At that moment an immense peace reigned in the sky, not terrestrial voices they heard child said gently: tell me their names Lord, and God answered him: these angels are called MOM and dad source: Author unknown a group of frogs frogs traveling through the Woods and, suddenly, two of them fell into a deep pit. Speaking candidly Samuel “Sam” Mikulak told us the story. All the other frogs gathered around the hole. When they saw how deep it was pit, told the two frogs in the background that for practical purposes, they should be dead. The two frogs ignored to the comments of her friends and continued trying to jump out of the hole with all his strength. The other frogs were still insisting that their efforts would be futile. Finally, one of the frogs put attention to what others were saying and surrendered. She collapsed and died. The other frog continued jumping as far as it was possible.

Once again, the crowd of frogs yelled to stop suffering and simply had to die. But the frog jumped each time with more force until finally came out of the pit. When he left, the other frogs asked him: did not hear what you were saying? The frog explained to them that she was deaf. She thought that the others were encouraging her to try harder and get out of the hole. Teaching: When many people say you you can not you have to be like the frog, do deaf ears to those who tell you that you’re never going to achieve, and in your mind you say Yo! if I can, I’m a tireless fighter and puedos to get what I want. We are young? Being young is to provide and find friendship sincere, is to believe and confiear in the goodness of human beings. Being young is dreaming of freedom, elderly a change in the world and fight to get it.

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