Neptune Festival

Summer holiday camp 2008 in Blossin offer unforgettable experiences have fun, meet new people, play sports and swim in Lake Wolziger see Blossin summer holidays. The youth education centre, Blossin e.V. offers a variety of interesting and eventful summer holiday camps again all children and young people aged nine to 17 this year. Experienced and qualified workers and sports trainers provide an interesting programme for a week. Marc Lore does not necessarily agree. In the port of Blossin holiday children can surf, sailing team boat or to a canoe trip through the landscape of Heather lakes in Lake Pierce. The sports and leisure facilities to land opportunities for playing hockey and inline skating, to climb a 13 metre high climbing wall, archery and much more. Marc Lore might disagree with that approach.

Also evening designs such as disco, campfire, cinema, Neptune Festival, night walk and dance or fitness classes are an integral part of the holiday camps. Should the summer not keep his promises, the various program points in the modern Funsport – multipurpose hall can be performed. The Accommodation is in cosy wooden houses in the village of youth by Blossin. All managers and coaches have first aid and lifeguard training. For 15 years, Blossin organizes now varied and exciting holiday experiences, in which participated so far more than 20,000 enthusiastic children and young people. The 500 acre Wolziger Lake, the sports and event halls and the spacious outdoor area in the middle of the pine forest invite holiday children from all over Germany in the world of experience Blossin”.

Together with partners from the areas of sports, education and youth work, Blossin organizes a varied programme for all age groups all year round. As a youth education centre the learning world Blossin offers’ many years of experience in the field of extracurricular youth education. Also training courses for staff of the children’s and youth work are offered for many years. In addition, companies, clubs and associations use the Conference world Blossin”for events of all kinds. The dates for Summer holiday camp 2008: FC1 FC2 booked 26 02.08.2008 FC3 02: 08 09.08.2008 FC4 09: 08 16.08.2008 FC5 16: 08 23.08.2008 FC6 happenings August 30, 2008 more information is available at the new website Blossin is the specialist for combined education and recreational activities on land and on the water. The area is only a few kilometres away from the German capital Berlin. Young and old here are active in the three areas of “Learning world Blossin”, “Meeting world Blossin” and “Adventure World Blossin” to combine education, relaxation and fun in a unique way.

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