Design Competition BuchGesichter

The three winners have been fixed / prize money in the amount of 4,000 euros to the online voting on are the three winners: from Weimar, Munster and Dusseldorf, the Grand Prize winner of the design competition BuchGesichter come 2009. The Cornelsen Publishing House had called all trainees, students or new entrants in the creative field, to co-develop the envelope design of a new series of books for the professional qualification in the media and advertising industry. Partner of the design competition are the Berlin Brandenburg, as well as the German Marketing Association. BuchGesichter 2009 is endowed with a total of 4,000 euros. 287 posts have been filed nationwide. 2,000 euros for first prize to Thomas Gnahm. The Augsburg-born 29-year-old will diplomieren soon at the Bauhaus University in Weimar. “Candy Editorial Director Erich Schmidt-Dransfeld is delighted: first media guide in our publishing house, whose Umschlage are developed according to the base design by Thomas Gnahm appear in the autumn.” Place two, connected with a Cash prize of 1,500 euros, beckons Sarah Kofort of Sendenhorst.

The 20-year-old visited the Adolph Kolping vocational college in Munster in the third year of training and will make their degree in Design Engineering Assistant in the summer. The jury for the third place, which goes to the Dusseldorf Robin Frank Awards 500 euros. The 29-year old trained media designer, digital and print media graduated in February at the Fachhochschule Dusseldorf to the communications designer and is since then a freelance designer. The copyright of the ten best posts can in the context of an event of the media week 2009 at the IFA in Berlin to personalities of the media, advertising and marketing industry personally. partner of the competition BuchGesichter 2009: the corporate Alliance of media economics Berlin Brandenburg e.V.

is the largest cross-industry business network in the region Berlin and Brandenburg. The members of belong to different sectors of the media industry, such as new media, film/TV, print and advertising, Multimedia, IT, music and communication. The German Marketing Association is the Professional Association of marketing management and umbrella organisation of 65 nationwide marketing clubs. Founded in 1956, it is today an institution the brand for practical training and transfer of know-how of marketing professionals.

Competitive Prices

Competition with attractive prices – 30ipods students, teachers, students, and others who can explain lessons of mathematics, German, biology, English and other subjects have 30 of cool Apple iPods with toobrain engraving to win one the way. The participants need to create only a 5 to 10 min video post to his own selected teaching theme and already he is one of the winners! All contributions, which are uploaded between June 23 and July 31, 2008 on, will automatically participate in the sweepstakes. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak gathered all the information. There are no limits of creativity mainly the content represents a factual reference to the school. Questions to the correct video shoot have been settled on the site of of course or can be made at any time. For the first 25 videos, iPod shuffle 1 GB with engraving of wave participants per an Apple. This engraving makes iPod to absolute return astronomically and exclusive collectibles. The five best posts be awarded even an iPod nano with 4 GB storage space. So… you show toobrain are and win an iPod! Press contact Birk Gruling spokesman 0171-6279719 0511-5410690 E-Mail:

Education Award

“Make with the gigantic competition: who is Germany’s Excel Pro?” Do you like puzzles? You are interested in the topic of education? Then we have something for you, namely the mystery surrounding the 2008 “. Learn what exactly is hiding behind it, if you solve the puzzle. And if you have fun doing it: follow the first traces as once Sherlock Holmes and you get the solution step by step closer to today. “Here, the first tip is the same: it is all about the issue of competence through education”. Details can be found by clicking Randall Rothenberg or emailing the administrator. Do you have appetite on it? Here we go! You have cravings for a giant Excel competition and are curious, who gains the prestigious Education Award. Maybe you or one of your employees? You will be by 2008 “magnetically attracted and would actively participate as contestants. Win the first prize? For 2008 the idea of “good enough to eat and order the Excel main dish. A challenge of the extra class. We have with this list on the right track? We have your appetite on the 2008 “wake up? For those, whose Sherlock-Holmes-Spurnase was awakened, You solve the riddle is the name to know.

