Turbo Fund

Proof of competence by operating for leading Canadian energy trusts; Fund extension to more ‘cream pieces’ return Turbo for second participation Berlin, 03.12.2010. Hardly POC proven oil had announced a remaining emission volume of eight million Canada Managing Director Monika Galba, a clearly calculated portfolio of producing oil sources has been purchased for the already comes next, auspicious offering. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Al Bumbry. We gained four oil and gas area transactions with a significant additional potential for a price for our investors in the context of the total volume of 28 million euro of equity, which ensure the forecast reduced by 12 percent per year plus profit share normal experience. Therefore we have decided against the background of rising prices, to close the POC two GmbH & co. KG with this volume.

We would exclude however our investors by a special investment opportunity, if we don’t act now and expand the Fund”, the POC Chief explained. Over a six-year negotiated COC conserve oil Corporation, the POC partner in Canada, with one of the leading insurers in North America, until this very attractive package of sources could be taken over. The total portfolio is acquired in both POC and a well-known financial investor to 40 percent each, as well as two of the biggest energy trusts of Canada for a total of 20 percent. The Canadians by COC is used to control the production measures, the so-called operating what is a clear sign of their recognition as oil professionals. While the management did not expect first, that it would come to a conclusion this year. Finally everything went very quickly. We however cannot be pressured us and have found a special scheme within the meaning of the investors”, explains Monika Galba. “” This scheme, you could write to with you all may have nothing but “, stipulates that the POC may place up to 12 million euros” – the financial investor assumes the rest then.

Who is details look at, will understand why Fund Managing Director Galba can withhold this investment their investors: then the sources could be purchased 22 percent below the fair market value, where the evaluator Sproule has evaluated only the proven reserves. Simplified one could say that is the purchase price significantly below market value. The source characterized also potential a high upside, which can also be implemented on behalf of investors during the period. Allow this additional profit potential but only the companies that specialise in this field of business: A core area of the POC/COC group. Thus we offer an additional profit potential not only in the first Fund but also in the second, which is already included in the purchase price”, explains the Fund Managing Director. Expressed in figures, this new package offers a yield potential in the high double-digit range, for example in the baseline scenario after deduction of all fund costs by 19.4 percent. This, however, are the described upside potential still not taken into account. This could significantly increase the revenue of the Fund. For investors, the special opportunity presents itself so well last time with the with the POC two GmbH & co. KG 10.000 euros in a fund involved to be characterized by high yield expectations from current production and an interesting upside potential. The clearly defined and thus calculable portfolio of producing oil and gas wells offers a special additional incentive.

Hefei Cutting

Interest of customers shows Compucut service demand with its P-NET, PACE was three the Transomat unloader and the cutting system L-R-137-T POLAR interesting solutions for process automation around the cut out. The presentation of our high end cutting system L-R-137-T PACE on the China print was a big risk for us. But the interests of our clients confirmed us in”, Jurgen Freier, Managing Director of sales and service. Even in China, the topic automation plays an increasing role. Just the printers who are at home in the urban areas, increasingly have the problem to find adequate operating personnel.

In addition to the qualification, also the ergonomics is an important issue. That is, that specifically increasingly Transomat unloader used to unload the cutting machine. One of the most successful printing entrepreneurs in China, Mr Su Zhao Chun by Jingyi printing Hefei co. Ltd., goes even one step further and bought on the China POLAR print the first cutting system PACE in China. By automating it can in the With 2-man handling the same power now with a single operator reach versus a manual cutting system. PACE (POLAR automation for cutting efficiency) here is a synonym for the automation of the cutting process. While loading, turning, and waste disposal processes are automated.

