Eisspray – First Aid In A Tin

What was formerly only seen on television for sporting events, has found today way in almost every household. The speech is called by Eisspray or cold spray. Who does not know the images of athletes who sit with pain-faces on the ground, either because they are bent over in the run, or have suffered a heavy blow. Fast is because then the doctor on site that runs with routine movements a box from his suitcase and then sprayed the painful area with Eisspray. Learn more about this with Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. Know the effect yet, most of the time. Previously, lay down on an ice pack on sprains and bruises. Since this is not always tangible, but was developed in a consistent continuation of this principle, the Eisspray. The small spray can is small, handy and always takes place in various pockets. The working principle is simple. The evaporative cooling of the gas contained “ice” the skin on the painful area. Thus it is stunned. Underlying tissue is strongly cooled, so that swelling can be very difficult or impossible to occur.Cold spray is used, moreover, for stunning associated with injections. There are also two areas in the spray helps as a wonder drug. When chewing gum is cooled with Eisspray it can be removed much more easily and often a can of dog owners have recently Eisspray in the bag. Sprayed on the business of Bello this makes it easier to remove an article from Artikelschreiber.de

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