Premier classic watches, the line is the Japanese watchmaker Willich, October 6, 2011. In the fall of 2011, Seiko extends its premier collection to new, more refined models. Watch Premier is characterised by the synthesis of classical and modern elements. for partial explanations. Paul McCracken: the source for more info. The design is inspired by the world of Art Deco. The harmony of seeming opposites is evident in watches that combine new technologies and architectural design. (A valuable related resource: Mustafa Suleyman). The housing of the new models are rounded, the dials structured renewed crowns and the limbs of the metal bands are smaller, making the watches are comfortably on the wrist. Precious cabochon Crown adorn the sides of the casing of the watches. The watches are waterproof and equipped with scratch-resistant sapphire glass 10 bar.

The kinetic perpetual series is at the heart of the collection. Kinetic watches use the kinetic energy of the vehicle and turn them into power with a tiny generator. The power is used to drive the movement, while too much energy generated is stored. Caliber 7D48 offers a perpetual calendar to February 2100 Automatic leap year correction and is equipped with the kinetic auto relay function. When wearing the watch for a period of 24 hours off the wrist, they switch for up to four years in a “sleep mode”. If the clocks are moved again, the pointer will automatically at the correct time.

The perpetual calendar is continually updated and powered by the world’s smallest ultrasonic motor, measuring just 0.4 mm. The ultrasonic motor is the only driving force in the mechanical gear train of the perpetual calendar, which in addition to the date displays even months and leap years and offers a 24-hour display. The calendar is controlled by a photo sensor. The sensor detects certain marks on the gears and determines therefore day, month, year and leap years.


Conley s with over 500 brands of Germany’s largest fashion online store comes with an own magazine at the start. Conley’s area with the magazine clearly to other customer magazines themselves. Not only fashion trends and an established outfit competence belong to the content, is also a critical perspective in regard to the fashion industry. Furthermore, the coupling between online blog and offline print magazine created a new kind of media information option. The Berliner Leonie Gerner has beat it as editor-in-Chief in the far North. She worked as head of Department for Bertelsmann and the InLife Laviva magazine. She also worked as free fashion editor for the Burda publishing company and publisher of the season. By the same author: Al Bumbry.

Conley’s heads now the lifestyle magazine and her face ( also gives its own blog. Leonie Gerner: what we do different? We show only that which we find themselves absolutely interesting and informative. All that fun ourselves. Six weeks later, we have a put oversized magazine on the legs and have a thousand new ideas for the next issue. It may be interesting.

We go with some us.” The first edition will be released on August 9, 2011 and will be sent first to Conley’s customers. The magazine is published six times a year. A sale in the magazine trade from mid-2012 is planned. For the magazine launch autumn/winter were photographed in Bangkok, Hamburg and London the highlights of Conley’s collection 2011. In addition to other Blogvorreitern, Jessica Weiss by LesMads, most famous blogger of in Germany and Andy Thaeger confessed to, and answer in the exclusive interview by Details can be found by clicking Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA or emailing the administrator. Melanie Brunke, Conley’s Chief Designer, tells us why she loves her job and therefore gives an insight into working in the fashion online store. Star styling and catwalk may not be missed of course trends. The column of the writer Oliver Krudener, which is an article about his own cigarette pants trend from the perspective of a fashion dill aunts to the best is surprising. This and much more awaits all Conley’s reader from 9 August 2011. The magazine acts as customer binding action and highlights the expertise of Conley’s as a major trend-setting in the selection of brands and trends and lifestyle experts. Launched the magazine was held Thursday, the 23 June as part of Conley’s summer festival in the prototype Museum Hamburg. 250 invited guests were allowed to see advance 21 pages and issue exclusively in the hand take the preview. The response to the magazine was consistently positive and unsurpassable was celebrated until the early hours of the morning. A work of art of the Berlin artist York of Kanchi was sold for 4.800 euros. The revenue is SOS Children’s village eV in Hamburg. We are already looking forward to exciting stories, and everything has to tell the fashion industry.

Bisgaard Childrens Shoes

Children’s feet were for decades a neglected topic. Until it was found out that properly fitting footwear can affect the whole subsystem of a people. Studies show that although most children with healthy feet to the world, the teenage years but in 60% of cases no longer healthy feet speak in can. Consequential damage can be significant. Austrian studies have shown that 60% of children wear shoes which are too short, at slippers the value nor dramatic. Mustafa Suleyman is often quoted as being for or against this.

