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"Our capabilities enable to deliver today to your home or office customer shipments of any size. And, of course, the recipient is guaranteed a friendly service order and punctuality, "stressed Valery Maltsev. And according to expert investment company "Finam" Vladislav Kochetkov, "Mail order in Russia is hampered by lack of development of payment systems: the West for the purchase of most pay by credit card, we have also developed more cash on delivery, which slows down receipt of funds by the seller. " According to Valery Maltsev, "The service orders 050" would help here and all the calculations go through a courier, the customer does not have to stand in line at the post office, and hence its interest in trading with the directory increases. Everything will be fine! And yet, despite several limitations, most experts believe: in catalog sales in Russia has enormous reserves. According to Mr. Thomas Voigt, director of economic policy and Communications, "Otto Group," the Russian market is currently among the most promising in the world. "With the connection to the web more and more Russian customers are increasing the chances of e-commerce" Thomas Voigt added.

He believes that problems with the delivery of goods to decide the organization's own warehouses in Russia. The main method of payment available to customers of the future online store, according to local specifics will be "cash couriers". Experts believe that remote sales – an ideal option for Russia because of its geographical features. "There are many remote areas, where poorly developed transport network and, therefore, retail trade: the Far East, Siberia and the Far North, – says Director General of direct marketing agency Ivanov & Ivanov, Alexander Ivanov. – The prices of consumer goods in these regions half to two times higher than the average for Russia, and the range is much narrower, so the purchase of goods through catalogs to be profitable. " According to the PPE Group, 90% of orders are in the regions. Valery Maltsev emphasizes that a favorable factor is the presence in many of these regions of the delivery services that are well known to most people. For example, the "service orders 050" in the market for over 5 years, using the high level of trust with customers.

Finally, the Director Marketing the Russian office of La Redoute Eugene Chernikov said that work on the Russian market has many advantages and this reason: "In Russia, the rate of return of the goods, in contrast to countries with developed market distance trade, For example, Austria, is very low. In Europe, some consumers perceive as fitting catalog and order on the same three things, of which one to buy. In Russia there is no such practice. " Catalog sales market comes into phase of active growth. Do not ignore it, just plain wrong: it is time for us to take advantage of remote trading. (

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