Motivational Speaker

From this brief history shows that the word mentor is a synonym for conisejero, friend, teacher and wise person. Others seek a religion, read the holy books, are beating their breasts, attend processions, carry candles, incense and put feel something. Is this "THE" personal evolution? The vast majority do not want to accept death, illness, infidelity, the gray, poverty, etc. They are in the search for root causes. What is the primary motivator for taking the path of personal evolution?. It is in this way where we a map, someone whom we enter the path or guide us in the journey. Many attend conferences, seminars and workshops on these topics.

They buy books to read about these issues and begins But "LA" personal evolution? Another study relaxation techniques, meditation, review positions, rise and repeat chants prayers But really, is that "the way" of personal evolution? Many techniques vain attempt to kill the ego. In milder cases they want to reduce it. It is a theme similar to that of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are polarized within us two beings, one more spiritual to be associated with good feelings and ego as the dark side should be overturned. This matter of ego is a kind of struggle similar to that presented in the "Lord of the Rings with Gollum's internal dialogue. In this personal evolution where we want to be just part of who we are, there is a deeply entrenched and hidden suffering, we accept the duality always present. Just recognizing that reality, accepting our acts, can be reached at the beginning of the road.

Some might ask if I believe in personal evolution. The answer is yes, of course I believe, I believe in honest and innocent intent of those who seek to be better and offer sensible and consistent with their own needs for those who offer road maps for this development. To return to the topic of this article, each dish will choose the one you like. The food necessary for personal development is LOVE. And love is God. We must live love every second of our lives. Do it consciously, that way we will be building our own paradise here and now. That is the simple first step in the path of personal evolution. Jorge Rivero – Motivational Speaker and

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