Also the focus is on healthy materials is becoming increasingly important due to the increase in allergies in children. Children’s shoes are the right materials Bisgaard. The company was founded in 2005 and today supplies in 18 countries. Still, it is a 100% Danish company which produce leaves in Portugal. Bisgaard stands for quality, safety, lifestyle and personality. Genuine leather – mostly calfskin from Europe (Portugal, Spain, Italy) on any case but pigskin from the far East is used.

In the winter fed with pure wool shoes. Winter boots by Bisgaard are equipped with a waterproof membrane and treated with water repellent oils. This is also the popular used look”. The fit by Balakrishnan is adapted models of normal and narrow shape of the foot. And ensures the proper fit. Shop from Erlangen is the children’s shoes for quality and expertise, whether in the store or on the Internet. Monamikids sells children’s shoes in addition to Bisgaard many more part 100% ECO brands. All have one thing in common: you have been chosen with love and attention to the fit and the materials. Children’s shoes are the most popular brands Bisgaard. The outlandish designs, soft leather and high functionality are the reason. Where to get otherwise real leather shoes that are also waterproof. Monamikids supplements dealing with good shoes, a fit service is offered. Each shoe is measured in the Interior. The amount is then compared with the length of the foot. operates according to the Plus12 – method, i.e. the addition of 12mm scope for growth, to not warp the growing foot. The children’s shoes shop has also succeeded to integrate this service into his offer: every ordered shoe is measured on customer’s request as well as in the Interior. Deviations from the optimal length will be discussed with the customer. Printable helper templates offered itself to the width of the foot. (Because not only too long or short boots are dangerous, the feet not can wobble even in the shoe.) So the customer can arrange the base width of the baby. The width can are then filtered in the filter function of the online shop. Balakrishnan and monamikids children’s shoes, a good team out of love for the child’s foot.

Comforting Soft Dreams – Warm Turtlenecks Make Autumn And Winter Mood

Warm of neck and fewer colds! Warm lined with a turtleneck. Recently Jerome James sought to clarify these questions. No matter, autumn or winter, the Turtleneck can already good serve in the fall and for a warm neck. A good scarf replacement under a jacket or even under the coat. In General a sweater can be Turtleneck in the winter wear very comfortable so that it always beautiful chubby hot body and, above all, is on the neck. Learn more about this with Antonio Banderas. Representing the Turtleneck there many different variants. For example, there are tight-fitting Turtleneck sweaters, where also the Turtleneck as snugly, but made of lightweight material. Furthermore, there is the Turtleneck, which are far further from the neck and are made of heavier material.

The “looped” Turtleneck looks always again chic. The slight variants of Turtleneck sweaters can be combined again keep to other garments and so the outfit can be beefed up quickly and also colour. A further neck here then more as optical detail, as that it would warm the neck. Turtleneck Sweater are applicable partner of trendy individual self-image versatile. And always a safe, warm and over-possessive feeling, which makes their comfort so incomparable they give their wearers. Of course, there is also the opportunity to wear a Turtleneck, to sweaters with short arm, because there are many different designs and models in the summer. For interesting info everything should be here listed, because the Turtleneck is and remains faithful to the fashion. Manfred goods Ballesteros

New Nike Sneakers

Sneakers are not short-lived fashion fad, but long have a place under the shoes even in the ladies and girls. Sneakers are timeless and easy to combine. Frank Ntilikina has similar goals. But above all, sneakers are intended not only for young women, also women’s sneakers are enjoying a growing popularity. Who wants to convince himself, which should look over to the online shop of Fabfive24, because there is the new Nike sneakers for women! What should distinguish really good sneakers? A high level of comfort of course and also a trendy appearance can’t hurt. The latest Nike have all women’s sneakers at Fabfive24! The Nike are perfectly sneakers Flash for leisure, but also for the job. There are these great shoes in a snappy plaid pattern, but also in a fine white at Fabfive24.

