And so. At this time we will focus on the car. On a simple model of the domestic car VAZ-21 144 (if anyone knows what is the latest modification of the VAZ-2114) 2008 issue of color, "Milky Way" (black metallic) with 8-valve 1.6-liter engine in the With the "Norm". We will not go into details as to why it was bought this car for what was a lot of reasons. One thing I can say – it was not the limit of my dreams clearly. Took up an old car instead of eight 97 year of release.

There are currently 27 800 km mileage. most of the city. A bit of emotion immediately after purchase! People usually say something like: "After my old six-VAZ-2114 – it's just funky and comfortable smart car!". Yeah, after six, of course! Yes me after eight to fourteenth Engine 1.5 seemed a miracle of engineering in terms of accelerating dynamics. I remember when leaving the car dealership on the road, almost hit the gas, and the feeling that machine just leapt forward.

But it was the only emotion engine Yes good (incidentally, the same as that put on the "Kalina"), not to say that he smarter than the old 1.5, but high-torque that's for sure. Seven other towing compared to its Eight of the old and pull Nexia, sat down on his belly in the sand, the new Nexia fourteenth … it was easier to pull out I will not say that this is a very good car for the money … no! He was such a-if the price was 130-150 thousand, but certainly not 230-240! And to compare even with such consumer goods as Nexia, Accent and Spektra even do nothing, the WHA obviously lost. But since we already have it, let's see what they say, "Hu hu of" revision of the car: 1) radio Pioneer DEH-2000MP – p 2800. 2) column 13 cm in the regular places the front doors Pioneer – 990 p. 3) column 20 cm in the back shelf Pioneer TS-A2003i – 2500 r. 4) T-shirts on the seats – 800 p. 5) light alloy wheels 13 "black 4GO – p 7800. 6) The board diagnostic computer Multitronix X15 – p 2200. 7) The steering wheel polusportivny home (incidentally, very comfortable) – 800 p. decorative frame to the back room – 150 rubles. 9) toning around except windshield – 2000 p. 10) zheklery windscreen – 100 p. 11) Winter wipers Chempion – 500 p. 12) front pads Ferodo – 450 rubles. 13) alarm Alligator M2200 c avtodovodchikami glasses – 5600 p.. 14) the speaker wires and power – 1,000 rubles. TOTAL: 27 690 p. Breakdowns and repairs: 1) crank sensor (first week) – replacement warranty 2) ball left and anther SHRUS (25,000 km.) Along with the job – 1200 r. 3) flank the expansion (26,000 km). – 60 p. 4) valve oven (27500 km). – 270 p. 5) Thermostat (27500 km). – 290 p. 6) thermostat replacement – 200 rubles. 7) valve replacement stove – 600 p. complete change of antifreeze 2 cans – 750 p. TOTAL: 3370 p. Consumption of gasoline on average about 8-9 liters per 100 km in city driving and 5.5 liters on the highway. Routine maintenance costs in 3000-3500 every 10,000 miles. It is believed that after a year it is better to sell, or invest in repairs will increase significantly. Here is such a home it TK! Simple, reliable and cheap! The original of this and my other articles can be read on

Evacuation Of Cars In Belarus

Evacuation of cars for long distance, that is, outside the city limits, of course, has its own specifics. In this case, come into force a number of factors not considered in the evacuation of automobiles in the city. For example, evacuation vehicles at close range may not fully use tow trucks ideal for transporting your car. In case of evacuation vehicles in Belarus, it is necessary to carefully select optimal type of tow truck, depending on the perspective of damage or the technical features of the car. We are talking about long distances and need to be sure that your car will deliver the reliability and safety, despite possible problems on the road. Tow in Belarus and the specifics of his work lies in the fact that driving should be an experienced driver, capable not only qualitatively implement loading the car, but it transportation over long distances. Indicator of quality of service is the timeliness of care.

Speaking of transportation vehicles at distances greater than the evacuation of cars Belarus, tow in this case will not be the best way to solve the problem. But within Belarus, the evacuation of existing services may well provide high quality and suitable price services provided for the evacuation of your car. Several important points during the evacuation of cars in Belarus: 1. Transporting your car should only be undertaken by a working technique, equipped with special fasteners to secure your machine on the platform of a tow truck. Non tow, as he is – must be clean. 2. Please make sure you have the necessary documents from the employee's service evacuation.

