Competition Analyses

Strategic analysis with RESEARCH FELLOWS market and competition analyses can be used for the analysis, validation, and evaluation a planned entry into the market. So can be derived, for example, the deepening or widening of its own product portfolio through the introduction of a new product. In already developed markets may be whether the market is interesting, to proceed as with the access and which target groups you should talk developed from strategic market analysis. If it is so a new country or a new continent to a new market according to regional criteria, such as Asia there also many opportunities, such as the market and competition analysis can be useful. During the conquest of a new country market, on which the company was still absent, can be estimated, for example, which part or parts of the existing product portfolio is ideally suited for the first market entry.

Can an extension of the target segments and entering new industries based on the market and Competition analyses identified previously unedited profitable industries, where there is a need for the products of the company. A compilation of market data helps in a revision of the product portfolio or its reorientation, to analyze the existing product ranges and in regard to their potential to segment and to assess. Based on such an evaluation can then for example be which product areas to expand more or less are and what new and further developments are needed in the coming years said, to become competitive with its products or the corresponding adjustments in the portfolio must be made. When selling or buying a business, an industry analysis can also strengthen the decision-making process. So can be examined, for example, whether, and if so in what business or Division inorganic growth for the company may be useful or of central importance for the further development of the company. Was already a purchase decision and concrete, can on this Base also suitable candidates for sale or potential buyer, (a kind of customer identification) detected and characterized. The systematic conception is of central importance. Only through a case-specific, tailored to the question how, assure that the analysis results meet all criteria and include all the facts which will be used as the basis for the decision.


Marketing experts agree: way of the standard advertising – out of customized advertising solution a sympathetic for the company – increasingly is this weaving opportunity company discovered by. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak describes an additional similar source. Because the advantage of of mascot of own is obvious: not only logo, information, such as name of the Web page or colors of the company are transported, the character or the image of the company is expressed with a mascot. In addition, mascots make curious and have a high recognition value. They be successfully used as distinctive signs and good-luck charm already long for companies and clubs at trade fairs, events and events. That the Emotionalization of a brand is important, is undisputed among marketing professionals. Especially mascot plush are very popular and the increasing requests to prove that it is increasingly important to promote such a sympathetic plush for themselves. A company give a face”devoted to this topic the openmindz GmbH Heidelberg as a full service advertising agency with an own Abbey lung for the development and production of mascot plush. Although the openmindz GmbH all conceivable plush figures, stuffed animals, and understands, they have become in creating individual mascot experts.

From the outset comprehensive advice on the ideas or wishes of the companies is always a main focus the technical feasibility and economic implementation of the new project. It is also particularly important that the new mascot will be apart from existing forms of plush animal the plush world specialists. As a supplier of the European toy industry has made the openmindz GmbH is already a name and manufactures of course without exception according to the standards of toys for Europe (DIN EN 71, 1-3 and CE). This is a special attention to the selection of plush materials. They are harmless sweat, saliva – and free of toxic AZO substances and also for babies and toddlers under three years of age.

Friendly Competition

Lately with the unique person that you compete it is with same you. It is very easy to fall in the temptation to judge to us by everything what we do when comparing itself with somebody or and so makes people generally. But, in the end, we only have the answer. When saying this, I can say that there are moments where a little amiable and generous competition can give that touch us that we needed to obtain something. I knew a woman who was working in her novel during many years but later, without previous warning once, its inspiration finished and it did not find form human so that it returned. Michael J. Bender pursues this goal as well. Then I made a bet with her and he challenges to him to make a single chapter for the end of the week, and you know that it happened? Since he appeared less with anything than two chapters.

He worked as if a spell one was. He only had to touch those keys. Much competitiveness can be something bad. Much people obsess themselves with the idea that when winning she will improve his life. It is not very healthy truth.

But, sometimes, it is easier to mark a date with somebody to obtain something more, that gives us the push that we needed. He is better to do it with somebody, because if we only marked the dates for we ourself, we are frank, the majority of times we did not arrive. If there is something you want to really obtain, it challenges a friend to do it with you. It will give the spark you that you need to obtain it.

