Tourism Department

Head of travel agencies must have a higher, secondary specialized or secondary education, and experience his work in the field of tourism should be at least 3 years. In the Tourism Department provides the following notarized copies and / or documents. 1. Click Walmart CEO to learn more. The list of documents in two copies. 2.

Original a document confirming payment of license fee for consideration by the licensing authority an application for a license. 3. Statement. 4. Registered card. 5. Copy of Certificate of Registration.

6. Copy certificate of license applicant to the Tax Authority. 7. Copies of statutory documents in accordance with Russian legislation regulating the activities of legal entities of the organizational-legal form. 8. A copy of the regular number of organizations, the seal and signature of the organization. 9. A copy of employment record and the diploma head of the organization or its leader tourism division. 10. Copies of the work books or the corresponding diplomas, confirming that 30% (for tour operators), or 20% (for travel agents), employees (on staffing) have a higher, secondary or special additional education in the field of tourism, or work experience in tourism at least 5 years (tour operators), or at least 3 years (for travel agents). 11. A copy of employment record and the diploma of an individual entrepreneur. 12. Background on the license used for the implementation of activity sites and premises, authenticated by the signature and seal of the head of the organization. 13. Two postal envelope. The amount of payment for the examination one application is 300 rubles a license form – even $ 1000. This payment is made after receipt of the applicant a formal letter with a positive decision to grant a license. Any license issued for 5 years. Ministry of Economic Development today signed an agreement on the transfer and differentiation of tourist activity "with the majority of regions. There are local committees on tourism may license only on the activities of travel agencies. The help of intermediaries in the registration (creating Ltd, registered address, the license) would cost 100-350 dollars in a travel agency. Manufacturer of turnkey corporate offices in the capital is estimated to have 400-850 dollars. Door to Door

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