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JOSE BRECHNER eight in ten Americans say that they do not trust their Government according to surveys conducted by the Pew Research Center. Voters took them over one year to realize who is Barack Obama. When his opponents and experts warned of the danger that meant choosing a novice Senator, the most radical of the Congress, with a closely linked to extreme left-wing past, the Islamic world, criminals who are imprisoned or went forth from it, and a church that promotes hatred toward the United States; they would not listen. Mistrust in Washington did not begin with Obama, he comes from long ago, but his Government has increased the resentment like no other. The problem of the average voter is the problem of the average citizen. Each person with which one encounters is considered learned in politics and poured his emphatic opinion on the facts, even if your knowledge is limited to occasionally read the headlines and observe the candidates two months before the elections. The shallower, deducted his favoritism over for apparent reasons that Fund.

In the case of Obama, his youth and his smile were more compelling than the experience and sobriety of McCain. Something similar happened when Jimmy Carter was elected President. Carter’s dismal administration sit down until today. If it hadn’t been for him the ayatollahs would not govern Iran, exporting terrorism and threatening with the start of a nuclear war. The disastrous consequences of the Obama Government will be more painful and will last much longer than the left by Carter 30 years ago. Those who think that when he finishes his Government problems, will end are wrong. It takes much time to reverse the measures desatinadas that is taking the American Government, not only with regard to the health care system, which will take years to implement, and so many more in modified or overridden, but the tax reforms that are underway, which impoverished the middle class more than what is.

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