Now the pupils with intellectual deficiency to be in the regular school and also if socializing, what he comes increasing its pertaining to school success. We want that the educandos have pertaining to school success, that they create an identity.

The evaluation of the pupils is useful, therefore the test is a way to classify, to segregate and to exclude, the test is an exclusion process, therefore we do not have schools for all. clearly, to use the potential of the pupils, so that thus let us can have an education of quality, another question, Moambique became independent in 1975, where the gratuitousness of the education is of 1 and 7 series. The implantation of the Special Education is difficult, had to me the suitable formation of professors and schools its pupils. NBA is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Although terms only 35 years of independence, Moambique is in evolutivo process in question of the education. Four schools only exist special, being one of intellectual deficiency. Professors enough do not exist to take care of the demand. Preconception: still the segregation exists, therefore the parents think that the deficiency is contagious, dementia, madness.

parents do not leave the children with deficiency to frequent the school, in this country exist the resistance of escolarizar the deficient ones, either for the ignorance. Then for this the parents use ways of compensation. The schools are precarious, the professors are not specialized. Many illiterate people.

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