Staged Photography

Staged photography – a survey of a subject or group of items that combine general artistic composition. There are different products suitable for photographing a subject, and popular for her: photography jewelry, souvenirs, perfumes and cosmetics, stationery, toys and similar items. Subject photography – is extremely important for advertising, as aims to show the subject with the most attractive to the buyer's side, and wishful thinking. (Similarly see: Joe Stillman). Using the subject photography, advertised items and objects can then be used for websites, online stores, advertising directory and booklets, as well as for different calendars, posters, packaging, billboards, magazines and other publications. Aristotle mentioned the philosophy of the subject – the hidden nature of inanimate things. The purpose of the subject and shooting subject-photographer – to understand and convey that same philosophy and hidden meaning.

During the photographing subject, the photographer must be able to notice inaccessible to viewers the nuances and details of the subject or object. Making subject photography, photos are arranged into a frame number of unexpected associations, which makes the potential buyer to see a new, seemingly long-familiar things. When photographing a subject, the photographer chooses the perspective that carries a certain mood subject matter of some emotion, making the subject "comes alive" and finds the internal dynamics. For photographing a subject needs special and careful selection photographic equipment and studio equipment. Subject photography – is not only art but also a quality advertising, the essence of which – to reveal the properties of the object, which attract potential buyers to hold his attention on certain aspects and features of the subject. Subject photography should speak the language of the subject that very thing about myself. Professionals are advised to make substantive photography in specifically for this equipped with pavilions, as it allows you to experiment with light and provide a subject the corresponding decoration. Subject photography – an integral part of advertising and promotes and popularity of things.

Larry Ellison

Several members of the royal families of Europe remain constant participants in the competition – however, the conquest of peaks of the sport representatives of royal families no longer afford. Today's Grand Prix, such as passing every four years, the America's Cup, require a very high cost – for the team's success requires dozens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. It is not surprising that in such event involved current movers and shakers of big business. Most of the eleven teams that will compete this the fall of Louis Vuitton Cup in New Zealand, headed billionaires – like the head of the firm Prada Patrizio Bertelli (team Prada Challenge) Ernesto Bertarelli, or (team Alinghi Swiss Challenge). Peter Harrison, of England, leads a team of GBR Challenge, and Larry Ellison, fourth richest man in America, plans to personally manage your yacht in competition. Telecommunications magnate Craig McCoy and his friend Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, co-sponsored the team OneWorld. Most of these gentlemen boast personal superyachts or banquet ships, custom-built. Among the few owned by Larry Ellison stands eleven Katana (formerly Eco), which for a length of 74.5 m is the thirty-fifth in the world a truly private yacht. Jack Nicholson describes an additional similar source.

Similar in displacement to a full sailing ship, it usually is in the open sea and serves as a floating "home away from home 'and the office. However, now it's in Oakland – rumor has it that Larry ordered the construction of new motor yachts longer than the Katana, 50 m. Most likely she will be laid on the stocks in the world's most prestigious shipyards for the construction of yachts – Bremen Lurssen. After completion of the vessel will be the fourth in the world a truly yacht. Craig McCoy superyacht Tatoosh, built two years ago, is fifteenth in the world along. It is so great that its upper decks can accommodate a sailing yacht in length and 13.7 m 12-meter motor boat racing, and such vessels themselves are considered very prestigious. Another talk that Paul Allen, a partner Craig McCoy team OneWorld, ordered at the shipyard Lurssen new, longer boat.

Kamiya Origami Models

Each word origami is familiar from childhood, all the once folded paper cranes and airplanes, but not everyone knows that origami is not restricted and allows you to create a truly beautiful model. Origami – Oriental art of folding paper models, which remains popular to this day. Anyone can find in origami is something interesting for yourself. Simple schemes for children and introduce interested novice teach him to fold standard shapes frogs, little boxes, jumping frog. Will develop in him perseverance and attention, because to obtain a qualitative model, it is necessary to lay down her several times. After learning the basic techniques you can try fold scheme more difficult – there are many masters of origami, which create copyright scheme origami and taught them to fold. (Source: Doug McMillon). Origami average level of complexity are added to the average of 60 steps and their order may take skladvanie hours, but it's worth it: the figures obtained highly detailed and interesting. The following is for origami masters.

