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Network marketing is not just sales. It is the art of communication, combined with a business idea, to help other people. Germany is located in structural transformation, which includes all sectors of society. The lack of jobs and the fierce competition in the labour market demand personal initiative of each. Many people are looking for alternative sources of income, to secure their earnings or to improve. Who is considering doing the step towards independence, is quenched mostly due to the high investment and risks of a classic business start-ups. Network marketing, however, opens up a chance at self-sufficiency, which combines clear advantages with small ventures.

The German Network Marketing Association (BVNM) is a business association that represents the interests of Networkerinnen and networker in Germany since 2003 and is strong for a comprehensive recognition of the sector among the public. The Association provides independent and impartial education and this is the essential point of contact for the so-called freedom of expression and education makers”. For its tasks and objectives, the BVNM need the support of all Networkerinnen and networker so that network marketing Gets the importance it deserves. All members of the BVNM have agreed with accession to the Association, its activities in accordance with the standards of conduct”for serious and fair network marketing exercise. You have been awarded for the BVNM seal of approval for quality-oriented work.

The quality of consultants and advisors is an essential prerequisite for the recognition of the industry at institutions such as, for example, the employment agency. The Federal Association of network marketing e.V.(BVNM) promotes the activities of an alternative labour market which is becoming more and more in demand. The many and vast deals, not least in the Internet, disoriented by the interested parties more and more in its decision-making process. The BVNM informs about the system neutral and independent and presents its “Members in the WHO of WHO”. Members of the Federation have accepted the standards of conduct of the industry and work accordingly to these guidelines. For all those interested, inform themselves on the alternative employment or self-employed would be competent and serious advice like we as an Association for decision making available under. All the perspective professional for a new or a lucrative extra income search, can obtain competent advice through our members in your area:

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