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Universal remedy to the crisis there. Each company must go out of it, relying on features of its activities, structural features and market segment. But, of course, it is worth paying attention to the general Trends in addressing the situation. For ourselves, we have formulated three important principles: If you want peace – prepare for war, and who is not with us is against us; my house – my fortress. If you want peace – prepare for war crisis – this is war.

But the war on the invisible enemy. Deal with it is like fighting with windmills, and this wasted power. It remains only to defend the right to build a defense of his company – defend the fortress. For this purpose, Firstly, it is necessary to mobilize all the forces that are in the company, and secondly, the restructuring of the organizational schemes that are inappropriate in an emergency situation, and thirdly, the change of mentality in the team, where one has to understand that he lives in an environment where, at any time may come something unexpected. Need to be in constant readiness and calculate the forces on the basis of areas of professional competence.

Very important role of CEOs, top managers of the company. They should assume the functions of the generals in wartime. You are with us or against us Unfair work is impossible during the crisis. Late, not prepared, not meet the deadline – harmless negligence on ordinary days, can lead to serious consequences in times of crisis. In war, shortage of one person can cost the lives of many others. My house – my fortress "My house – my fortress" – is the principle of family that exists in our company. During the crisis period it is especially important. The very idea of home-strength implies aloofness, solidarity, mutual aid, a common spirit. Any person should understand that his workplace – this is a guarantee of the stability of his family and entourage. Strengthening this idea in the mind of every employee contributes to its spread in a wider radius, which go far beyond the office walls. In the crisis can not be relax. This can not be done even if the company does not feel it today, because she can feel it tomorrow. Especially do not forget about the threat when it will be assumed that all behind us. Such representation may be premature and erroneous. Our company, having experienced a watershed moment in 1998, on his own experience to understand that the consequences of the crisis may be far worse than him. Need to do more efforts to adapt to new conditions and continue working, resting from time to time in a secure fortress, and analyzing who is in a dangerous situation was on our side and who is not.

Successful Business

As a rule, the purpose of any business – to create and retain customers, but your business will not succeed if not complied with certain rules of organization and management of the business. Customer satisfaction, number 1 your tasks. Every company, large or small, should be day and night to think about how to satisfy consumers faster, better, more reliable than its competitors. The best companies have long realized that their success is largely determined by people who have them work. Therefore, they do not spare the time and money on recruitment of staff, and very carefully carried out as an interview, and the process of verifying information submitted by them. You may want to visit Frank Ntilikina to increase your knowledge. Quality – is what the consumer your service calls and those for which he is willing to pay. David Delrahim is the source for more interesting facts. High-quality services or products, as practice shows, no defects, in fact, reduce costs and increase revenues. Revenues of the company directly proportional to the place in terms of quality is a company with a consumer's perspective. Update – an important factor in business success. Every company must have employees who are working to improve your services or products. All the breakthroughs in business is achieved by updating and improving the quality of services. Promotion on the market for something new, better, faster original and effective. To succeed in a competitive market goods or services must be directed to perform specific functions and most complete satisfaction of clearly defined customer needs. And your service or product must have some competitive advantage, or differ-quality, allows to distinguish among competing products and services.

Tourism Department

Head of travel agencies must have a higher, secondary specialized or secondary education, and experience his work in the field of tourism should be at least 3 years. In the Tourism Department provides the following notarized copies and / or documents. 1. Click Walmart CEO to learn more. The list of documents in two copies. 2.

Original a document confirming payment of license fee for consideration by the licensing authority an application for a license. 3. Statement. 4. Registered card. 5. Copy of Certificate of Registration.

