Classic System

Every year in our country are becoming increasingly popular foreign cars. IAB describes an additional similar source. Now is not a problem to buy or sell a car in Rostov. This refers to foreign car brand. It so happened that Russian carmakers increasingly frustrating our motorists. Insufficient funding makes it impossible for our producers, such as AvtoVAZ, gaz, uaz develop new, more modern and reliable model cars. In this position, our car manufacturers are forced to just try to upgrade some existing models, trying them out a little bit closer to the European level. Have not quite modern appearance, and not enough good Completion, Russian cars are becoming less attractive to us. And most disappointing build quality of our vehicles and their components.

It's no secret that car German or Japanese are becoming increasingly popular in Russia, as has long held the brand, and fully justifies the title of most reliable cars. A good alternative to our increasingly rising in price cars, was the new Nissan Almera Classic. The machine, having a reliable Japanese manufacturer, and package far better car of our production costs available in most of our motorists. Naturally, the Almera Classic will be more preferable than the same Priora from AvtoVAZ, when the price difference is not so great, how great is the difference in quality! Almera Classic rich in extra features: Rear Power windows, remote tailgate opening system, adjustable driver's seat height, 15-inch alloy wheels, audio system with CD-player, antenna, brake distribution efforts ebd, Brake Assist, fog lights. More expensive sibling Almera Classic Country producer, but leaves an indelible impression on one only of appearance, Lancer X in the latest body, found the car of 2009. All its aggressive appearance, it shows that is designed for movement, for the win. Looking at the front part and optekaemye body lines that transmit power and pressure, it seems that it's future breaks into our present! Inside, all Lancer so thought that they forget the fuss and the imperfection of the external world.

Tightly closed doors do not allow intrusive street noise, automatic climate control and spacious sports seats provide pleasant atmosphere of confidence and peace of mind. The instrument panel and the entire cabin is fully made of very high quality materials. Recently introduced new German company – the new Volkswagen Jetta, is becoming more popular and popular in our country. Looks very similar to his older brother, the Volkswagen Passat, took away all the positive qualities and traits, and ahead of its sales in Russia. This car is equipped with a wide range of Gasoline and diesel engines. All of them are perfect Jett. Even the most modest of them develops 102 hp. The new Jetta in all equipment is equipped with anti-lock braking system (ABS). The system prevents the wheels from locking on a slippery roadway, and the car remains manageable. As additional equipment manufacturer offers an electronic system of exchange rate stability (ESP). Due to such features as rear steer suspension and braking system, comfortable, Jetta, even in critical situations or on sharp curves always keeps the course, bringing great pleasure to control its owner.

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