Red Sea

Bulgaria wanted to show it to us was the first country, but it went to hoped-for good start fully in addition. Here is the beautiful Black Sea and one large number destinations inside the country, only in the minds of most Bulgarians is it today is still not arrived, what good tourism means. Where this country stands today, we see in the holiday reviews. And therefore we should let us time as to enter this new still immature regions mass tourist. More information is housed here: NBA. Eastern Europe takes this time to prepare good tourism. What is so interesting to act in the first places of the most sought after holiday destinations with Egypt so? This is easy to explain.

When it comes to a sunny and warm bathing vacation country, yet this year, we are in four hours flight time at the destination. We have glorious sunshine, coral reefs in the warm Red Sea and historic destinations along the entire Nile from Cairo to Abu Simbel. The tourists expect beautiful resorts and the best golf courses, as well as all kinds of leisure sports on land and water. What want you more if you get even all at affordable prices. The so-called economic crisis blocked since even the last Holiday Sourpuss not once to visit this beautiful country. Every year it attracts million tourists to this mysterious land of Pharaohs, temples and pyramids, as well as the magnificent Red Sea, where body and spirit can totally relax. A leading source for info: NBA. If then the majority of hoteliers offers clever all inclusive packages, more than just a volcano is such a fantastic trip with its ash cloud in the way! See you in Egypt!

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