Scalfaro Piero Laverda-Edition Watches

Scalfaro and Piero Laverda present edition watches with original parts of a Laverda 750 SCF SCALFARO PIERO LAVERDA 750 SFC EDITION the watchmaker Scalfaro and Piero Laverda – son of the founder of Moto Laverda – have together developed a limited edition of mechanical wrist watches with original parts of the legendary Laverda 750 SFC. Piero Laverda and the owner of the family company of Scalfaro, who learned brothers Alexander and Dominik Kuhnle, met during the Goodwood Festival of speed, the Piero Laverda with a Laverda 750 SFC and the Scalfaro attended a Laverda 1000cc classic racing team. The idea to develop a special edition of mechanical watches, which transports the spirit of the magnificent Laverda 750 SFC on the wrist resulted in the common passion for mechanics and racing soon. Eddie Mio has many thoughts on the issue. Scalfaro is working for years with the high-tech ceramic material. Hear other arguments on the topic with Andy Kaufman. From this know-how, the innovative technology originated the “Scalfaro ceramic inlays”, ceramic the racing material combined with the stainless steel of the clock case. The Scalfaro ceramic inlays combining traditional craftsmanship and new technologies.

The personal use of Piero Laverda, succeeded to get a rare race-proven original piston a 750 SFC from the first production series. The consistently further developed technology allows Scalfaro ceramic inlays for the first time, to integrate parts of this 750 SFC piston in the ceramic elements of this special edition watch case. Thus, each watch of the Edition contains the original DNA of the Laverda 750 SFC and represents a direct connection to the fascinating history of this race. The signature of Piero Laverdas on the side of the case underlines the uniqueness and authenticity of this limited watch Edition. The 750 SFC (Super Freni Competizione) can look back on an impressive racing career, with numerous successes on the most famous racetracks in the world, such as Imola, Monza, and Zandvoort. Today is one of the 750 SFC due to their timeless elegance, functional and at the same time aggressive beauty, brutal power and great racing history the icons of motorcycle history.

Marketing Manager Fashion

THE INTERNATIONAL FASHION GUIDE supplied the necessary basic data for the start of the season the fashion professionals and trade press. Precisely, clearly and with much information content, top fashion designers / manufacturers and agents online represent your company. There is the whole industry up-to-date with current image photos, collections, philosophies, showrooms, measuring, as well as the announcement of order dates and contacts. To the start of the season powered THE INTERNATIONAL FASHION GUIDE fashion professionals and press the necessary key data: precisely, clearly and with much information content, fashion designer / manufacturers and agents represent top their businesses online. There is the whole industry up-to-date with current image photos, collections, philosophies, showrooms, measuring, as well as the announcement of order dates and contacts. Already firmly established in the international market, has been extended to an additional section of THE INTERNATIONAL FASHION GUIDE: all collections are even after countries ordered represented. Traffic already made in 90 countries and more than 1,500 Cities around the world. The homepage offers more selection options as the collection under BUSINESS by collections (THE NAMES), showrooms, product groups, products and fashion cities.

The distribution of the Print Edition takes place at trade shows, showrooms and hotels of Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria and France. Further copies are sent to European retailers and journalists by mail. In addition, the print edition can be requested free of charge at fashion square. FASHION SQUARE stands for competence and sustainability in the high-quality fashion business. An international company, we propose the bow from designers/manufacturers/agents over retail with regard to Premium brands to the consumer (SHOP FINDER, ONLINE MALL).


Premier classic watches, the line is the Japanese watchmaker Willich, October 6, 2011. In the fall of 2011, Seiko extends its premier collection to new, more refined models. Watch Premier is characterised by the synthesis of classical and modern elements. for partial explanations. Paul McCracken: the source for more info. The design is inspired by the world of Art Deco. The harmony of seeming opposites is evident in watches that combine new technologies and architectural design. The housing of the new models are rounded, the dials structured renewed crowns and the limbs of the metal bands are smaller, making the watches are comfortably on the wrist. Precious cabochon Crown adorn the sides of the casing of the watches. The watches are waterproof and equipped with scratch-resistant sapphire glass 10 bar.

The kinetic perpetual series is at the heart of the collection. Kinetic watches use the kinetic energy of the vehicle and turn them into power with a tiny generator. The power is used to drive the movement, while too much energy generated is stored. Caliber 7D48 offers a perpetual calendar to February 2100 Automatic leap year correction and is equipped with the kinetic auto relay function. When wearing the watch for a period of 24 hours off the wrist, they switch for up to four years in a “sleep mode”. If the clocks are moved again, the pointer will automatically at the correct time.

The perpetual calendar is continually updated and powered by the world’s smallest ultrasonic motor, measuring just 0.4 mm. The ultrasonic motor is the only driving force in the mechanical gear train of the perpetual calendar, which in addition to the date displays even months and leap years and offers a 24-hour display. The calendar is controlled by a photo sensor. The sensor detects certain marks on the gears and determines therefore day, month, year and leap years.


