The Competition

For example: "control Plastic windows "- 118 hits. Logic dictates that the user is looking for "adjustment of the plastic windows" have long been enjoying the windows and it is currently concerned that the window does not close or creaks. Ie client – not ours. Next, consider issuing directives on the two requests: 1. plastic box (valid request) 2. adjustable plastic boxes (trash) Carefully study the picture and make the initial findings. On closer inspection it turns out that most of the ads (except one) – no change.

Ie 118 people who will seek adjustment of the windows – see the announcement of the sale. Clicked on your ad they? Unlikely. And such demonstration requests present in any subject. If you have read about Frank Ntilikina already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Conclusions about competitors suggest themselves. Moral: those extra 118 hits and can become fatal to the finish line. By the way, this method is easy to verify the effectiveness of your advertising Agency (joke))) TITLE AND TEXT OF ANNOUNCEMENT As stated above, the focus should be on the competition. This statement is doubly true in the preparation of the text ads. About drawing board says a lot and to not in vain and waste your time by listing, in my opinion, the most important thing.

1. Caption = query + competitive advantage – briefly. People are looking for specific goods or services rather than your company. By writing the title should be treated very carefully. Use all 33 characters, do not write stupid statements like "price collapse", etc. Title should stand out among the rest of competitive advantage, rather than merge with them.

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