6. Copy certificate of license applicant to the Tax Authority. 7. Copies of statutory documents in accordance with Russian legislation regulating the activities of legal entities of the organizational-legal form. 8. A copy of the regular number of organizations, the seal and signature of the organization. 9. A copy of employment record and the diploma head of the organization or its leader tourism division. 10. Copies of the work books or the corresponding diplomas, confirming that 30% (for tour operators), or 20% (for travel agents), employees (on staffing) have a higher, secondary or special additional education in the field of tourism, or work experience in tourism at least 5 years (tour operators), or at least 3 years (for travel agents). 11. A copy of employment record and the diploma of an individual entrepreneur. 12. Background on the license used for the implementation of activity sites and premises, authenticated by the signature and seal of the head of the organization. 13. Two postal envelope. The amount of payment for the examination one application is 300 rubles a license form – even $ 1000. This payment is made after receipt of the applicant a formal letter with a positive decision to grant a license. Any license issued for 5 years. Ministry of Economic Development today signed an agreement on the transfer and differentiation of tourist activity "with the majority of regions. There are local committees on tourism may license only on the activities of travel agencies. The help of intermediaries in the registration (creating Ltd, registered address, the license) would cost 100-350 dollars in a travel agency. Manufacturer of turnkey corporate offices in the capital is estimated to have 400-850 dollars. Door to Door

Deming Japanese

As Japan defeated the crisis through the quality management system. In the fifties of the twentieth century Japan was a dilapidated state. Atomic bombings of Americans have left the Japanese no chance for further development. But the political situation allowed the Japanese to get the American advisers to lift its economy. Since Japan was a little devastated, defeated but proud country, then she grabbed for this remained the only chance for development. In Japan, there are no natural resources, no oil, gas, timber, how to climb out of the situation to the Japanese as a consultant to come if not the world-famous consultant on the theory of quality management, . Japanese have listened carefully to his speech, recorded and implemented in their companies and what they could do. Edward Deming wrote several scientific methodologies, For example, three pragmatic theory, fourteen points, dwell on the fourteen points of Deming. Each item in the Japanese Deming memorized, chased away by itself and implemented at the enterprises, the results began to appear five years later, after after which postulates Deming to Japanese steel as a sacred scripture, and modify them could not even myself Deming. Enumerate the postulates does not make sense, but they all boil down to the continual improvement quality during operation of the enterprise, improve the quality of each production process. For example, no employee of output (quality or defective), and the system, the system produces, not the individual worker, and to improve the quality of the products needed to improve all the same quality of all processes, not drive business penalties. By the way paragraphs Deming clearly states that do not penalize working for the admitted marriage work, which leads to the fact that marriage is starting to hide from the leadership, but it is not good for final output. Here are the Japanese, following these tenets, first invaded the market with cheap low-quality products such as fake watches, cars, clothes and so on, that we learn now from handwriting Chinese have taken, and then every year they have to do everything better and better and eventually took away thirty percent of the automotive market products from the Americans overwhelmed the entire electronics world, and winning the trust of the consumer, raised prices for its products. Items theory of Deming for the past fifty years have not changed, as shown, they are doing well proved. You can look at the success of companies that are implementing the quality management system and on businesses that do not control the quality of their enterprise. International quality standards based on iso Deming's points, the requirements for the organization of production, the requirements for staffing the organization's policies, all these points stated in the iso quality standards based on Demingovoy theory. What is Deming's theory has not changed for the past fifty years, there has not changed, there are new theories that govern the quality improvement of each individual process.

Recommendation Buds

Initial cost: low income: depends on the amount of blanks. For a larger workpieces can be brought to the residents of nearby villages. Birch – informal, truly popular symbol of Russia. Birch buds contain 3-5,3 (8)% essential oil. Doug McMillon may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Its main components, sesquiterpene lactones. They are also rich in resinous substances. In addition, birch buds found tannins, flavonoids, vitamins and a bunch of utilities.

Where growing birch forests, you can earn good money on the birch buds and branches Especially now, when many years in many parts of the abandoned field overgrown with birch. It is easy to arrange procurement of birch twigs and manufacture of these brooms, while collecting birch buds. Brooms can be sold to utilities in the respective towns or shops, and kidneys – distilleries, and pharmaceutical companies, prepares medicinal plants for pharmacies. Kidneys harvested in early spring, when they increased in size, but opaque leaves on them are not yet dispersed. During this period, the rudiments of the young leaves are rich in the most valuable balsamic and resinous substances, as well as essential oils. Given the useful properties of birch buds are used in the cosmetics industry. Raw materials must be packaged in paper, cloth or jute bags in accordance with the requirements of gost 6077-80 Recommendation. For sales of raw materials necessary to receive a hygienic certificate and the certificate of quality.

