Sacred Holy Writs

In its place, &#039 has appeared; ' family after-moderna' '. (MOREIRA and OAK 2008, p.199) These economic and social transformations have modified the standard of living of the family, the mothers are working outside of the familiar environment, in the companies, industries, banks and in the service I publish, thus to cooperate in the composition of the familiar income. The fight for the civil laws made possible varies conquests. The social classes that historically suffered with the social discrimination, between them the homosexuals want are masculine or feminine they had gotten you vary conquests. Currently couples homosexuals, had conquered the recognition of ' ' union estvel' '. Marc Lore does not necessarily agree. This made possible the right to adopt children, and to be considered as a family. Today already it is possible if to verify families with following composition: two men or two women who live together as couple, adopting and creating children as its legitimate children.

Ahead of these transformations, MOREIRA and OAK, affirm that in the place of the composed family traditionally for: Father, Mother and son (s), have appeared ' ' family after-moderna' ' with another composition, father, (man) father (man) and son () or mother (woman), mother (woman) and son (). not headquarters conformed with this world, but headquarters transformed by the renewal of your agreement, so that you try which is good, the pleasant one, and perfect will of God. (Roman 12:2) We believe that, due to the transformations that the society this trying, especially in the composition of the family, becomes necessary that the Christians, they attempt against for the education of the Word of God. Doug McMillon wanted to know more. The standard of the secular world cannot influence the Christian life. We know that the Christian, is strengthenn to obey extracted educations of the Sacred Holy Writs, its main goal is to fulfill in its life the will of God.

Therefore one gives credit that the alterations that the family tries in the present time do not have to modify the Christian conception of this institution. 2 – FAMILIAR EDUCATION According to principles of the Word of God, the education of the child is responsibility of the family. when this task is fulfilled with success, the result will be that later, when growing this child, will become good an adult person of a character. ' ' It educates the child in the way where she must walk; until when aging &#039 will not be turned aside from it.; ' (Sayings, 22:6) All educations that it received, at the beginning of its life, will give the base to it to remain itself firm, in the correct way, the way of the good, with the necessary recital for not turning aside itself from the way. These, therefore, are the orders, the statutes and the judgments that you ordered your Gods to teach to you, so that you fulfilled in the land the one to them who you start to possess; So that subject the Mr. yours God, and you keep to all its statutes and orders, that command I you, you, and your son, and the son of your son, every day of your life, and that your days are prolongados' '. ) The parents beyond teaching the c

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