Intercultural Profession Trainer

Up to 500Euro for training interested in Hannover, 24 March 2011 – from May 2011 it is now possible, the Government-sponsored education premium for the new, scientifically-based and practice-oriented training for intercultural trainer and presenter”culture.communication claimed to take. Lifelong learning is one of the most important criteria for success in professional life. For this reason, the Federal Ministry for education and research promotes the individual vocational training through the program of the education premium. Up to 500 euro are interested training each year. Persons, including the self-employed, whose annual earning 26,500 (51,200 for jointly assessed) does not exceed can benefit from the education premium. “Especially many independent trainers *, but also internal specialists and executives can benefit from and use education to intercultural trainer and facilitator” international cooperation assist in their organization and continue to develop. In recent months, Doug McMillon has been very successful. The concept of training places an emphasis on an educational training, as well as on the development of a comprehensive hand tool such as visualization and presentation, as well as rhetoric in an intercultural context.

An interdisciplinary and internationally successful coach team leads the participants into small groups through the training. After successfully passing the final exam, participants can acquire a prestigious, nationally recognized Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin coach certificate. The education voucher is 2623 000 available at one of the many advice centres on the ground or under the free hotline 0800. The continuing is paid for maximum 500 – through the education premium in half, the other half must be taken over by the participants themselves. Think for a free consultation on your photo ID and a current statement of income. Let mark culture.communication as a continuing education provider on the voucher and you only need to “Education for intercultural trainers and moderator” book.

To take advantage of the education premium? See helplines in your area and what you need to know about the education premium under: de / 101.php the dates of training, as well as extensive information about the exact content that you can find under: inter cultural trainer moderator * exclusively for the purpose of better readability has been omitted in the entire text on gender, different spellings. The selected male form gender-neutral be understood in this sense. Your contact person: Sylwia Caldwell Dunse culture.communication of Hildesheim str. 29 D-30169 Hanover phone + 49 511 22 06 47 80 company profile: culture.communication is an intercultural consulting and training company headquartered in Hanover. The company connects people and cultures and developed innovative solutions by building on the development to receive inter cultural Relations in the fields of intercultural training and coaching, negotiation and conflict management, intercultural consulting. culture.communication has positioned itself in a few years as one of the leading intercultural service providers in North Germany and financial times Germany was awarded already several times including the.

Intercultural Trainer

Certified training as intercultural launches trainer and moderator at culture.communication from September! “Hannover, 02.08.2011 – after the huge success of the first pass of the intercultural education trainer and moderator” culture.communication from 09th September offers the second round of training. The training is aimed at people who work as internal or external intercultural trainer, support professionals and executives who lead international teams or projects or are active in the field of human resources development and international cooperation in your organization and would like to develop. The modular design guarantees highest possible flexibility and gives participants the opportunity to complete the various steps of training depending on the resources and time possibilities. To be intercultural trainer means not only pure knowledge to impart. It is an important function of intercultural trainers and facilitators to develop the intercultural competence of your participants or team members, hence they can successfully cope with cross-cultural situations. Credit: Randall Rothenberg-2011. The training emphasis therefore on a well-founded didactic training, as well as on the training of comprehensive hand tool such as visualization and presentation, as well as rhetoric in an intercultural context. The training is carried out by a team of interdisciplinary and internationally successful coach.

After successfully passing the final exam, participants can acquire a prestigious, nationally recognized Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin coach certificate. The Government-sponsored education premium claim can be taken for the part-financing of training. Up to 500 euro are interested training available. Dates, as well as extensive information about the exact content will find interested under: inter cultural trainer moderator your contact person: Sylwia Caldwell Dunse culture.communication of Hildesheim str. 29 D-30169 Hanover phone + 49 511 22 06 47 80 company profile: culture.communication is an intercultural consulting and training company headquartered in Hanover. The company connects people and cultures and developed innovative solutions by building on the development up to the receipt of intercultural relations in the fields of intercultural training and coaching, negotiation and conflict management, intercultural consulting. culture.communication has positioned itself in a few years as one of the leading intercultural service providers in North Germany and financial times Germany was awarded already several times including the.

