Strong Ceramic Mosaic

Pieces of elegant ceramic tiles on the form are very similar to a standard tile a rectangle or square, just not such a large size. Manufacturers provide the most original shades and colors sturdy ceramic tile. Learn more on the subject from Michael J. Bender. Mosaic may contain "special effects", say inclusions of other colors, cracelures (specially made tiny cracks on the tile), divorce, or uneven surfaces occurs just glazed. Plane scored an exclusive ceramic mosaics, more relief, which also made of glass mosaic. The unusual appearance of the spectacular ceramic mosaic combines it with the resistance, which exceeds the strength of the glass, and is manifested in the resistance to abrasion. In unglazed ceramic porous structure, it gives some trouble.

However, in any case, is designed more monopressokottura very mosaic. With the application of unique ceramic tile you can decorate a very different premises and details of, say, part of the basin, walls, facades, floors, bathrooms. When you're going to splurge on a mosaic of natural or agglomerated marble, it must be understood that this material in the process of care that you should not use strong cleaning mixture and solid brush (to example, the abrasive), which will lead to the appearance of scratches on the polished surface. It also requires carefully monitored to ensure that these items do not fall mixtures containing various acids, for example fruit juice, wine, vinegar, and so on. Agglomerates based on quartz are exceptions.

Of the required ceramic mosaic actually recruit almost any kind of composition, as komponetny tiles boast a huge range of colors. For wall cladding and tile surfaces, we developed a special cosmetic chemistry, it is used when laying a solid ceramic mosaics, and for laying Use glue. One effect, which adds unexpectedly glamorous touch to the look of a chic ceramic mosaics, is the combination of polished and unpolished objects that under the required angle leads to shine with a polished pieces of the puzzle pattern. In addition, an exclusive ceramic mosaic suitable for use in the not too dry buildings. Its parts do not lose their color under the influence of water or various chemical solvents and also prevent the appearance of Water stone. Thanks to the virtually zero water absorption, besides the reasons mentioned above, this mosaic of great choice for swimming pools. To enhance the beautiful ceramic mosaic of unusual and unique use different techniques such as simulating a rough surface, special small cracks, stains, add more colors.

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