatly and also I commend it to all the guys that are frustrated because they can not get to attract a girl. Guides you step by step with so many techniques and secrets that it is impossible to summarize them all, you have to see it for yourself! The alpha male system is an electronic book that you can download to your computer to read it, I really recommend and has benefited many men. To review it, please click here.


Lic. Irma Liliana de el Prado something of history. Long before the year 1950 when Guilford introduced the concept of creativity, are studying the phenomena of creative and productive behavior, distinguishing three stages: the pre-paradigm phase: characterized by an attitude question and philosophical that it is achieved by the way of observation and philosophical reflection checks and results about essence of the creative idea. For more information see this site: Ted Elliott. According to this conception, creative man is object and chalice of the divine inspirations that must accept and suffer. The month phase: studying the essence of creativity. Since reformist pedagogy orientation is based on the intention of fostering the artistic forces in the child, to so carry out creative ability (Scheibe). The experimental phase: was initiated by Guilford in 1950 by introducing the concept of creativity to scientific research. What is the etymological meaning of the word creativity? Munoz: The word creativity has its origin in the Latin term: CREARE means engender, produce life according to this definition, creativity is defined as a dynamic activity, an open process that also involves a material realization concrete.

Associated with functions of imagination, acquiring a magic, dark, unpredictable aura that modern psychology has attempted to discover. For Heinlet, the creative word derived from the latin CREARE and are related to another Latin word CRESCERE meaning grow. Etymologically to the two authors mentioned in the analysis of the word creativity, they have the same origin. These definitions of the term emphasize more the importance of the psychological traits to justify a creative behavior. Proposed categories of creativity to orient themselves in the multiplicity of definitions with regard to creativity, Ross l. Mooney, sort the definitions into four categories: person, process, product and environment. Person: Guilford was the first to speak of the specific categories of creative personality and the first presented as a structured model of character. A creative person is characterized by: fluidity, flexibility, elaboration, originality, sensitivity to the problems, complexity, independence in their judgments and various reactions against the limitations.


A / psychotherapist, is a person with special abilities obtained through their academic training and experience (experience), offered in his work, and capabilities. This work is optimal when it favours the development by and for if same person, in a sense similar to the of maieutics (technical Socratic teaching, through questions that lead the person to the discovery of the secret or the truth of the topic addressed in their classes). Locate to make therapy or treatment goals, usually the process psicoterapeutico-benefiting.These meetings must respect professional secrecy: spoken in session may not be reported to other people. Get all the facts and insights with Al Bumbry, another great source of information. On the other hand, a therapy presupposes an area of contention, of listening, of non-critical, or devaluation of any aspect of the inner world of the consultant. There is a great diversity of schools psychological within psychotherapy. However, you can locate two common features: direct, personal, contact both verbal and verbal-a..

Relationship therapeutic, i.e. a relationship intended to generate a real cure to an inner discomfort. Essential for a good psychotherapist No attitude has to do with one good psychotherapist, any of these postures basic attitude: threaten, judge, ridicule, insult, send, manipulate, moralize, consoling, blackmail, blame, recommend solutions, interpret content, catalog or praise behaviors. Listen sympathetically, that is one of the great secrets of a good therapeutic process. Listen, so that both the consultant and professional posen look where something may be causing discomfort. A good psychotherapist, makes highlight and use their own resources, you feel responsible for his changes, he wondered how and ques and not only whys.

Friend Adriana Castle

I asked this question about a year ago, but now it is mas big that back then, not him in many of its articles it there seems to be a great contradiction in what to his belief in God refers? It is a bit weird to read an article in which extols this according to other few items and chairs in that paints it as an unjust God.Dr, Melo, on this occasion I speak as a fan and, perhaps, fan of his writings, not as friend or disciple.For this reason, respected and illustrious Doctor, I expect an answer that I leave more satisfied q the response to recivi a year ago.Cordially: Adriana Castillo. Student Oh thou, more sweet, more sweetness, carnal enamoradaentre interminableque the shadows: of other diassurges filling Cup, in the delight of heavy polentu. The night llenade ultrajes, night as the vinodesbocado, rusty purpuraa night you fell like a wound Tower, and between the poor sheets your estrellapalpito against me burning the sky.Oh networks jasmine, oh fire fisicoalimentado in this new shadow, darkness that we play push it waist central, hitting the tiempocon bloody bursts of spikes.Love without anything else, in the vaciode a bubble, with dead streets, love, love when he died all the viday left us turning corners.. .