Core of the automation is in conjunction with a high-speed cutters Autotrim AutoTURN turning gripper. The interaction between of these two components allows the first five cuts (all-around with cut) thus, to thus to automate the first five cuts (all-around with cut). In addition to the mechanical automation, the automation solution to create cutting programs was shown with Compucut. With the P-net of compucut service, which is now available in Chinese language available, the work processes on the high-speed cutters and cutting systems can be streamlined further. This is a decisive competitive advantage for Web-to-print printers. The creation of the cutting program takes place outside of the high-speed cutter produced during this further. Meanwhile, all leading Web-to-print set Compucut printers. About POLAR as an independent family-owned company developed POLAR efficient solutions in the field of print finishing and is positioned as a future-oriented technology companies around the world. The product range includes components and systems that to discharging and banding network all processes from loading on jogging, cutting and punching and automate. Under the brand name MOHR cutting machines produced since 2012, which are especially suitable for print-ondemand markets with formats up to 46 x 64 cm. Also to the POLAR Mohr group is one of the service Verpackungstechnik GmbH, a manufacturer of components and systems for the automatic packing of goods, primarily in the food industry.

Harvard Business School

With an objective procedure to the right personnel decisions the Internet-based PeopleRating system selected through an interactive process in less than 30 minutes, tailored to the individual candidates tuned the real behaviour schema to analyze a selection from 150 to 200 questions from a pool of more than 2,000, which are particularly suitable. A so-called unrealistic index creates interactive test questions at the same time, the inference on the credibility of the responses are. As a model momentum”in the Gulf, the system adjusts the behaviors of the candidates with the ideal” behavior off and puts it in relation to a comparison group of other candidates in adequate function and position (n > 5000). The findings of the analysis are compared with promising behavior patterns in the connection and used in relation to a comparison group. The PeopleRating system is globally harmonized format can be used in 12 languages. It can evaluate any number of people on all levels and in all sizes of companies. To read more click here: Joe Stillman. The Results are available the next day.

The PeopleRating system in contrast to personality tests is not based on psychological theories or personality inventories in clinical psychology, but was developed directly from the practice and evaluated real behavior. In cooperation with the Harvard Business School, and together with Jim Collins (“best sellers: good to great”) from Stanford University the criteria of a performance-oriented competence model were developed and further improved now over 10,000 conducted management assessments and over a period of 15 years. Unmatched Validitatswerte with highest accuracy and reliability are the result, when it comes to determine the potential for future success by people in a specific vocational context. While traditional methods – whether structured interviews, assessment centers or intelligence and personality tests rarely exceed Validitatswerte by 0.25, reached the PeopleRating System values of about 0.85. Even if the Validitatsaussage is reduced to working and learning success, performance testing and structured interviews just once in combination reach a corrected validity of 0.63.

Thus it is not surprising that many human resources managers representing the statement: tests bring nothing! “.” PeopleInvest has so far made same experience and therefore developed the PeopleRating system : cheap insurance against costly missteps. Especially in the current times of crisis, it guarantees reproducible, statistically validated decisions at significantly lower use of resources in contrast to the elaborate and largely subjective standard selection procedure. PeopleInvest is an international consulting firm with headquarters in the heart of Munich.

Scherrer Motos Are Mechanics Well Proven Moto Experts

Through the many years of experience in the motorcycle business and passion for the machines, the family business has become Steckborn a top address, 24.09.2012: exactly 30 years ago, in the summer of 1982, Dieter Scherrer founded Scherrer Motos, which he successfully led until 2006. After he retired from the Executive Board and handed over the management of Rouven Scherrer, who continues to lead the company in the second generation since 2007. Despite the change, nothing has changed but the super quality and good service. Even after 30 years, the focus of business still comprises arrival & sale of used motorcycles. In addition, Scherrer sells Motos and other two-wheeled vehicles, such as scooters and electric bikes. We also offer lots of accessories, spare parts for any kind of motorcycle clothing and protective equipment to the maintenance products for the jewelry pieces in our shop”Rouven Scherrer explained. Through this complete service we offer all our customers “one hand and always in our best quality”, the CEO promises to continue. Through the many years of experience in the motorcycle business and passion for the machines, the family business has become a top address, when it comes to quality and exclusive motorcycles. The famous Scherrer quality passed always to the new staff, which reliably and professionally advise and serves every customer. As a specialist for the motorcycle purchase and subsequent resale, we sure of course on well-trained and professional mechanic”assured Scherrer. The staff of Scherrer Motos are excellently proven mechanical engineer and possess the necessary know-how in all areas around on motorcycles, scooters, E-bikes and bicycles. After a motorcycle all repair & service work of whatsoever will purchase, carried out in the own, well-equipped workshop. Then look the machines again as new and motorcycle trade-in or direct in the Sale. Also the customer service is very important to Scherrer Motos. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Conrad Vernon. The company has a specially initiated pick-up service, which is offered by appointment around the clock. Thus he is buying Moto pure child’s play. Also replacement vehicles are not a problem for the well-coordinated team, a repair should be even longer, Scherrer is Motos determines a suitable machine for everyone. If interested in one of the various motorcycle it is advisable in the Internet to advance check secondhand, because we have a wide variety of models, colors and services”, explains the Managing Director. In a subsequent, personal consultation on site, we enter into the presence of a trained mechanic to the individual wishes of our customers and find the right model for every”, Rouven Scherrer next. With regard to the payment, the customer has the possibility of vehicle funding. The motorcycle company is each customer with words and deeds aside.

