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Article of opinion -29/06/2010 the pupils of the basic education construct or read correctly graphical? The reply he takes in them to question the results of the external evaluations applied the public schools when the boarded subject is the interpretation of graphs. It will be that the act to construct and to interpret graphs is so simple? It is important? Our experience in classroom has shown that, supposedly, the professors are few who give a special treatment to this subject that approaches the study of graphs and tables, not for ignoring it, but to supply an occult imbalance in the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Much time is lost to review these operations that public domain by the pupils egresses of the initial series of basic education, in the final series of this stage of education. It is not guilt of the educator! It will be that the continued progression well was not worked? Mainly from 6 year of Basic Ensino the content it could be received one better attention and being explored during the following series. Click Steve Walsh to learn more. Supposedly not true fact. The explanation, either simple or perhaps complicated, the professors if support probably with the results of the National System of Evaluation of Educao Bsica (SAEB) that he points imbalance of the pupils to the ending of the initial series of basic education in relation to the basic operations, corroborating, perhaps in part, with the suppression of this subject and compromising the continuation in the following stages of the basic education, that will go to desestruturar all a didactic sequence of the contents, not only in the mathematics, of history, of sciences among others you discipline. It is possible to understand the land distribution in geography without knowing to read a presented graph to explore the subject? Or, it will be possible to verify the industrial production of one determined region of the country, presented in tables and graphs? This makes in them to reflect until point can be harmful to leave to at the beginning insert a content in the planning of the year. . Connect with other leaders such as Sean Rad here.

Green Coverings

To be in contact with green spaces is basic so that the people if feel well, in such a way physical as mentally. One of the great current problems in the great cities as Lisbon, Rio De Janeiro or So Paulo is the space lack. One of the solutions has been the creation of landscaped coverings in the top of the buildings of offices and apartments. Benefits of the green coverings in the buildings: – Prevention of floodings the ground placed in the top of the buildings absorbs the water of rains, what it has a direct impato in the peaks of draining of waters, contributing to reduce floodings. People such as Ray Clemence would likely agree. – The green spaces Contribute for the reduction of stress have a positive effect in the people, and contribute so that these if feel little estressadas. – Reduction of the effect ' ' island of calor' ' When increasing the green spaces and the amount of plants, are to contribute it to diminish the temperature and the pollution in the great cities, what it reduces the impato of the terrible waves of heat. . It is good for living in harmony with nature..

The Same

Its reply to the assistant she was: ' ' up to one passarinho that it lived imprisoned in a bird cage trembles when the door if opens and the freedom it is oferecida' '. This universal close desire and at the same time of if knowing on the death, exactly that it is not revealed, translate the total ignorance in this question, therefore, officially, nobody that has died if presented to after give to the certification of the life the death and nor of ' ' processo' ' death in itself. this leads to the constatao of the only truth that it does not need to be proven to be accepted as absolute truth, either for science, either for the religions: the death is, as all the moments ' ' sagrados' ' of each individual (elimination of dejections, sexual activity, among others examples) the same one for all, without differentiating religious of rich, black, yellow, Aryan atheists, poor persons of. It is an only truth that does not have as to run away and nor to deny and nor chooses face. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ray Clemence. The death is democratic. By the way, the biggest example of democracy that exists, perfect. As it can then a so powerful truth thus be repelled of the human thought, expurgada of any interest in knowing it, to understand it e, finally, admitiz it with smoothness and as a component of the history of each one, either it as it will be. In the trajectory of the day human being in the land, of the birth until the true death, many commemorations and histories, liars or they are compiled for the dossier of each one, but little that scandalous death in some directions is said of the death, excluding, of that ' ' they give what falar' ' , it true rejoicing or regret, but, exactly thus, is soon about to sublimar it, in a way or another one. 6095416a0a47320b&oe=60050296’>rodney atkins.

Aluminum Point

Categories for commercial returns: they can be contractual or not contractual. The not contractual ones are those devolutions fulfilled for the company for imposition of the law, or free and spontaneous will, objectifying competitive advantage. The contractual ones are formed by previous agreements between the parts, having aimed at an obligator responsibility when the supply to exceed the limits. Former: material proceeding from consignment contract; 2. Category of return for guarantee quality: in this in case that, the products are returned had to some defect (becoming the obligator devolution in some cases as, for example, intrinsic defect) or by having its exhaled stated periods of validity. When the product presents some defect it is returned for posterior fixes and revalorizao or changed by a new. When the validity of the product dies, the manufacturer is many times (through contracts) responsible legally for the collection of the product.

A good one example is the pharmaceutical products; 3. Category of substitution of components: in this category they are incased component removed of diverse durable goods, and launched in the canals reverses for posterior reaproveitamento, either in the primary market, as well as secondary, and in last case, its final disposal. 2.7. The Cycle of Life of the aluminum can: For backwards of the concept of Logistic Reversa it is ampler concept, that is of ' ' cycle of vida' ' of the product. The life of a product, of the logistic point of view, does not finish with its delivery the customer.