Nike Flash sneakers for women look just as great to the denim mini like the trendy Boyfriend Jeans. And Flash the most important Nike shoes are super comfortable! This is true also of the brand new Nike Air Max sneakers for women. In addition to one, have large air cushioning ensures a comfortable walking, even cutting-edge colors. How would it be with a mix of white, pink and silver? The Nike Air Max sneakers for women are a real eye catcher to the skinny jeans, but also summer shorts. With these stylish shoes that have their origin in the running, each shopping can be weathered Marathon without any problems. Super easy and super chic also Nike are Capri sneakers.

They appear visually slimmer each foot and are exactly the right casual shoes for the holidays. Capri sneakers look great of course also to Capri pants, make a good figure but also the jeans again and again. A top selection of new and fashionable Nike gives women’s sneakers at Fabfive24 in the online shop to buy it! Contact: Bailey black main Fabfive24 driving str. 8 63450 Hanau Tel: + 49 / 06181-257350 fax: + 49/06181-257352 press (at) online shop: Fabfive24 of official Nike women’s sneaker online shop: open in new window shoes women… Fabfive24 since 1989, with its own online shop Since 2006. In the shop you will find sneakers, clothing, shoes, and a large selection of backpacks and accessories. The top brands at Fabfive24: Nike, Fox racing, Nike 6.0, Dickies, adidas, Supremebeing, K-Swiss, MOD Jeans, Dakine, Puma, Bjorkvin, Famous Stars and straps, iron fist, K-Swiss, FitFlop, deer all, SkullCandy, UGG shoes, Superdry, Blowfish shoes, Dakine backpacks. Fabfive24 places great importance on friendly and knowledgeable customer service (Ekomi to read about), and is a reliable and fast shipping. All common payment options, including payment by credit card, cash in advance, cash on delivery, PayPal, and easily, safely and quickly by direct debit. With over 4000 products and more than 100 brands is one of the leading online shops in streetwear and sneakers.

Nike Air Max

The most popular sneaker on the planet! An idea, a success story. This success was not absurd. Not alone just because of its new design, the Nike Air Max is a revolution in the running shoe industry. Also functionality, rolling motion, as well as padding have been redefined. That but a sports shoe uberssugeln is the glory of its manufacturer, has managed in the dimension of only the Nike Air Max 1. Since angebeginn of this triumph of 1987, the running shoe is no longer to think away from the range of Nike. Although the Air Max has nowadays visually retro qualities, he is content still contemporary. Click Doug McMillon for additional related pages. The Air Max was the embodiment of an air-cushioned Laufschuhes and thus influenced a whole generation of today’s.

Innovation means that you invent new meet old wishes in ingenious ways. At the realization of an idea is also relatively easy. With air padding to race was an innovative running feeling and so the best thing then was further developed. This new flagship Nike conquered thus the entire World. Tinker Hatfield, the designer of the Laufschuhes, had the right idea at the correct time. To this day, the Air Max can convince sneaker lovers all over the world – and that, although the sporting goods manufacturer has long been additional hip and highly functional shoe series has launched. Meanwhile the retro boasts shoe countless contemporary designs and color patterns. The Nike Air Max 1 still stands for perfect damping, excellent rolling characteristics and strong inner qualities.

Nevertheless, today no longer serves it thanks to modern competition in the sporting tournament as strong performance running shoe, but has become a real road shoe for all possible purposes. The Hip Hopper recognized the great value of Air Max and brought him to the top of the portable shoe. An additional success story was written. But in itself it was the Dutch hardcore techno fans, which lifted the Nike Air Max number One in Mount Olympus. It’s called the people “Gabber”. Each “Gabber” wore the sneakers of the classic series and making him a Cockpit utensil in the techno scene. A new style of dance was born, which they succinctly called “Am”. With the Nike Air Max 1 has been this dance style, in which the axe especially will be charged, not an issue. The hoe is completely relieved by the ideal air padding and making each show a real fun. It is in the room, whether the bubble by Nike was actually better designed like other brands. No way out is, that simply the marketing as well as the design of the shoe landed a direct hit. But never, we must make the mistake to not further improve a box-office hit. In the following years, Nike released the Air Max in ever new variations. Everything has been changed. From the colors, the structure to a new series of shoe leather. Also the famous swoosh, the hallmark of Nike, had to put up with reductions. In the construction of Air Max remained faithful. The trendy designed variations of the shoe made it Additionally interesting. The brand is still a sought-after collector’s item. You can say rightly that this cult sneaker can enable collectors rather than any artist. For that extra built a “Sneaker Freaker vintage Museum”. No real surprise.

