If you are looking for quality layers or solar storage, should inform himself hot water cylinder in any case also the AKVATERM. Akvaterm is a leading manufacturer of water heaters in the skanndinavischen area. AKVATERM belongs to the market leaders in the field of heat and cold storage in Skanndinavien years. It covers the complete range of heat storage with an extensive program at various stores. Chris Miller contains valuable tech resources. The high insulation and storage capacity of the systems are the focus here. 240 litres up to 5000 litres there is something for every application. The provision of drinking water is realized via heat exchanger snakes so that the storage volume is used almost exclusively to the heating water.

AKVA standard program which distinguishes itself due to the modular design. Others including Austan Goolsbee, offer their opinions as well. Will the customer in the first step connect only its heating, so the basic memory sufficient. Optionally this store without high expenses can be with additional heat exchanger snakes to Dhw and solar filament. The solar storage tank are fully equipped from the factory with heat exchanger as memory of layers of. The rigid foam insulation (100 mm) ensures an extremely low heat loss. Optional removable side panels reduce the memory to a minimum door level.

Internet Day

SAFER COMP – the optimal Neutralizator for wireless LAN, Wi-Fi radiation short WLAN (wireless local area network) called wireless local area networks, which serve mainly the Internet access and data transmission for stationary computers and portable notebooks. As soon as you insert your new Wi-Fi base station into the socket, spark this 24 hours a day continuously, no matter whether to transfer data or whether the radio function at all is needed. The logical consequence of the manufacturers is to unite cordless phones and Wi-Fi router as standard in a Wi-Fi phone, which now functions unconsciously, day in and day out for us. This is the Wi-Fi radio radiation would make harmful for the organism, as you would have us believe. Therefore you should abandon better as possible within your own four walls any application of this modern wireless technology. Because Wi-Fi radios the pulsed high-frequency carrier wave (2.4 / 5 GHz) with a low-frequency clock of 10 hard – in and cut-out operations per second. This Pulsung with a 10 Hz frequency is located exactly in the Area of the biological spectrum of living systems. Interference can be expected particularly with the brain waves and also the Pulsung of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) vibrates exactly in terms of vibration of the technically selected low-frequency pulsing.

The walls reduces the range of Wi-Fi wireless networks, it is however still at least 30 meters in buildings. This means that the Wi-Fi radio network of the neighbors especially for sensitive people in rented flats can be a permanent source of interference. Outdoors, the range of these radio applications increased to 300 yards. New technical offerings evoke more wishes for the luxury in the own dream home. So you can wake up with his favorite music radio links programmed wirelessly and magically also the subdued light in the bathroom turns on by itself.

Operators Rolling Highway

Every day some trucks and trailers are being loaded polypropylene binders are effective adsorbents for oils, gasoline, chemicals, etc. and cost-effective disposal than traditional binders on the loading and unloading stations of the Rollende Landstrasse”. Here, it can happen that when unloading the trucks the oil pan or the tank is torn up. To here locally to be able to act quickly, the operator must have environmental reasons promptly funds locally, leaking oil or diesel to can immediately absorb or catch up. Martin Neil Baily can provide more clarity in the matter. Especially for oils, diesel and petrol as well as for chemicals of all kinds macro has the matching, absorbing sorbent of melt-blown polypropylene available IDENT.

In addition to the available blankets, pillows, skimmer, etc., corresponding boxes in different sizes are available for storage. The mobile and stationary storage elements are kept in a highly visible yellow or orange, so that they do not overlook can be. Quickly to collect the leaking oil or gasoline, macro, IDENT has special on catch pans in sizes 132 (L) x 66 (B) x 15 (H) cm (yellow) and larger. Buckets with a lower height of 12 cm are also available, so that these can be made quickly under the truck. Several emergency kits from 18 up to 2251 liters of the macro are also in the range ID such as biodegradable detergents. This BIO – cleaning products contain biodegradable surfactants to eliminate oil, petrol and diesel stains on gravel, stones, concrete, asphalt etc. environmentally friendly. Enzymes and bacteria dissolve the released oil from the water used to rinse off. More information: macro IDENT Sorbe agents Bussard Street 24, TEL. 089-61565828, FAX 089-61565825,, 82008 Unterhaching, contact: Angelika Wilke

Environment Competition Office

Award: Awarded Bonn forest investment provider ForestFinance for environmental competition. The Office area is under environmental considerations generally considered as little problematic. But summed up the environmental impact of approximately 2.1 million farms and 17 million office workers together, the extent of the environmental impact is significant. With the environmental contest “Office & environment” of the German working group for environmental management e.V. (B.A.U.M.) so called on German companies in the framework of a project funded by the Ministry of environment to the competition. “” The Bonn party of sustainable forest investments ForestFinance has been for its exemplary activities in the environmental Office & “the bronze rank of the competition jury in the category companies with up to 500 employees” spoken to.

Germany-wide fall over 200,000 companies in this category, employing approximately 42 per cent of all employees subject to social insurance contributions. The award ceremony took place on the Sustainability Day”at the ORGATEC fair in Cologne. “We are very honoured by the award because” We as a socially and ecologically sustainable management company in every way large set value to environmental protection”, ForestFinance Managing Director Harry Assenmacher pleased. Actually it should be nowadays of course for companies, to optimize your office space. For any savings measures or compensation of greenhouse gases helps in the fight against climate change.” Set an example ahead for more environmental protection Office: Environmental protection in the Office is in the selection of material and device for ForestFinance of great importance. So were purchased two expensive printers, which cause about 95 percent less plastic waste and also to avoid the emergence of problematic toner dust and ozone emissions. Although these special printers in the acquisition much more expensive, but cheaper maintenance, and thus are a sustainable investment for more environmental protection Office.

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