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Many people write that we should not buy tickets. Perhaps, they should not be purchased in advance, but when I rang the consulate to find out about tickets, I was told that I should give tickets to the two end. I began to explain to them that if I buy tickets for cheap tariff would not be able to pass and return the money, but she did not argue with me and turned on a record that is on the site. Ann on the Embassy’s website clearly spelled out the concept of ‘necessary’ and ‘additional’ documents. Additional documents may be asked to deliver, but correctly completed package of documents required are taking. Buy a ticket to get a visa, especially at the rate of not providing for the return, I think in general unreasonable. Neither I nor my friends never did. It’s not the embassy, but on the same topic.

The employee was denied a visa to the . The second time came, having bought the tickets (for good advice, you see). The officer smiled: ‘You think, so you have Convince? ‘. The visa was denied a second time. Much more important stuff, which often do not pay attention. Type of vacation for 21 days, the visa is requested for 2 months, etc.

Another question. Someone wrote that retirees who are traveling with relatives, exempt from visa fees. I found the only item on children under 6 years old. Who said this? oksana1 I found here the following information: On payment of 35 is released a number of entities (see list). They also include pensioners, disabled persons and persons who have their accompany the children to 18 years, as well as athletes who participate in international competitions.

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