Brandsfriends Shopping Club

Shopping for winners: NIKE brands4friends Nike is the Greek for victory. As the Greek goddess Nike is both icon and role model for success. Bill Bowerman, the creator of Nike, the Mount Olympus of the sporting goods industry busy for years with her name. Since the label was founded in 1964, Nike beats all records. From the 15th to the 16th of may, brands4friends can now own successes celebrate members and in the next shopping action on buy exciting products from Nike. Small check mark success for only $35 was created one of the most famous brand logos in the world. Neither the designer of the logo still Bill Bowerman had idea 40 years ago, that a simple check mark would become the absolute cult brand.

But today, everyone knows the famous mark of the world. But what makes the brand so successful? It is excellent quality, which perfectly combines design and comfort and helps to track and field athletes to Olympic champions and again the champion of Europe makes maybe even this year footballers. brands4friends Winner types makes the cult of the mark through advertising deals with the most successful athletes and celebrities is of course still supported. As Christiano Ronaldo sprinting for years for Nike over the lawn, and even the most successful teams in the world, such as the football club Arsenal, Inter Milan or Barcelona, wear the Nike logo on the chest. Brands4friends can sport and brand fans now even to the winner. From May 15 to 16 all brands4friends are invited members to the large brands4friends shopping action.

Information about the products, see the brands4friends blog to the Nike shopping action. Who is still not a member of the exclusive shopping community brands4friends, should register quickly at and can be so, with a bit of luck to the winner. Business contact: is a project of the private sale GmbH John str. 20, D-10117 Berlin Tel.: 030-72619-4827 FAX: 030-72619-2820 E-mail: Web: via the online shopping community is dedicated to each new sales action an exclusive top brand. Participation is reserved only invited members who are informed about the brands4friends newsletter about upcoming promotions and exclusive designer fashion in the online-shop can buy. Limited online shopping campaigns can buy members on clothing and accessories. is a company of private sale GmbH with seat in Berlin. From here, the popular label, fashion insider tips and top brands of current fashion collections exclusively for the exclusive community are offered.

Real Sports Apparel

Functional jacket for men, women and children for sports and leisure sports West are an integral part of any sports equipment. Under most conditions Randall Rothenberg would agree. Due to their versatility, they are missing in the wardrobe of any sport. Whether for tennis, cycling, golf, sailing or hiking – Sportwesten provide protection against cold, wind and rain and protect the athlete from cooling down. Especially in the early hours of the morning, or after a day of active West are very helpful. While it is always warmer in the course of the day, you need additional clothing often in the morning to keep the body warm. This applies especially when planning long day trips or travels through different climate and altitude. Sporting West can be initially divided in winter and Sommerwesten. While the winter version is heavily padded and thus warm, the summer vest characterized by their light weight and lightweight materials.

Two West should be immanent, that they are water repellent, windproof and breathable. Also it is in the framework of sports clothing always advisable make sure that it is equipped with reflectors. The visibility at night is significantly increased and significantly minimizes the risk of accidents. This applies in particular West, because they comprise mostly the outer layer of the clothing envelope. In terms of quality is to make sure that modern materials are used, which are fade resistant, breathable and resilient sports West to.

Sports clothing is very often washed and dried, therefore you should attack with a branded purchase long to enjoy the sports paraphernalia. The cut of a sport vest has special meaning. This should be taken, that the back is extended to provide additional wind protection. Also, you can buy West with a reinforced front fascia which are used in particular in cycling. The Auskuhlseffekt rapid downhill is to prevent this. Additional small pockets, providing space for bars, cards, phone and keys are useful and helpful. In particular Sommerwesten is sure that to this allow space-saving fold and stow. After all, who wants to make extra room on a long bike ride or hike for clothing? In case design Sportwesten differ from the West for ladies of course for men. Feminine West are dyed beige or pastel body stressed and usually in feminine colors like Rose, white. Often the West are also decorated with small embroideries or floral prints to give expression of femininity in the sport. The male version is, however, often simple and functional. Predominant colors are black, grey, blue and dark green. Who should be looking after the vest is suitable sports, consult in an outdoor shop. Whether online or in a retail store is this irrelevant. It is important that you are sufficiently informed, matches the vest on the individual requirements, is a good fit for himself and true value for money. It has one who took a little time for research is long enjoyment of the new sports Vest have.