Miguel Angel Austrias

It is one of the most prolific and original of current American literature literary movements. It is also called fantastic realism. In Latin America began to speak of this current by 1950. This movement can be defined as a combination of realism and fantasy. The first stage in its historical manifestation of this combination, the writers of the discovery would have it in America and the conquest, Cristobal Colon. In his letters, stories and memories were good dose of fantasy, speaking of fabulous animals, mysterious regions, humans strange, miraculous phenomena of nature and other imaginative creations, to explain what they do not reached understanding with European mentality; America since les ofracia a novel and sometimes inexplicable perspective. Maddie Taylors opinions are not widely known. Characteristics of magical realism: 1) realism and fantasy, reality gives you the everyday fact that serves as a plot to the story or argument, but adds the writer of your own imagination an unreal or illusory, ingredient giving it another sense, other than the natural and logical to hacho, so the outcome is unpredictable, ambiguous, confusing and unexpected. (2) American framing of the play, the action takes place always on an American regional framework and characters or things that arise relate reflecting the typical characteristic of the place, the customs, usages and are generally extracted from the dark background of the story, where grows the magic, the vudo; crime, political subersion, illicit love, cultural Primitivism, ignorance, daydreaming, crime; i.e.

it’s a world that does not govern the logic of institutions universally accepted by civilization. (3) depersonalization of the author, the writer disappears completely from the work, does not interfere in it with their ideas or feelings and once raised the case, objectively develops it to its ultimate consequences. (4) improvement of the narrative technique, the narrative technique in all authors is excellent (this movement) and relies on a careful job of planning the structure. The plot is always very well conceived, by way of detective literature. (5) minority art, is not a popular art, for large audiences, but for cultivated readers. (6) Other characteristics is the transformation of man into animal; as it is Lycanthropy (it is the transformation of man into Wolf). (7) It is timeless.

The great figures of contemporary magical realism are: Miguel Angel Austrias (Guatemala), Jorge Luis Borges (Argentina), Alejo Carpentier (Cuba), Juan Jose Arreola (Mexico). Magical realism is absorbed by the reality of unreality, a belief. It is the myth in which believes the Indian. Europeans characterize it intellectual. It is a myth that has experience, which is a way of life. In the years 30 and 40, occurrences of magical realism are given in Brazil. It assumes an unreality that is the myth, the explanation of the storms, night, Sun, drought, all this for them is real, they suffer. The myth has no doctrine; i.e. philosophical foundation. It expresses supernatural facts explaining the civilized man, and which lacks of civilization Unveils it the myth. It is as a timeless, not clear well: past, present or future. Here you will find quality items for the care of the body, mind and spirit; In addition to other sections such as: sports, entertainment, computing, health and more.

Spanish Cities

The night was developed without altercations and in an atmosphere of respect. Hundreds of people slept at the satin in Valencia and Seville. The Plaza de Cataluna in Barcelona attended by 8,000 people, according to the Guardia Urbana, 20,000 according to organizers thousands of campers continue reflecting on the Puerta del Sol, that never sleeps. rs Clearing House. Support for the 15-M movement continues to expand beyond our borders. Please visit Ben Bernanke if you seek more information. Thousands of campers that they have remained in the Plaza de Cataluna in Barcelona have already aroused in day of reflection of the municipal elections and after an intense evening with an Assembly that lasted until three in the morning. The night has developed in an atmosphere of respect, no altercations, though with some point isolated voltage, which has been resolved without violence, they have explained some of the campers. Thousands of people, 8,000 according to the Guardia Urbana and some 20,000 according to organizers, celebrated with applause and shouts of we won’t! the beginning of the day of reflection to the midnight, and reiterated his intention to remain in the Catalonia square despite the ban issued by the Central Electoral Board. Assembly of dawn the sound of pans, whistles and shouts of joy of the Congregation broke at midnight the silence with which the people gathered in the central square of Barcelona’s listened to who took the floor in the Assembly, which has begun at 2245 hours and finished at 03.00 a.m., with an hour and a half of questions and debate. The increase in the minimum wage, expropriation of the empty flats, the possibility to cancel mortgages with the return of the floors, the end of cuts in education and health, the application of the Tobin tax on bank transactions or a new electoral law are some of the issues addressed, which could be integrated in a possible joint document. Commissions that will take place this Saturday must channel all discussions and opinions of face to draw up a consensus document.