3. Not Take the time to monitor the process of loading your car onto the platform car service evacuation. 4. Do not allow a situation where your car is transported in an unknown direction you. 5. After loading the car for towing the platform no harm will put it on the handbrake, and verify whether the employee is securely fastened evacuation service your machine on the platform. 6. Please note that during the evacuation of cars in Belarus is not recommended to use tow truck, using the method of partial loading. These are the main points that are worth remembering if you "have" in the road and your car needs to evacuate the long haul. Evacuation of cars Belarus preferably should be a big firm, well-established at motorists for some time, or recommended to you by your friends or other motorists. So: Read reviews and comments motorists, pay attention to the quality of services rating agencies evacuated. All this is available on our website. Have a nice road.


The passenger, who has exactly that date back exit, is obliged to confirm her as the latest 72 hours before vyezdom.3. A ticket without a specified date of return (OREN) valid for 6 months from the date of departure. Date of return travel ticket to be placed in the offices OREN ‘Lions-nturtrans’ EuroLines and subject to availability on scheduled passenger flight. RETURN OF FUNDS 1. Money for the unused travel RETURN firm, which was acquired bilet.2. The reason for the return of money is the ticket with all the loose coupons and oblozhkoy.3. No money back for lost bilet.4. The funds are returned as follows: a).

at refusal to travel more as 10 days – 90% of the cost pereezda.b). in case of failure of 10 to 3 days – 50% of pereezda.v). less than 3 days – 10% of pereezda.5. Money for the unused return trip will not be returned. CARRIAGE OF LUGGAGE 1. Each passenger is entitled to free transportation of 2 pieces of baggage total weight of 30 kg and the total size of each piece (length + width + height) not more like 160cm and hand luggage weighing up to 5 kg in total dimension (length + width + height) to 90 cm Exceeding these limits on the weight and size, with the extra baggage surcharge is taken. Extra baggage is carried in the presence of free space in the luggage compartment. If you would like to know more about Doug McMillon, then click here.

Extra baggage is not exceed the size and weight of the ground bagazha.2. Oversized luggage is transported sizes (eg, bicycle, refrigerator, etc.) 3. The carrier is not responsible for the manual bagazh.4. The carrier is liable for destruction or damage to luggage in the luggage compartment just in case it was the fault of the carrier, which was proved by the passenger, subject to the declaration of loss or damage no later than 10 days from the date of departure avtobusa.5. It is forbidden to carry baggage that threatens the safety and health of others passazhirov.6. The carrier is not responsible for the loss of the passenger money, jewelry, passports, securities and other assets that are not in avtobusa.7 luggage. Transportation of animals and plants are prohibited. INSURANCE Passengers must be insured for the journey.

Vehicle Damage Assessment After An Accident

It has long been a car is not a luxury but a means of transportation. This expression is familiar to almost everyone, but everyone perceives it differently. However, in some cases, the vehicle can be and the other, and at the same time. Traffic accident is an event that involves damage to vehicles, in other words it's just a collision of cars, with better the outcome is not affected by road users. Naturally, after the accident the car looks a little different than looking up to this unfortunate event: the broken lights, crumpled body parts. In addition to the first shock caused the accident, it all adds extra driver experiences. In my head swarming thoughts: What do I do? Part of these questions helps to solve policy Hull, CTP.

However, in Anyway assessment of the damage the car after an accident does not hurt. Anyone who has to be insured under the system of hull, can really feel more confident on the roads, as compensation for damages due to accident insurance company, of course, pay. However, this does not always apply to those who have their hands on a liability insurance policy tool. In addition, the policy Hull afford not everyone can. And one or the other company assesses the damage after a car accident. To date, in accordance with the law about compulsory insurance of civil liability compensation for damage that occurred motor vehicle accidents as a result of an emergency, the participant receives only an accident that is not responsible for the accident.

It is at this stage, and swim out the factors that influence the subsequent developments. We will not enumerate all the necessary initial steps that are necessary at the scene, go right to the core. How to find out who was responsible for an accident? Well, when in Participants place a traffic accident without hot perepalok decide who really was not right.

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