Prospects Remain Modest

Escape to independence is not the silver bullet from the crisis of Berlin/Dusseldorf for every unemployed, December 18, 2009 – he will be clear, the upswing, but obviously he comes: the economic growth in Germany will be in the coming year at 1.25 percent. The Federal Association of German Volks – and Raiffeisenbanken (BVR) meets this forecast in its latest economic report. The economic recovery takes place in Germany faster and stronger than expected in the summer”, explains BVR Board Member Andreas Martin. The index decline of economic output should amount in 2009 to 4.5 per cent. The improved Outlook on the economic performance in the coming year should but not over this fool that the Outlook for the economy over the medium term remained subdued.

The pace of growth will be lower than even in this summer and autumn in the average of the next year. The economic downturn of the winter 2008/2009 will be compensated therefore expected until 2013 and the private consumption in 2010 according to stagnate or even decline, one believes in BVR. Also the increase in the tariff income will be weaker. Also, rising unemployment constitutes a load factor. The pulse through the fiscal stimulus is substantial, but not sufficient, to compensate for the negative effects”, said Martin.

The saving rate will decline slightly by next year from 11.2 percent to 11.0 percent. The rise in consumer prices will amount to around one percent. Meanwhile, the fear of job loss in Germany grows according to a report in the Handelsblatt on the willingness of entrepreneurship. However: Despite the turnaround of Chambers of Commerce and industry experts see no end to the crisis of of establishment of: there are unemployed out independently become out of necessity, many without clear business idea. According to calculations by the Institute for SME research, 2009 208,000 companies were founded in the first half of the year, 0.2 percent more than in the same period last year. The is as the difference from NET foundations and liquidations was positive with about 5,900. 2008 the number of new companies had fallen in the fourth year in a row, 206,000 “, so the leaf. And further: Marc Evers of the German industry and Commerce (DIHK) sees in the recent development of the typical German pattern: unemployment will rise, also founding interest is rising. “Is problematic, that thereby the quality of the business plans sinke: many take-offs were hastily prepared, four out of ten unemployed founders had a clear business idea.” Udo Nadolski, human resources expert and Managing Director of the Dusseldorf consulting firm Harvey Nash, but warns of generalizations. Although, in particular start-ups in the face of impending or existing unemployment were sometimes not optimally prepared, German university graduates, however, founding willingness is promising.” 54 percent of the top students can be namely according to the current survey of the career network e-fellows.NET and the management consultancy McKinsey & company “titled most wanted – employer study” imagine, to run his own company, about 12 percent of them would even prefer self-employment for a permanent position. Well trained young professionals as founder much rather have the possibility to make own decisions, to act responsibly, to shape new services or products and finally to create jobs”, analyzes Nadolski.


The Recaland GmbH expands your product catalog coilovers of brand of Autotechnics German TuV standards produced. (A valuable related resource: Janet Yellen). The quality of the springs in the manufacturing process monitored 24 hours a day to meet even the most stringent standards. The coilovers and springs are phosphated to prevent that rust infestation. Thus suspensions of Autotechnics brand in your life are very high quality. The entire process, from the development of the Coilover suspensions over the production to the sale happens according to ISO-norm 9001:2000 coilovers Autotechnics coilovers can be adjusted in height. Raising or lowering of the vehicle between 20 and 60 mm is this possible.

