Football – dribbling, running speed, impact force, the technique stops the ball … all of this is training exercises. The list is endless. The idea is that all these exercises are not as interesting as the game itself, but they improve the quality of the game much faster. And if an athlete wants to become a professional, then he has to carry them out.

That's a harsh reality! Returning to eSports. This discipline is the youngest. For it is not devised an exercise guidelines, and training methods. Nothing. But all this is because the e-sports is gaining momentum and becoming more professional. Especially already produced the world's largest manufacturers of specialized gaming computers and computers for gamers created this site, I decided to take the first small step in the direction of exercise for eSports, and in particular for the art of handling a mouse. After all, the mouse – is the main element in all PC games, as the strategies and 3D shooters. Now let's see – what is the aim,? And what it is? After all, in order to start training, you must first know what needs to be trained.

Aim – is, in fact, pointing the mouse cursor (crosshair) to the desired point on the screen and pressing a timely mouse1. It does not matter what color it and at what point it is the background (only the colors differ) and the smaller the dot the more difficult to quickly and accurately to get it. Now think – what you need to shoot your opponent? FIRST must lead one to model the enemy before him to press on Mouse1 at the moment when the mouse cursor (that is, in fact sight) is located exactly at modelka.

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