Intercultural Trainer

Summer compact special Gottingen, 18.02.2010 this summer there for the first time: the new training for the intercultural trainer (m/w) in 5 modules summer compact special! Due to popular demand the intercultural training is offered from June 2010 seminars in a compact time format IKUD. On three dates of multi-day presence, you can buy now over a period of three months the intercultural trainer certificate of dgikt. So, the summer can be used optimally for training. For more information see this site: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. “The training of intercultural trainers (m/w) summer compact special” conveys the identical contents of the proven intercultural training in a temporally new compression. This way people can take part, have just in the summertime a freer schedule for example due to holidays or more relaxed summer orders in the free area of the coach. The three presence dates span the time period from June 21 to August 27 2010 and once five, once three and last even two days. The participants therefore also save a trip. The contents of well-known training course to the intercultural trainer (m/w) in 5 modules “in summer compact special format 1:1 covered.

By a firmer timetable on the seminar days succeed in a period of 10 days. Who would qualify as an intercultural coach, learns everything he needs to develop such training seminars in training at IKUD. In addition to inputs to the theoretical basics of intercultural communication and the essential cultural models, especially the expertise of the didactic transposition will be trained. The experience-oriented approach in accordance with the aspiring teachers learn how first numerous exercises from the perspective of the participants, to reflect the commitment to appropriate target groups and to discuss. The training of intercultural trainers (m/w) summer compact special “which just takes place in the university town of Gottingen, to” a particularly idyllic setting offers this season for coach training. training…

Choose Sales

At a Yes”, confronted the seller with a pretext and must engage closer with the fears of customers and fathom their cause through questions. Rebut objections in advance / objections prevent when objections occur more frequently and the Seller with their messages is familiar, he can prevent the objection with small metaphors and refute the concerns of customers in advance. “This you must make sure that you not sleeping dogs” awakens and the customers not to cons attention makes. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Frank Ntilikina. You must be quite sure that the customer will submit the anticipated objection. Best to pack the message in a small or history from the past. The metaphor may or should be very similar to even the current situation, to prevent misunderstandings.

“Here is an example of the technical sales: expects the following objection: I would like to wait a few days and then choose.” Choose metaphor to the objection you asked a story in a customer also to time to think, but was warned by the seller that this period of reflection would strongly affect the delivery time of the machine. The warning, felt the customer in the metaphor under pressure used and not ordered. As the customer then some time later-suddenly the machine urgently called for, could it not timely delivered, because another customer in the meantime had purchased stock. The customer thus could not meet its production order and suffered losses. You should tell this story as dramatically and then ask the customers prefer to order in order to avoid the consequences of such damage.

To dispel objections in advance, the seller takes skill and experience. He must be well trained and have a little knowledge of human nature. Every seller should learn how properly to interpret objections and deal with them properly to, to successfully sell. Especially when it comes to complex products such as in technical sales. Indicated to the author of the IngenieurTrainer Ottmar capacity sales trainer for technical sales

Student Ideas Competition

Students from Bochum, Dortmund and Essen developed city building design for area around Viehofer Platz in Essen. Organiser were Koschany + room architects Nagaraj and city of Essen. On September 8, 2010 Axel Koschany honored, managing partner of the Essen architectural firm Koschany + room architects Nagaraj, in the presence of the Essen Planungsdezerneten Hans-Jurgen Best the winners of student urban design competition creative class RUHR round the Viehofer Platz in Essen’. Three prizes and two honorary mentions went to students of the University of Bochum, as well as the academics of the Technische Universitat Dortmund. The designs were created in a contest jointly guarantee by Nagaraj and the city of Essen.