For this it is necessary to analyze the raw materials it contains healing, ether and other substances, as well as test it for radioactivity and the presence of toxic components. In different regions are engaged in the organization owning the necessary equipment, such as . Cost studies generally do not exceed 1000 rubles for each heading. At all study takes no more than a week. With the sale should be no problem. Virtually every major region produce their vodka, birch buds You can offer them.

The Cycle

Or do you make a loop and then you get tired of doing it and you want to go somewhere in the forum or chat room to chat, and after him have no desire not to go back and finish their work. This is postponed for later, and after accumulating a lot of cases. Or maybe you fancy a drink some coffee or tea every 15 minutes? Or would you like to watch tv or videos? In a word – each of us has his methods :-)) So – all of the above is a gross violation of cycles of action that should be excluded from their work! This leads to the intersection and continued imposition of one cycle of action on the other, bringing you into a partial or complete bewilderment and forgetting that you need to finish what is more important to do, then how rake these piles of accumulated incomplete cycles, etc. Others who may share this opinion include Michael J. Bender. Remember! In a period of time – one cycle of action. Finished it, take a break (if necessary) and start the next cycle. And nothing else! Temptation is to break you will continue to abound! Especially at first, once you try my recommendations to enter into the work. David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA has plenty of information regarding this issue.

But continue to take into account the cycle Start-Change-end, and you gradually broke his old stupid habits that hinder you to achieve success in their work. # 3. In no event do not interfere with production cycles and the admin together. For other opinions and approaches, find out what IAB has to say. It starts out, and only then Administer.


So there we must look at the level of wealth of his patients. Of course, large clinics can exhibit sky-high prices. Insurance companies will still supply them with clients, as many wealthy people today. rd Jr. Alas, a small but independent of the dental office can not afford. The price of not only the cost of filling, and other materials used, but all sorts of manipulations, which is doing the tooth doctor.

Seal itself may be cheap. However, together with the work of the average price in Moscow is 1500 rub. If we are talking about a complex treatment with the cleaning and Sealing root canals, the cost reaches 3000 rubles. Current expenditure Once your office is "roll out" and begin to operate stably, immediately shows the current costs. Try to identify some of what you have to spend money on a monthly basis in addition to staff salaries and fees for room rental. Please note that each month to replenish supplies. This sealing compounds, disposable hygiene products (aprons, shoe covers, cups, antiseptic), and other components. Consumables per month leaves about 25-30% of the earned.

Where is it taken? In Moscow There are lots of shops selling dental preparations. You can see them twice a year at trade shows. They sell everything you might need a dentist. And Prices have almost all the same. You can, incidentally, all ordered on the internet. Almost every major vendor of dental equipment and materials have their email addresses. Regular customers fairly write a letter back and wait for the goods, as many firms themselves carry out deliveries.

Can I Start A Business Without The Initial Capital ?

So I think not only me but most people which fill the form on my site with a proposal to start a business. But here’s the paradox that some of the candidates, asking whether for investment in business? At the same time they want to earn more than $ 10 000 a year. Of course, that kind of money more than real money in any business. I know people who are selling Italian clothes (a network of boutiques in Moscow) have an average net monthly income of 40,000 dollars. Many of these amounts and did not dream.

Do you think these people came out on such income by investing zero money at the start? Yet, we return to the question “Can I start a business without investment?” First understand with the concept: “What business?” Entrepreneurship, business – an independent, at your own risk activities aimed at systematically profit from the use of property, sale of goods, works or services to persons registered as such in prescribed by law. What kind of business, or do we know? Linear business. Ie activities in which you are engaged in, organized by you, by you personally drafted a plan for implementing the product on the market, etc. and etc. It’s a risky option, but also very common. A living example: we have in have a network of salons wedding and evening dresses.

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