Where To Use Decorative Plaster ?

Decorative plaster application techniques were invented by the ancient Rimlyanaim. Sobstveeno than was uekrashat wall? Yes, so what is underfoot. Lime to mix with water added colored pigments and 'lyapali' on the wall, so actually appeared Venetian plaster Modern technology not only lime, usually as svyazuyuschgo use acrylic copolymers. To broaden your perception, visit Ray Clemence. If earlier in the materials used volatile materials then the current criteria is not acceptable, the Italians are fighting for the biological purity, all materials are subject to strict control and are safe for the environment. Thanks to advances in technology came the mass options to create unique interior spaces. One option is a decorative textured plaster – not only performs the role of wall decorations, but also has water resistance, provides heat and sound insulation. K the same materials from which it is made, it is absolutely harmless to humans and the environment. The peculiarity of the material in the material allows us to achieve textures not repeatable, it does not look like stamped wallpaper, and is otraeniem state of mind on the walls To implement the palace interiors in the interior usually use Venetian plaster, which can be both an acrylic and on a natural limestone base. Simulated slice of rock is achieved by applying several layers of translucent material to each other, use a variety of hues. This is a time consuming process and requires highly skilled masters. Decorative paints are materials with no texture but mimic it easy to apply and does not allow a man prepared to leave her with ice in their interiors, various effects: silk, velvet, antique wall chameleon-pearl, and much more.

Strong Ceramic Mosaic

Pieces of elegant ceramic tiles on the form are very similar to a standard tile a rectangle or square, just not such a large size. Manufacturers provide the most original shades and colors sturdy ceramic tile. Learn more on the subject from Michael J. Bender. Mosaic may contain "special effects", say inclusions of other colors, cracelures (specially made tiny cracks on the tile), divorce, or uneven surfaces occurs just glazed. Plane scored an exclusive ceramic mosaics, more relief, which also made of glass mosaic. The unusual appearance of the spectacular ceramic mosaic combines it with the resistance, which exceeds the strength of the glass, and is manifested in the resistance to abrasion. In unglazed ceramic porous structure, it gives some trouble.

However, in any case, is designed more monopressokottura very mosaic. With the application of unique ceramic tile you can decorate a very different premises and details of, say, part of the basin, walls, facades, floors, bathrooms. When you're going to splurge on a mosaic of natural or agglomerated marble, it must be understood that this material in the process of care that you should not use strong cleaning mixture and solid brush (to example, the abrasive), which will lead to the appearance of scratches on the polished surface. It also requires carefully monitored to ensure that these items do not fall mixtures containing various acids, for example fruit juice, wine, vinegar, and so on. Agglomerates based on quartz are exceptions.

Of the required ceramic mosaic actually recruit almost any kind of composition, as komponetny tiles boast a huge range of colors. For wall cladding and tile surfaces, we developed a special cosmetic chemistry, it is used when laying a solid ceramic mosaics, and for laying Use glue. One effect, which adds unexpectedly glamorous touch to the look of a chic ceramic mosaics, is the combination of polished and unpolished objects that under the required angle leads to shine with a polished pieces of the puzzle pattern. In addition, an exclusive ceramic mosaic suitable for use in the not too dry buildings. Its parts do not lose their color under the influence of water or various chemical solvents and also prevent the appearance of Water stone. Thanks to the virtually zero water absorption, besides the reasons mentioned above, this mosaic of great choice for swimming pools. To enhance the beautiful ceramic mosaic of unusual and unique use different techniques such as simulating a rough surface, special small cracks, stains, add more colors.

Using An Attractive Mosaic

Mosaic, which is Latin for “dedicated to the Muses” is a picture. it is collected from small pieces of very different components, such as ceramics, marble, glass. Today, the elegant mosaic can be considered during the second birth, it is increasingly used for decoration rather various buildings such as halls, restaurants, swimming pools, shops, and naturally houses and apartments. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Michael J. Bender. Room, where I got this puzzle as finishing material, is extremely simple to artistic conception and may represent a true masterpiece with carefully selected patterns and perfectly preserved transitions of light and shadow. With the use of spectacular Mosaic, you can easily make complex compositions, because it is extremely diverse in color and its kusochkir very small. Execution of the mosaic in the form of carpet will often look very impressive. Imagine carpet, full of attractive mosaic, which at the same time created from natural materials such as glass (glass mosaic) or marble (marble mosaic) and glazes.

Yes! It’s really a unique decoration for apartment! You have the opportunity to buy a mosaic panels of various shapes and sizes, ready to use them for drawings, or work on individual order. This unique mosaic of fine combined with a parquet floor. Production system of this durable puzzle is allocated by the fact that you have the opportunity to decorate the curved surfaces (eg, columns), in addition, when working on a podium or swimming pools, you can move seamlessly from vertical to horizontal. These days, unlike earlier times when the production of a diverse mosaic took a lot of effort and was extremely labor-intensive process, modern technique to create a unique mosaic composition in the factory.

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