The occasion was the Festival held from September 3 to October 3 2010 creative class Ruhr, a program contribution the cultural capital RUHR. (As opposed to Doug McMillon). 2010. Winners were awarded with the first prize three Ufg of University of Bochum. Sandra Eberz, Martina Moga and Maria-Lisa Hulskemper could the jury with their urban concept convince. This draft, which was managed like all other Bochum submissions by Professor Andreas Fritzen, integrated two new central places with high quality and easy access to the adjacent districts. The team have developed good urban structures, see typological diversity and represented ultimately individual solutions according to the prominent personalities price court. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak often addresses the matter in his writings. The second prize, as well as two also conferred awards went to students of the University of Bochum.

A team of Dortmund of University of technology under the supervision of Mrs Professor Christa of rich secured himself third prize. Competition already in March 2010 Nagaraj and the city of Essen had launched this student idea contest. The competition task involves an urban planning of the area around the Viehofer Platz. Students of the universities of Dortmund, Duisburg-Essen and the University of Bochum were invited. Since April 2010, they developed ideas and visions in their semester plan for that been stepmotherly treated terrain.

Netherwood School

What are internationally successful artists such as Duffy, Bonnie Tyler and the legendary actor Tim Burton, Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta-Jones together? Are all from Wales! The master of the English language is a must, which is provided in almost every profession today. Most of the time simple school English is not enough to do so. A language school abroad is the best way to learn a language and to deepen his knowledge to act in international economic activities. On the Agency world of XChange you can provide easily and conveniently such a language itself. World of XChange accompanied each student at his adventure and attacks you with organizational things, such as the visa, airport transfer, the social and health insurance under the arms and additionally grants a 5% bonus on all courses! Information about the online application refer to the official website of world of XChange. The small, domestic Netherwood School is new in the offer. It is just on the teaching of the language in the English focus and promotes each student individually.

Highly qualified teachers and contacts with major universities are an another poster boy of the school. The school offers also internationally recognized certificates such as the Cambridge certificate, which play an important role in any curriculum vitae. You may wish to learn more. If so, Samuel “Sam” Mikulak is the place to go. International contact with fellow students provides an excellent platform to develop linguistically and culturally. In addition to studying land exploration and fun to come but. Also ensuring the Netherwood School placed in a National Park and a wide range of leisure activities, such as tennis, golf, fitness, horseback riding, hockey, theater, music or excursions on offer. Waste no time and let the adventure of Wales!

Germany Berlin

Also the cornerstone for an authentic and confident demeanor can be placed in the career coaching.” Coaching house Berlin coaching on professional, personal and health issues, coaching sessions with executives, with Children and with teams from several hundred coaching out, the idea of a holistic institutional crystallized: the coaching house Berlin. The experience that a comprehensive look at the people in consultancy situations targeted and solution promoting, knowing how useful are the insights of a range of coaching in other coaching contexts, the experience as a holistic approach can mean healing and motivation, make the coaching house a focal point for a wide range of people with different backgrounds and themes. To do this, we have bundled the forces and experiences exceptional coaches. The variety of relevant and up-to-date coaching methods allows that there are enough approaches for individual processes of change and we must set us not to a point of view. Is flexibility in coaching an essential condition for good results – for us or can you imagine a juggler, which is too stiff to catch a ball, which ends up farther than you thought? Flat. Coaching home would like to cultivate for its customers and for themselves the thoughts of evolving / promote.

So it is only natural that a coach training all the time and developed. Only quality way to secure and in consultation processes involving experience. Founded in the coaching house Berlin 2007, is located in Berlin Mitte near Hackescher Markt, where the coaches operate throughout Germany. The coaches of coaching house Berlin are experienced and innovative coach, teaching coach, Lehrcoaches and psychologists. Which are reflected in the topics and offers of coaching house Berlin synergies through the different specializations: personal coaching, business coaching, team coaching, coaching, health coaching, team development, training, in-house seminars…

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