Satoshi Kamiya Origami Models, Robert Lang, Steve Montroll beyond praise, and at first impossible to believe that similar pattern is emerging from a sheet of paper, fold over fold, without any kaih additional funds, but it is real! A detailed diagrams, video instructions and patterns will be taught sklayvat such models themselves. It should be noted that will need to find good paper and a lot of patience. For example, the hedgehog Eric Zhuazelya consists of 300 steps, and it may take up to 12 hours, and even more!. After that, this origami can give dignity to fellow . Another type of origami can brighten the walls of the house – a modular origami kusudamy. Kusudama created from several paper-ins. Each module is made independently and then modules are connected in a nice ball, we obtain very impressive and a variety of balls that you can decorate your home

Chechen Service

In autumn 2008, the badge “For services to Simferopol ‘was the instructor of the National Team of Ukraine Rowing among athletes with lesions of the musculoskeletal system Petrenko. In the last decade of May 2008 the leader of the UNA-UNSO Y. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Marc Lore and gain more knowledge.. Shukhevych, son of the commander of the UPA R. Shukhevych, was awarded on behalf of the College of Security Service Ukraine badge “Honorary Star Security Service of Ukraine.” During the rescue a drowning child, the order of the head of Russian Emergencies Ministry on January 27, 2006 Ekaterinovskoy student’s secondary school district of the Krasnodar Scherbinovsky 6 Dmitry Kuzmenko at the edge of courage, bravery and selflessness shown by the salvation of man, has been awarded the badge of the Russian Federation Ministry of Emergency Situations of Merit. In mid-October 2008 Decree of the Presidium of the World Academy of Sciences for Complex Security Minister of Culture of the Chechen Republic radicals Muzakayev awarded a degree ‘for Service of Russia. ” Rewards: badge of the Ministry of Culture Russia ‘Achievement in the Arts’ (2007), “Honored Artist of the Chechen-Ingush ASSR” (1991), the badge of the Ministry of Culture of Russia “for achievements in culture ‘(1998), the Order of Merit to the Republic of Ingushetia’ ( 2008), “Kadyrov Order ‘(2008),” The People’s Artist of the RI’ “Honored Artist of Russia” (1996), the Order “For the development of parliamentarism in the Chechen Republic ‘(2008),” The People’s Artist of Russia “(2004), Medal of Merit to the Chechen Republic’ (2005) .

October 24, 2008 Chairman of the Ugra Duma Vasily Sondykov handed honorary badge of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra “For contributions to the development of legislation ‘Director of the District Department of Labor and Social Protection TA Assumption. At the end of February 2007 Head of the State Courier Service of the Russian Federation in the city of Cherkessk lieutenant colonel of internal service Alexander Shinkarenko for assisting in the decision entrusted to the problems and GFS Russia to commemorate the 210th anniversary of the Russian courier presented to the President of Karachay-Cherkessia Republic of M. Batdyev badge ‘210 years of the Russian courier ‘. Also, departmental badge was presented to the Chief Office of the Federal Security Service of Russia on KCR B. Ostrovets, Chairman of the National Assembly (Parliament) Sergei KCR currants, Interior Minister KCR N.

Osyaku, chairman of the Government of the KCR A. Kardanov. In October 2008, at the inauguration Khabarovsk Mayor Alexander Sokolov, after reciting the oath, he was awarded certificate of the mayor and the badge, which depicts a coat of arms. In the early fall of 2002, the decision of board of the Russian Ministry of Education Federation of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy ‘for innovative forms of education of children, identifying and supporting talented young people, of great practical charity’ was awarded Badge “For mercy and charity.” This mark established in 2001, is awarded for the first time. In addition to his Holiness Patriarch became the first honorary chairman of the owners of NK Yukos, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, president of the International Charitable Fund “New Names” Yvette Voronov, president of the holding company Interros Potanin.

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