Right Wine Temperature

The wine temperature for perfect enjoyment very important. Drinking a good wine at the right temperature, is just as important as a suitable glass. Because not everyone has an optimal temperature-controlled wine Cabinet or basement, you can help yourself differently. The most important acquisition for this is a wine thermometer. This is easily introduced into the bottle and the actual temperature of the wine can be determined quickly. Basically following drinking temperatures apply to wines from Italy: 6 Celsius: Pinot Grigio, Prosecco Frizzante 8 Celsius: Arneis, GAVI, Prosecco sparkling wine, Chardonnay 10 Celsius: Verdicchio, white wines from the Friuli, barrique Chardonnay, Fragolino 14 Celsius: Bardolino, Valpolicella, Lambrusco 16 Celsius: Rosso di Montalcino, Vino Nobile, Chianti, Barbera d Alba, Merlot, Sangiovese 18 Celsius: Brunello, Chianti Riserva, Barbera d Asti, Amarone, Barolo at involves the above temperatures only general information. To do this there are of course still individually the individual wines tailored recommendations of winemakers. For sparkling wines and white wines, also recommends the purchase of a wine cooler. This space-saving can be stored in the freezer and cool for hours.

Protein Pancakes For Athletes

Protein (protein) is an important nutrient for athletes. Yummy protein pancakes gives athletes enough protein and important Kohlenhyrate as energy supplier. Many athletes have difficulties with the food and protein intake on the road. So ways hardly figure-conscious and sportgerecht to feed themselves, for example in school, Office or on business trips. With a protein pancakes can be remedied as easily. Our body attack protein pancake is a new achievement in the field of protein supplementation by athletes and bodybuilders.

Every athlete who deals intensively with the training and a nutrition plan, will not over come that he must regularly improve its supply of protein. There are of course very many protein shakes, which however quite monotonous can affect duration. Body attack pancake is an alternative. Body attack protein pancakes is a powder mixture can be obtained from the extremely tasty pancakes. By using these pancakes, athletes can now again at the same time tasty pancake eating.

Body attack pancake has ensured that a pancake very high protein content. Each individual pancake contains 34 grams of protein, it contains only 3, 4 g of fat. The protein is extracted from whey – well suitable for athletes and chicken protein. Therefore, body attack pancake is also a some good alternative dar conventional protein shakes. The pancakes are suitable not only for athletes but also for all others who are on a diet. The advantage of a high protein content is namely that a feeling of fullness in the body occurs very quickly. Therefore, body attack pancake can be eaten also when cravings. Are no limits when preparing the pancakes of culinary creativity. In particular, the preparation is suitable with fruits and other sweets. So that the athletes have wasting too much time with the preparation, the manufacturer that has taken, that the Preparation can be carried out very quickly and very easily. Body attack pancake allows the eating of sweets without the athletes would have to have certain a bad. In addition, the athletes is supplied with an optimal amount of protein, allowing nothing in the way the other muscle building.

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