South Civil

Those arrested stole a family and fled. They were arrested in the town of Burriana. Alleged perpetrators have a history for similar acts in other towns of the Mediterranean coast. The Civil Guard have arrested four people for allegedly stealing on the AP-7 motorway rest areas posing as policemen. According to the army, in a statement, the detainees became pass by anti-drug agents before a family that was resting in his vehicle. After you record the luggage and steal 550 offenders fled at high speed. The victims suspected nothing by tiredness, the rapidity with which acted thieves and perfect Spanish used by the detainees, of Croatian and Bosnian nationalities, have indicated from the Guardia Civil. Operating with success when the victims realized that that money was missing they warned the Civil Guard, which deployed several patrols to the North and the South of the province to locate the vehicle of the same characteristics as those described by the victims. The car was spoken at the height of the municipality in Burriana and four men were arrested as alleged perpetrators of a crime of theft and other usurpation of public functions. They all possessed a history for similar acts in other towns of the Mediterranean coast and have been brought to justice this morning. Source of the news: La Guardia Civil arrested four people for stealing posing as law enforcement

El PP Journalist

Deputy Secretary of communications of the PP, Esteban Gonzalez Pons requests it. The APM and the FAPE ask the security forces to respect to journalists. Gorka Ramos, d, was arrested in the protest of the 15-M. The journalist has been released this Friday. #periodistadetenido and #GorkRamos are trending topic on Twitter. The outraged denounce police charges and ask for the resignation of Camacho. After the arrest of the journalist Gorka Ramos, of the digital newspaper, while covering the protest of the 15-M movement in Madrid, the Popular Party, the the Press Association of Madrid (APM) and the Federation of associations of journalists of Spain (FAPE) have asked that his arrest be clarified and accelerated procedures for his release. Meanwhile, #periodistadetenido and #GorkRamos hashtags are, this Friday, trending topic on the Twitter social network.

Journalist, has finally been released on passes 15.00 hours on Friday. In addition, members of the 15-M movement have asked the resignation of the Minister of Interior, Antonio Camacho, and the delegate of the Government in Madrid, Maria Dolores Carrion, being held responsible for the actions of the riot, which resulted in 4 arrested (including journalist) and 20 injured.The police sobreactua where should do so in a release sent to the media, Deputy general Secretary of communication of the PP, Esteban Gonzalez Pons, points out that, under this item, the police is committing serious errors because not acting when it should be done and sobreactua where should not do so. The Minister of the Interior and (Alfredo Perez) Rubalcaba do not know what to do with unemployment and now begins to not know what to do even with journalists, ironizes the popular leader. Deputy Secretary of communication is in constant contact with colleagues of Gorka Ramos to keep informed of everything that happens around this case. In this regard, Gonzalez Pons denounces detention of Ramos, as fellow have took place when the journalist was doing his profession, reporting through the Twitter account of the digital medium.

The medium has indicated that young stopped reporting at the time that the arrests began and since that moment, has remained incommunicado in police custody, despite take with you your identity card and the document that accredits him as a journalist. Journalists, photographers and reporters the press of Madrid (APM) Association and the Federation of associations of journalists of Spain (FAPE), before the arrest of several journalists in the course of the incidents of recent days by demonstrations of 15-M, claim to the security forces that toughened the respect for the professional work of journalists, reporters and photographers. They also point to journalists that they come to be credited as such in conflict situations. The APM and the FAPE have asked the delegation of the Government to speed up formalities for freedom of a colleague arrested these days. Equo requests explanations about the closing of Sun on the other hand, Equo has claimed to the Ministry of the Interior explanations about the closure of the gate of the Sun, which in his opinion is hurting citizens and violating fundamental rights. The organization led by the former director of Greenpeace Spain, Juan Lopez de Uralde and who intends to go to the next elections, considered also a democratic abnormality the closing of Sun, with Metro and train running irregularly. Source of the news: El PP and several professional associations ask for clarification as to the arrest of journalists

Latin America Internet

It is becoming harder for entrepreneurs in Latin America to establish a business opportunity on the Internet due to the constraints imposed on Governments in the region to access foreign currency (US dollar). The vast majority of Internet business opportunities are handled in with U.S. Recently Christopher Knights sought to clarify these questions. currency, who is leaving a huge group of Hispanics without the possibility of opting for a future better for their families since it is becoming increasingly more complicated to obtain dollars to develop any business activity in the network. In some countries of Latin America was eliminated the use of prepaid credit cards to make electronic transactions on the Internet. With this measure a huge number of people was impossible, since unable to get a credit card, say normal, due to their levels of income (low income).

These poor people saw how he would escape from the hands the opportunity to improve their income through a business on the Internet. The matter gets worse now that neither with normal credit cards (case Venezuela) electronic transactions can be performed. These operations are currently deferred, blocked briefly. Many people who have initiated some entrepreneurship on the Internet with the hope of improving its economic situation are on the verge of losing the achievements to the impossibility of being able to promptly cancel the cost of operation of a business on the net. The regrettable aspect of the case is that most of these measures do not obey economic issues if not excesses of political character. In the region they are running aires left that according to its doctrine, the changes that are happening are for the good of the people; but apparently the opposite happening. There are now fewer freedoms in all areas, people are becoming poorer and every time there is less chance of progress. Jose Chavez Director: original author and source of the article.

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