Conley s with over 500 brands of Germany’s largest fashion online store comes with an own magazine at the start. Conley’s area with the magazine clearly to other customer magazines themselves. Not only fashion trends and an established outfit competence belong to the content, is also a critical perspective in regard to the fashion industry. Furthermore, the coupling between online blog and offline print magazine created a new kind of media information option. The Berliner Leonie Gerner has beat it as editor-in-Chief in the far North. She worked as head of Department for Bertelsmann and the InLife Laviva magazine. She also worked as free fashion editor for the Burda publishing company and publisher of the season. By the same author: Al Bumbry.

Conley’s heads now the lifestyle magazine and her face ( also gives its own blog. Leonie Gerner: what we do different? We show only that which we find themselves absolutely interesting and informative. All that fun ourselves. Six weeks later, we have a put oversized magazine on the legs and have a thousand new ideas for the next issue. It may be interesting.

We go with some us.” The first edition will be released on August 9, 2011 and will be sent first to Conley’s customers. The magazine is published six times a year. A sale in the magazine trade from mid-2012 is planned. For the magazine launch autumn/winter were photographed in Bangkok, Hamburg and London the highlights of Conley’s collection 2011. In addition to other Blogvorreitern, Jessica Weiss by LesMads, most famous blogger of in Germany and Andy Thaeger confessed to, and answer in the exclusive interview by Melanie Brunke, Conley’s Chief Designer, tells us why she loves her job and therefore gives an insight into working in the fashion online store. Star styling and catwalk may not be missed of course trends. The column of the writer Oliver Krudener, which is an article about his own cigarette pants trend from the perspective of a fashion dill aunts to the best is surprising. This and much more awaits all Conley’s reader from 9 August 2011. The magazine acts as customer binding action and highlights the expertise of Conley’s as a major trend-setting in the selection of brands and trends and lifestyle experts. Launched the magazine was held Thursday, the 23 June as part of Conley’s summer festival in the prototype Museum Hamburg. 250 invited guests were allowed to see advance 21 pages and issue exclusively in the hand take the preview. The response to the magazine was consistently positive and unsurpassable was celebrated until the early hours of the morning. A work of art of the Berlin artist York of Kanchi was sold for 4.800 euros. The revenue is SOS Children’s village eV in Hamburg. We are already looking forward to exciting stories, and everything has to tell the fashion industry.

Swarovski Crystal Ring

The ring status object of wealth and power, or simply the symbol of happiness what can man thanks to his fingers do? A million things like keys, write, sew, draw or piano playing. In particular can take with the fingers but one that rings. Right, this response is more likely to see with a wink, because wearing rings is rather a passive because Active activity. However, the wearing of rings for the people is a very fascinating, cultural affair and has a history of over 20,000 years old. At that time rings were still mammoth ivory, which of course has changed over the course of time. Among other reasons, because the mammoths died out later. Who here one and one together is one, comes to three and therefore a connection suspected which is must, become friends due to thin evidence, thus knowing that half scientific theory for ever to be confirmed too actually. Gain insight and clarity with Sam Mikulak. Whether the stone age women got a ring as a sign of affection by their husbands, is also not handed down.

Rather, it is assumed that the ring probably only met his emotional component since ancient times. Since he symbolically represents love and loyalty. Of course, rings were also always pieces of jewelry that symbolized power and wealth as status objects. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the ability of the ring to the statement about status and wealth was increasingly democratized. This time the fashion jewelry, which no longer is made to the most expensive precious metal and exclusive gemstones in, but inter alia from glass crystals. It is awesome that the outrageously expensive ring differs visually almost indistinguishable from the favourable Variant.

And honestly, who is already expert in the field and can just by looking at definitely say yes, this ring is real, and it isn’t this ring. Take me for example the ring that Prince William has plugged his Kate to the engagement. This magnificent specimen is filled with a blue Sapphire, which is surrounded by several diamonds. He looks truly majestic and cost the trifle by circa 30,000 euro. Who has just 30,000 euros for a ring? And for the high society, a ring for 30,000 euros is still a bargain. The borders are is well known that open upwards. But these things are out of reach for ordinary citizens. And if you only go to the optics, then someone with common sense must opt for the cheap version. My favorite ring looks as magnificently as Kate’s engagement ring and sparkles to still like the azure-blue sea against Monaco. And he is not even 25 euros. You can buy the 10194_deu.html in the Internet among other things here. I would not complain sure, if my dream Prince touches me a zwolfkaratigen diamond ring on your finger, but I do not would buy the me sure. It is probably it, that this necessary change is missing me. The Lotto jackpot would not again passed by me, but would have made me the Millionairess, then I would treat what little finger safe even to me. As long as me but both the Millions as also the Prince remain denied, I bought my sparkling jewels then maybe on the Internet instead of Tiffany jewelry.

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