So you get the possibility of individual with a Coilover suspension your vehicle needs to adjust. Thus, you can customize balance, ground clearance, brake and roll to your requirements. Coilover suspension of Autotechnics have a specially designed external thread and is easy to adjust for the uninitiated. So you get with our Threaded chassis a suspension system that will meet all of your performance and quality standards. The complete system offers aluminium components, a dust reduction system, and elastomers stops. Lowering springs of Autotechnics lowering springs of Autotechnics while the standard usually comfort emphasis bogies on the factor, so are the successful compromise between comfort and sportiness. Thus, a moderate lowering is achieved in sum for the driver with a sporty touch. The lowering springs can be adjusted but are between 20 and 60 mm adjusted in your vote.

Also miss an aggressive look to your vehicle, lower the Centre of gravity and streamline the driving behaviour. Sport shock absorbers Autotechnics sport shock absorbers with shortened piston rod of Autotechnics Company revealed an even sportier driving experience. Here too, the Autotechnics laid engineers and a perfect compromise between Sportiness and comfort. Sport suspensions Autotechnics sport shock absorbers and lowering springs in a complete set. The best compromise between cost and quality. The chassis are permanently developed further and are available for almost all popular car makes and models. Company Description coilovers and sport exhaust specialist from Duisburg. Company contact: Raceland GmbH peer lip Reiner Street 29 47166 Duisburg Tel: 02033480879 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Raceland GmbH peer lip Reiner Street 29 47166 Duisburg Tel: 02033480879 E-Mail: Web:


In Berlin recommended experts to investment in the hotel and tourism sector. However, the residential real estate in the capital are preferred: more respondents voted for any other European metropolis a buy recommendation for apartments than for Berlin. The PROJECT investment group and their closed-end real estate fund real values 11 on the growing Berlin real estate market and invested 90 million euros last year. They benefited from the Berlin boom”and finally in the same year, achieved the highest turnover in the company’s history. A site ranking of all European cities showed that the Berlin real estate market is more attractive than that in London and Paris. The interest in the major German cities is great, because they are considered safe-haven in the euro crisis.

Munich and Berlin are the most attractive real estate markets throughout Europe from the perspective of international industry experts. Thus two German cities lead for the first time the location ranking of 27 European metropolises. This is since 2004 by the consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the Association of industry urban land Institute raised. The fact that Munich and Berlin in the real estate industry now before London rank is surprisingly positive. This optimism but doesn’t mean that all the problems will quickly solve in particular the continuing problem of refinancing of investments from the boom years”, says PwC real estate expert Jochen bridges. The German real estate market is benefiting from a special economic. But investment in urban centers in this country not self-perpetuating. Berlin will have to prove that the recent real estate boom is sustainable and has been fueled not only by the relatively low price level”, bridges adds. For more information, project investment

Kemmner Efficiency

Current funding for material efficiency projects of up to 67 percent 25.05.2011, Herzogenrath – economic growth announced by all sides provides small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face a further challenge: to get the necessary USD, they strive currently in vain for an expansion of credit. There are the possibility to reduce the largest cost block by improving the efficiency of the material in the industrial sector. For SMEs, the State currently encourages such optimization projects. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Austan Goolsbee. Because the conditions for these promotions will change in the short term, manufacturing companies should act quickly with less than 250 employees and apply for their funding. Their expertise from many successful projects provides the Abels & Kemmner GmbH SMEs to improve the efficiency of the material free of charge in information meetings and webinars. Change the eligibility conditions were already planned for April 2011 while the economy in Germany is further booming, have particularly small and medium-sized manufacturing companies with rising material costs to fight. These are around 45% of the annual corporate cost and thus still far ahead of personnel costs, representing approximately 18% according to statistical Federal Office. Investment in own growth is hardly possible under these conditions.

