April Sanchez

– Dogs need good ventilation and to be cool. Try to travel in air conditioned transport. – Do not let your dog put his head out the window while the car is moving. It may be tempting to let your dog play there, but there is danger of falling and getting hurt. Details can be found by clicking Samuel “Sam” Mikulak or emailing the administrator. – Let your dog in the car on a hot day can be dangerous.

Heat can be very harmful and even fatal for your pet. – Never leave your dog, especially when you are at bag / cage. You can be robbed or kidnapped. Whether he’s playing walk around. Sometimes, pets can be very adventurous and may end up in trouble, or worse, messing with you a problem. – Pulse rapid, panting, red eyes and gums, excessive drooling, fever or vomiting, mean that your dog needs to see the vet quickly.

Put wet towels and cool and take it to the nearest veterinarian. – Some countries have special rules about traveling with pets. Try to familiarize yourself with this information and stick to avoid legal problems. – Sometimes the embassies requesting certificates of vaccination (especially rabies) in the local language, therefore on hand ten of your pet, better safe than sorry. – When you’re preparing your luggage for traveling with your pet, remember to put a collar with identification (name of pet, your name, phone), this can save you many problems. – Carry a first aid kit for your pet (your trusted vet, sterile gauze, sterile bandages, sterile bandage, roll of adhesive tape, alcohol swabs, disposable syringe, 20 cm, plastic clip, latex gloves, comb removes parasites, parasite removes clips, muzzle, pipette against fleas and ticks). – Take an extra lot of your pet’s favorite treats. – Pack the essentials: clean water, fresh drinking troughs, their favorite toys, leash, brush, plastic bags and towels, everything that helps your pet feel happy during the trip. – Take it to your needs every three hours to avoid enchastres. I hope these tips will enable you to enjoy a nice trip with your dog. Bon voyage! Find out more about your dog on Thanksgiving and have a nice day! April Sanchez.

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