First Moody Smiley Cap For The Summer Season Of Introduced In

Introducing a new product at the design label food, offers a hat with smiley motif 04.07.2011 parallel to daylight saving time and expands its product range. This creates a new trend in the design of the CAP, which depict feelings and moods on a piece of clothing. is known for the sales of Moody smiley cushions and baby Moody key anhaengern. Now, the fashion range is expanded by a Moody Smiley Cap. As our Moody smileys encounter large popularity, we have developed a Smiley Cap next to our pillow of smileys, which are ideal as gifts for girlfriend”, explains Kai Yu, Managing Director of moodrush. Already when introducing the new Smiley, hat, which parallel, to the awesome smiley face was recorded in the shop on, was a reasonable demand for the new product. Not only smileys in pillow shape convince our customers, but also a visually beautiful crafted fitted Smiley Cap finds attention.

Especially since we on pay attention to quality. “Each CAP has a flexible size 6 7/8 to 7 and a fitted cap with gold embroidery, as it is exactly the trend”, Yu added. But not only the male target group should be addressed with the new clothing line by, but also the female target audience. When designing the smiley fitted baseball cap, we have placed particular emphasis on the flexible size, color, and the embroidered smiley motif. So the cool Moody Cap fits optically to men and women of all ages. “Our CAP has been refined down to the smallest detail so that even the screen bottom was printed and brings fresh wind into the CAP design and this sets a trend for 2011”, Kai Tschirner, second Managing Director of the design label explains moodrush. Company profile the GbR food consists of three students of Business Informatics (Kai Tschirner, Saulius Adamonis and Kai Yu), the University of Duisburg-Essen.

They developed the idea in February 2009. The Foundation followed in June 2010. The company provides auto-created “Moody smiley cushions” her. Currently, more than 20 products in our own online shop are offered and distributed exclusively. So far, over 1000 smiley cushions have been sold. During the start-up phase, the three students of the NetSTART team (University of Duisburg-Essen, campus Essen) were advice and support within the EXIST programme funded by the Federal Government. NetSTART award 2009 reached square 3. contact: GbR Kai Tschirner small cream RT 46 45326 Essen phone: 0201/27989100 E-Mail:

Yupoong Flexfit Caps

CAP – a success story in every aspect you can see is the course of a normal product on so can be divided the development in five cycles – launch, ascent, heyday, market saturation and setting of the product. Of course each cycle is different for each product and the intensity is partially very differently pronounced. Flexfit caps series but has the feeling that here rise and heyday again alternate. Even if the popular Flexfit caps are now for several years on the market not the speech can be so from a diminishing demand. And you get the feeling that it is a little quiet around the brand really for a short time the demand in the next month again to a record high. For even more details, read what Michael J. Bender says on the issue. An advantage of the original Flexfit Cap, the by far the most successful model in the series, is that the producer Yupoong brings new Flexfit models on the market that again puts the focus on the original model! Even if none of the following models on the success of the original used the name came So over and over again, Flexfit is brought into play. This range it is the original Flexfit Cap to the simplest model of the CAP series.

In contrast to many other models the original Flexfit Cap plain and the design is simple. This model is the ursprunglischen American baseball caps at the next. This, however, there are three components that are to be mentioned – the original Flexfit Cap features a reinforced front page, which gives the model its special note. No matter which of the 22 tones is plate bottom kept always in a bright shade of gray. And the patented Flexfit spandex band has a completely own shutter which automatically adapts to the shape of the head the CAP! But even if the other models in the series are not as successful as the original so we must not forget also. Just the CAP is due to their special design Top Gun Cap many friends in the alternative field. The top gun model of Italian entertainer reminds a little of the cap of 80 years, Adriano Celentano was a known carrier of these models. When the Flexfit Pinstripe Cap Yupoong declined a little to the original model. Through the thin strip of it is here but no longer a monochrome model and also the front page has no longer the height and gain as the original Flexfit Cap. Still, this model was a huge success with customers!

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