Bayern Munich Banner

The professionals reached for the departure or reception of the FC Bayern Munchen Brandness developed the strategy for Deutsche Lufthansa AG the success wishes of Lufthansa for Bayern Munich on April 24 at the airport prior to departure to Spain. “On to dahoam” stood in large letters on the bright yellow roll up banner, as the professionals were on their way to the Champions League semi final game in Madrid. The Brandness GmbH from Munich, which had developed the concept for Lufthansa, designed this roll up banner. The Brandness GmbH, which is at home in the world of sports sponsorship, has committed to establish the policies and strategies of brand experiences. They contribute measurably to a precise and long-term development of their client’s brand.

The Brandness team has focused on the pure sponsorship consulting without marketing ambitions by associations, companies and associations. For them, sports sponsorship has to do little with an end in itself. It is linked to specific objectives in their eyes and a part of a complete Marketing strategy. The Brandness GmbH realises this and concepts to improve the Visual communication and innovative below-the-line measures for their customers. While establishing a consistent and holistic representation of their customers plays a special role outside.

The Brandness GmbH opts for partner agencies from the private network or from the customers, because brand awareness only deepens with the interplay of various means of communication. This avoids unnecessary friction between the individual components of the communication and ensures a time well thought-out and structured use of various marketing tools. Due to their networking Brandness and partners can offer a wide range of the strategy development on a project implementation, as well as concept development to the controlling. Such as Warsteiner, AWD, Avaya, Sony and Lufthansa are among her references. For them, the Brandness GmbH has developed the various marketing strategies. Whether for soccer, ice hockey, or handball, the Brandness team comes to the right solution. Roll up banner, which was available on the 24 April 2012 at Munich Airport for the players of the FC Bayern Munich was part of a marketing strategy, which the team had developed for Lufthansa. Lufthansa wanted the professionals, in the context of a stronger customer loyalty, on the up roll banner of EasyShare display GmbH much success in their Champions League semi final game in Madrid. Roll up banners here as advertising system particularly suitable, as it is quickly and easily toggle and also build off. About Internet research, the Brandness GmbH was on the EasyShare display GmbH in 2010. The cost factor was decisive, because when the price-performance ratio of the EasyShare display GmbH the competition can’t match. In the past two years, the Brandness GmbH has already several roll up banner and other advertising systems for a wide range of customers in the EasyShare display GmbH ordered. We wish you continued success in designing and implementing new marketing strategies of Brandness GmbH and hope that we She continue with roll up banner and other advertising systems can support well.

Capitol Hannover Season

EC Hannover Indians are with new Frontlit equipped since 1998 covering the EasyShare display GmbH are native Indians on the horse Tower in Hanover, Germany. At the beginning, it went under the name KEV Hannover Indians and since 2004 under the name EC Hannover Indians GmbH on the ice. Here, the name of EC Hannover is a cult! All clubs here at the Pferdeturm EC Hannover were called up on the CRF since 1964. And the fans in the North, the Club, as well as the even Pferdeturm ice stadium are also cult as the name. Slogan “Hannover is Indian country”, cold, dirty, loud, “cult place caviar” or “myths, miracle, emotions” do not come from about.

There are no sterile environment, such as in many an event arena. In the winter, a mulled wine is necessary so that it freezes up not the feet. Fan culture is lived right here still, and ice hockey parties are celebrated, as it happens only in some few stages. In short: it is indeed quite rustic, but the ice stadium the Pferdeturm with his fans is one of the most legendary in Germany! The team the EC Hannover Indians playing in the second highest League, the 2nd ice hockey Bundesliga. Last season was in the quarter-finals against the Landshut Cannibals despite great struggle. The Indians eliminated table eighth and thus reached its minimum goal planned for the 2011/2012 season. Beginning of August at the Pferdeturm ice dispensing has started, and the professionals arrived for the first session. From last season, the team has to announce ten disposals.