For SMEs, the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi) has launched therefore a funding program in the life which subsidized consulting, coaching and training with regard to material efficiency today with up to 67%. Dr. Gotz-Andreas Kemmner, Managing Director of Abels & Kemmner Gesellschaft fur Unternehmensberatung mbH to the conditions of the pulse program: The eligibility conditions will change in the next few months. Us information available, that a change was already planned to April 1, 2011, delayed due to date problems between BMWi and Treasury but.” Promotion only for companies up to 249 employees projects, to reduce the proportion of material to the total cost of the company contribute dispositive, constructive and organizational measures, such as potential analyses are.

Supply Chain Management – ESCM

A market survey revealed a high potential for eSCM medium-sized medical equipment manufacturers. Modern eSCM systems provide immediate decision-relevant information without additional interfaces to all partners within a value creation network. Markets, the intensification and internationalization of competition-reducing technology and product life cycles changed the company of medical force increasingly new concepts to increase their competitiveness to introduce. For small, medium and large enterprises, the demand is thus increasingly new strategies, which have grown increasing planning and coordination efforts to implement. ESupply Chain Management is a strategic management approach, which turns these challenges.

It provides methods and tools for integrated management and optimization of internal and cross-company business processes. A stronger customer orientation in the value creation process is focused. With the help of the Internet and the modern Web technologies small, medium and large companies can improve their process performance with regard to cost, flexibility and reaction speed effectively and achieve sustainable competitive advantages. With the strengthening of the relationship between supplier and customer that has become apparent in recent years, the companies hope for higher customer satisfaction, lower inventory levels and improved competitiveness 1. By globalization and dynamics in the development of the technology the cost pressures on businesses continues to. A company must therefore be able to achieve favorable cost structures through more efficient processes. Otherwise it falls heavy successfully on the market to be. The trend is that more and more companies use electronic SCM or B2B system for their process of interaction with buyers, suppliers and competitors 2.

Among them are platforms of the commercial exchange of goods and services to understand. These are market hubs, also called E-hubs be. You enable the synchronization of the material, information and cash flows and a reduction in transaction costs. In a market survey, the thesis has been checked whether supplier networks enable a win-win situation for manufacturers and suppliers. Also discussed boundary conditions that are important for a successful implementation of an eSupply Chain. The systematic introduction and application of eSupply Chain Management avoiding supply bottlenecks in medium-sized companies. Through early forecasting and reduced order processing in the procurement of high-quality components or assemblies are significant contributions to the margin and competitive advantages. For the market survey were interviewed business leaders and experts on these issues and evaluated their statements. The results of the survey provide solutions on the topic of supplier management and strategic value creation partnerships in the medical technology industry. They serve as guiding principles for the consideration appropriate measures for this sector. We provide the results of the market survey interested parties available.

Item Description – Super Slogan, Set, And Match

It must not be the red pencil, but every seller should carefully read through his description of the article and think about what could make it even better. Because a good salesman speaks the language of its customers. A successful product description is as important as a good photo. i-Arabia.html’>Saudi Aramco. Who originally formulated and creates a positive mood, can make more money with its auction. By poor texts, people give away 25 percent of the price to be determined. Paul McCracken often says this. This often so much more could be some trouble with a few simple principles achieved. We start at the top. The headline: Article description of how what is officially called the heading for auction houses, is the most important text.

You decide whether a) your auction ever is found (because only the headings are recorded with the stand type search) and whether b) someone wants to know more about your auction. So, you should first of all ensure that your article name as many as possible of the possible search terms occur in. In the advertising slogans, are the the Contain product names, the auction houses such as on eBay is an absolute must. You have 50 to 70 character place you but not completely should exploit with violence. \”\” Next to relevant search terms, such as brand, type, etc. you can leave here also the magic word of advertising per se: new \”or as good as new\” but only if the condition warrants it! Avoid in any case, that your article name is too marktschreierisch. It frustrates people when they read something in the hit list, then not holding the description.

Best example of negative announcements are a la IPod\”for a cheap MP3 player. Instead, you should integrate nice anything in your article name and if it’s just a smiley face symbol :-). First you stand out this a bit in long lists of results; Secondly, and this is very important when selling you convey to potential buyers, that is a nice guy behind the product.

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