Fitness Level Of Athletes

The athletes ran the marathon every day, without interruption – is 42 km away! It is inhumane load per week is obtained by 300 km. In the mountains, the body adapts to the lack of oxygen, and then descended to the plains can show a higher athletic performance. Coach Ma just figured out the time of the sports form after the midlands. But as it kept the girls? In sport, the result is a natural result of training. The more trenirueshsya – the better the outcome, but to what extent? Over the past 10 years, several Western runners trying to bring the volume up to 300 miles a week, but no women were not among them. Among them are former world record holder in the marathon Derek Clayton and outstanding runner Gerry Lindgren American.

At the cost of Heavy duty after significant results have been ill-health. Jeff Galloway, Olympic runner for 10 000 m, trained 200 miles a week for 6 years. He says that when he tried to raise the volume to 300 km in a month felt bad for or received any injury. Statistics show that those athletes who have kept some time ultra-high volume loads, taking dope. However, these athletes short peak fitness level, supported by doping, and they never returned to high results. For women, and does limit were 150-170 miles a week. In the end, the idea of super-high volumes thrown everything but the a few fanatics.

Chinese records are. A centuries-old wisdom to rest under the cloak of secrecy has come true … Ma Yunrena warning that his answer would not understand. After all, he talked about the combination of two factors: the training and mushrooms. One without the another will not lead to the goal. To understand this, you need to know how Cordyceps – one of the amazing treasures of ancient medicine.

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