Products if become desusados, damaged, or they do not function and they must return to its point of origin to be adequately discarded, repaired or reaproveitados. Logistic figure -1 reversa of the can of alumnio.2.8. Logistic of After Consumption of Aluminum: Logistic reversa of after-I consume is all way covered for a product since the consumption point until the origin point or manufacturer.

River Wood

The fish, in the migration, transpose the steps or doors-sill, passing between the reservoirs or tanks, during piracema, swimming for blade d? descending water or jumping. The doors-sill or steps possess the purpose to control the permanence of levels d? water and to waste energy in the form of losses located with the turbulence in the tanks. The energy is wasted in order to favor the ascension of the fish without causing its fatigue (MARTINS, 2004). In figure 4 it is a representation of stairs with door-sill or step 4 Figure Conclusion bioengineering is one is an area of border between biology and the engineering, that it aims at, the solution of ambient problems through engineering techniques. These domnios start to appear from the expansion of the knowledge of the mechanisms of functioning of biological systems, in its different scales, allowing its control and manipulation, many times foreseen by means of computational simulations. Of same form that classic engineering can control and manipulate systems, for example, electric, mechanical, thermal or hydraulical, the new domnios of bioengineering foresee the control and manipulation of biological systems. The importance of the construction of structures is unquestionable that all aim at the reduction of the impacts caused for the hydroelectric plants constructed in the country. The fish throughout the River Wood, have direct influence in the life of the messengers, therefore, they are populations that live directly of fish, take off of the fish its source of survival, the fish for these populations beyond income source, also are used for the feeding. The STP are implanted to attenuate some decurrent negative effect of the slide bars of rivers, on the community of the fish (MARTINS, 2004). Although to be efficient, the STP cannot be friction as only solution for the effect of the barrages, more yes, to complement important when in set with others initiatives as the piscultura: maintenance, preservation or introduction of spawning of fishes places; adequate quality of water, time of residence to the fish in the reservoir; reduction of the anxidas areas; extravasores, turbines and ' ' bypasses' ' friendly; maintenance or introduction of ciliares bushes; preservation of the springs; control of fishes predatory, among others.

Euclides Mathematician

However, the education of the language is basic also in this point, in the measure where the service of the clarity of the exposition of the ideas works to develop in the pupil the desire to know to use the words. How much to the Mathematics, it serves to disclose the value of the demonstration: explicitao of the way and precision of the reasoning, the chaining of the arguments. For assistance, try visiting Frank Ntilikina. Analyzing the suggested collections we will have the following separate results for a classification ' ' ALFA' ' ) In the first volume (6* year) the authors inside tell of a gamma of contents the following boardings in Geometry: Justification: (Good) A1? Point, straight line and plan: Of the one simplria introduction of the Euclides Mathematician as well as a primitive concept, that is, slight knowledge of Geometry that are accepted without definition: point, straight line and the plan. Some examples of the type, seen the star of the sky, in give the idea to them of geometric point for straight line, the strained ropes of the violo or the shade of the blades of a blind opened against the light gives the idea of geometric straight line. Already for the plan, the surface of a wall or a mirror, the glass of a window or the floor of one square of sport suggest the idea and geometric plan. Continue to learn more with: Marc Lore. (p.198, 199). Another data to observe are, good exercises related with the daily one. A2? Polygons: Following the same estimated, it starts with an example of ' ' It sees the art of Mariana' ' Supporting solids on the paper, Mariana skirted its base and made a composition of plain figures.

Later, it painted the internal region of the figures that drew. Thus Mariana drew polygons. (p.215). Soon after, with a definition of Polygon. also enriches with diverse exercises. A3? Circumference and Circle: It starts with a historical retrospect of the beginning of ' ' roda' ' as well as, definitions, exercises and concepts related with the social environment.

Teresa Lleix Pupils

In this direction, Telma Weisz (1999: 53) IN Abreu (2001: 39), take in them to question on what it is wanted to teach for the four initial series and affirms that the pupils must finish 4 Basic series it Ensino dominating the language in efficient way. In other words, they must be capable to produce and to interpret texts, as much for the necessities of day-by-day to write a message, to read the instructions of use of household-electric as to have access to the cultural goods and the full participation in the world scholar, to understand what it is said in a telejornal and to read a book of poetries. She is necessary to read, exactly before dominating the alphabet. The tradition teaches: to alfabetizar is to deal with the written language and to lecionar Portuguese are to train the pupils to represent graphically say it for the combination of letters of the alphabet. In the truth, it is much more of what this.

To speak and to listen, beyond reading and writing, are actions that allow to produce and to understand texts. It fits to the school to also develop the verbal language of its pupils. It is learned to outside say it of the banks of the school, but in the classroom it is possible you say to show them more adequate and efficient in the different daily situations. This implies to say that, the aspects that we are approaching in this work, had been selected in view of, to contribute with the practical metodolgica of the professor, where we defend the game, as one technique that has much time it is present in the practical one of the alfabetizao, as a didactic resource that was incorporated the process of education of the reading and the natural writing as something, therefore in accordance with the referenciais theoreticians raised, the game is an instrument that since very early is part of the learning of the children, as it affirms Teresa Lleix (2004: 193) that it characterizes them since the Infantile Education, as: the spontaneous games of language and games.

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