Individual Holiday On Madeira

Madeira, a sun-drenched island in the Atlantic Ocean West of Africa and a dream come true for tourists. The vegetation is characterized by a sea of flowers and many species have survived here, lack of contact with continents. Of course, here important cultures have developed by immigrants, under main influence of the Portuguese, the island group now belongs to the. The seat is located in the beautiful coastal town of Funchal, which has also still magnificent old building next to modern buildings. Interesting are also the port and something outside enclosed botanical garden with tropical plants.

One of Funchal there also comes with a cable car. In Madeira, there are still a number of other beautiful towns such as Santana or Santa Cruz. Mighty Mountains rise up in the Interior of the island, with 1,862 m the Pico Ruivo is the highest. In between there are extensive forests of Laurel trees and other green plants, rivers and valleys to traverse the island. Madeira is the ideal place for long walks and tours with the mountain bike. Of course, the beaches are nothing to sneeze at and also offer all possible control of sports.

You can get to Madeira with the aircraft or a ship. But especially is a booking of flights, accommodation and holiday activities on to recommend. Either online here can the booking be performed or but it’s done by phone. This site is also interesting, because something about the Island reported here in addition to the great vacation homes, so holiday apartments, holiday homes or hotel rooms. So you can orient yourself right and has more or less been a travel guide to settle along the holiday. So, the individual parts of the island are represented in addition to climate and holiday activities. A vacationers can choose then, which quarter he where to book. Madeira has a few neighbouring islands such as, for example, Porto Santo or Desertas. Also there can be booked at Of course, there are excursions from the main island to the neighboring islands into the offer. As a particularly unique trips is available in the program In addition to the wine tasting of delicious world-renowned wine from Madeira an observation tour of passing whales. Who has the possibility to see these rare animals in the holiday. There are also some wonderful festivities, you can visit, if the timing coincides with the holiday on Madeira. You just need to know it and are lucky, to be informed about it.

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