Moving An Aquarium

I recently had to deal with moving from one apartment to another. And had to carry his stolitrovy aquarium. Some people said I was sick on the head, once assembled to transport the fish. But I do not think so, I just do not willing to part with their favorite somami and vualehvostami. Moving an aquarium – fully realized thing, you just have to think of ways all their actions. I'll tell you how I did it. First, I took care of the water, and asked transport capacity with otstoinoy water into a new apartment. As a temporary aquarium, I had a quarantine, heater and aerator for it too be.

Transporting fish, I decided in the special packets that are bought pet store. Should remember that armor Som need to be transported separately from other fish to catfish are not caused injury to his "armor". Should not be put off catching fish on the last day, it's better to do it in advance. Catch fish in karantinnik, water discharge, drying equipment, etc. – All this can take a very long time.

On the last day you can leave only the procedure for packing fish in bags. When you pack things for the move, do not Repack the equipment that you may useful: net, feed bags and bottles, elastic bands, towel, knife, tape, etc. To a new apartment, I am the fish, plants and stock went first, when longshoremen hauled our belongings into the car. Just had to heat the water and run fish in the aquarium, before their arrival. My aquarium, I then took the old apartment two days later. As you can see, the pledge of successful relocation aquarium – it's simple, but a premeditated action.

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