Eleven newcomers with 12 players remaining from last season, it’s coach Christian Kuenast task, to form a finished, tightly welded together and well operating team now. On Friday 24th August to be able to see the first results at the Pferdeturm from 20: 00. Because then it’s called “Indians, Servus!” again, if toddy announcer welcomed the fans to the first match of the season preparation. Like everyone, also players of Hannover Indians enjoy like their privacy. So this is also possible for them in their private team tipi, hides for some years a fence with Frontlit banner the input area of the cabin. So no looks can – be thrown much to the regret of the female fans -, more through the open door on the naked torso of the pros lingering in the cab. The new red, blue, white Frontlit banner with the Indians logo hang now recently back on the fence. Printed and made this Frontlit were banners of the Indians for more than 5 years as a partner on the following page, EasyShare display GmbH. All the calendar had to paint red the date 18 August himself, who wanted to examine the ice hockey even before the first home game and concealment get especially a possible glimpse of the well built upper body without Frontlit! Since the season opening celebration took place in the Capitol Hannover? Included in the program were: interviews, presentation of jerseys for the upcoming season, funny games, where were the professionals against the fans and of course the players idea. As a special highlight, an auction for a unique experience with a gave a Professional. The proceeds of this auction went to the youth teams of the Hannover Indians. For the upcoming season, we wish the EC Hannover Indians a good start and every success and hope that the well developed upper body as a result of Frontlit banner can continue to enjoy their privacy in their cabin!

Mail Orders

"Our capabilities enable to deliver today to your home or office customer shipments of any size. And, of course, the recipient is guaranteed a friendly service order and punctuality, "stressed Valery Maltsev. And according to expert investment company "Finam" Vladislav Kochetkov, "Mail order in Russia is hampered by lack of development of payment systems: the West for the purchase of most pay by credit card, we have also developed more cash on delivery, which slows down receipt of funds by the seller. " According to Valery Maltsev, "The service orders 050" would help here and all the calculations go through a courier, the customer does not have to stand in line at the post office, and hence its interest in trading with the directory increases. Everything will be fine! And yet, despite several limitations, most experts believe: in catalog sales in Russia has enormous reserves. According to Mr. Thomas Voigt, director of economic policy and Communications, "Otto Group," the Russian market is currently among the most promising in the world. "With the connection to the web more and more Russian customers are increasing the chances of e-commerce" Thomas Voigt added.

He believes that problems with the delivery of goods to decide the organization's own warehouses in Russia. The main method of payment available to customers of the future online store, according to local specifics will be "cash couriers". Experts believe that remote sales – an ideal option for Russia because of its geographical features. "There are many remote areas, where poorly developed transport network and, therefore, retail trade: the Far East, Siberia and the Far North, – says Director General of direct marketing agency Ivanov & Ivanov, Alexander Ivanov. – The prices of consumer goods in these regions half to two times higher than the average for Russia, and the range is much narrower, so the purchase of goods through catalogs to be profitable. " According to the PPE Group, 90% of orders are in the regions. Valery Maltsev emphasizes that a favorable factor is the presence in many of these regions of the delivery services that are well known to most people. For example, the "service orders 050" in the market for over 5 years, using the high level of trust with customers.

Finally, the Director Marketing the Russian office of La Redoute Eugene Chernikov said that work on the Russian market has many advantages and this reason: "In Russia, the rate of return of the goods, in contrast to countries with developed market distance trade, For example, Austria, is very low. In Europe, some consumers perceive as fitting catalog and order on the same three things, of which one to buy. In Russia there is no such practice. " Catalog sales market comes into phase of active growth. Do not ignore it, just plain wrong: it is time for us to take advantage of remote trading. (

Alexander Svistunov

Today the free media could not position the self as an effective communication tool, "- says Valery Shirshakova. According to the Commercial Director "RIO" Alexander Svistunov, edition has been redesigned logistics system, has taken steps to bring the advertiser to the reader. "For readers, the newspaper holds weekly contest, the winners of which received prizes in the form of vouchers to the mountain Resorts of Ukraine. The competition is attended by thousands of Kiev ", – said Alexander Svistunov. This course provides not only the publication to bring together advertisers and readers, but also whether a review of advertising and its effectiveness – as a conclusion of the action – if it is interesting to consumer advertising, then he looked at her "answer". All the reproaches that of free advertising there is no benefit to me seem to be more free newspapers nadumannymi.Alternativa According to the company UMaster expected that this year the volume of the domestic online advertising market will grow by 30% and reach 162 million USD.

This is due to the fact that the Internet audience in Ukraine has grown to 9 million users and close to the number of audience national television channels. According to the analyst of the International Centre for Innovation and Information Technology Sergey Vlasenko, reorientation of the advertising market in favor of online advertising is associated with a marked difference in the prices of advertising in the plane of "free" newspapers and on Internet sites. "The cost of the transition target visitors to the website with content ranging from 10 cents in investment to develop its own website is $ 200.

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