Jorge Maldonado

Faces a different ride route to appreciate the work of two artists from Madrid in the countryside. It is path surprises, it can meet the art in an environment out of the ordinary. The figure of the shaman, it took 4 years to sculpt it, the figure of the skull has meter and a half. The walk along the route of the faces you transported to a mysterious world. If you’re fond of hiking and enjoy nature, outdoor faces route unites art nature, in the area of safe Buendia swamp you’ll love. Land Art or art in nature, is part of the landscape, where the framework are the mountains, valleys and natural environments.

The route of the faces is comprised of 16 different sculptures in a journey between pine forests and paths in the village of Buendia, in the province of Cuenca. They are works with inspiration especially Eastern India, in it you will discover fantastic and mysterious faces. Eulogio Reguillo and Jorge Maldonado are artists who began to sculpt is route inspired by pre-Columbian sculptures, though, you’re faces have a clear influence of the art of the India. They began to sculpt in these environments inspired by pre-Columbian cultures, and turned them into an ideal place to disconnect from stress, enjoying nature, while we are surprised contemplating different sculptures. To walk is accessible from the village of Buendia, and outdoor travel takes little more than one hour by a 4 km route, which we can do by car, although the ideal is to do it on foot to appreciate it in its entirety. The route does not have any complications and can be done with children, even with people not too much in State. If you like hiking and want a longer route, you can make the journey from the same village, this ride is about 10 km away can take three hours and the terrain is without slopes and nothing eventful.

It is a surprising route where you can appreciate the art in an environment out of the ordinary. Figure of the shaman with 3 meters and a half tall, it took 4 years to sculpt, the figure of the skull has meter and a half. The walk along the route of the faces you carrying a mysterious world. How to get from basin to reach from basin must leave by the national 400 towards Tarancon and Carrascosa del Campo deviate by address C-202 Huete-Buendia. It is exit by the N-320 through Tendilla and Sacedon from Madrid-Guadalajara from Guadalajara. From the N-II Madrid we will arrive to Guadalajara, and there by the N-320. From Madrid-Tarancon go by the N-III from Madrid reach Tarancon and thence enter the N-400 until Carrascosa del Campo. Once there you can take the CM-310 through Huete from where it goes to Buendia. Source: Press release sent by Velair. From Prada to nothing Poster and trailer It’s like real life. There’s just enough to make it interesting.

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